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A critical investigation of the issues and prospect in the management of the nigeria correctional services in imo state



1.1 Background Of Study

Management, according to Obikeze and Obi (2004), is the process of combining and utilizing or allocating organizational inputs (people, materials, and money) through planning, organizing, directing, and controlling in order to produce outputs (goods and services, or whatever the object is) desired by customers while achieving organizational objectives.

According to Drucker (1989), management refers to a function and the individuals who perform it, as well as a social position and authority, as well as discipline. According to some scholars, management is a collective word that refers to a certain set of people who work at the top of an organization. Management can be defined as the process of employing available people and material resources to meet an organization’s goals and objectives. In essence, management entails combining and employing individuals, materials, and money in order to produce desired outcomes in a company.

A prison is a secure facility where people who have been convicted of crimes are housed. These people, often known as prisoners or inmates, are held in solitary confinement for an extended period of time. According to the Encyclopedia of Social Sciences, a jail is a location where people whose liberty has been restricted by law are held in order to ensure the proper administration of justice or the application of panel treatment. Individuals who commit the most heinous crimes are sentenced to an additional year in jail; the more serious the crime, the longer the sentence. Before the arrival of the British in Nigeria, miscreants were punished in a variety of ways in the various towns and villages. These differed from one group to the next, and were mostly determined by a person’s traditions, customs, and beliefs. However, one thing appears to be clear: it is only reasonable that a wrongdoer whose continued independence and liberty represent a threat to the wider public be limited. As a result, it was common to imprison a suspected wrongdoer until a competent body or authority “tried” him/her, or to bind him with shackles or other restraints as a form of punishment (usually ordered by the adjudicating body or authority), confining and restraining him (Ikeazor 1986)

A prison is a building or facility used to house criminals or those who have been convicted or are awaiting trial. It comprises the property, the home, and any other structures within the facility that are used for detention purposes. When the then-Governor, H.S. Freeman, was commissioned, among other things, to nominate judges and other officers in 1862, this led to the development of the first jail administration fashioned after British tradition and manned by officers schooled in the same tradition. As a result, the Broad Street Jail was established in Lagos in 1872, but the prison ordinance authorizing its construction was passed in 1876 along with the Supreme Court ordinance. As a result, the management of Nigerian prisons began in 1876, when the jail ordinance was enacted. However, it was run by the police department from 1876 to 1920. However, by 1920, the police in Nigeria had lost control of the jail administration. The creation of a jail in Nigeria is governed by the Prison Decree No. 9 of 1972, which states in sections 2 (1) and (11) that:

1.2 Statement Of Problem

Regrettably, the Nigerian Prisons Service is finding it more difficult to achieve its objectives. The United Nations Organization’s minimal standard for the care of inmates is not being met in jails. According to civil liberties and human rights organizations, life in Nigeria is currently hard and miserable. Many of the awaiting trial convicts’ physical appearances when they attend court for hearings on their cases or to the hospital for medical care lend credence to what these organizations have written and claimed. They appear to be frail and pallid. Furthermore, the infrastructure appears to be outdated and badly maintained. Detainees, particularly those awaiting trial, sleep on the floor without blankets, and there is a continual odor in and around the cells because the awaiting trial inmates rarely bathe. In prisons, common medicines that a local peasant can buy are not available. In the name of nourishment, even worse ‘chaff’ is delivered.

1.3 Objective Of Study

The following are the objectives of this study:

  1. To examine if the Nigerian correctional service is managed effectively.
  2. To ascertain whether the service has the right calibre of staff.
  3. To investigate the challenges encountered in themanagement of the Nigeria correctional services.

1.4 Research question

The following research questions guides this study

  1. Is the Nigerian correctional service managed effectively?
  2. Does the Nigerian correctional servicehave the right caliber of staff?
  3. What are the challenges encountered in themanagement of the Nigeria correctional services?

1.5 Significance Of Study

The government will benefit from this study since it will ensure that prison infrastructure is improved. New prisons must be erected, and existing ones must be repaired. A re-distribution of the jail population is also required to make better use of limited space and to underline the critical distinction between convicted and unconvinced, juvenile and adult, first-offender and recidivist offenders. To inspire personnel and convicts, improved working conditions for prison staff should be developed. To identify and release well-behaved inmates, a well-articulated and functional system of monitoring inmates should be devised. Training and retraining for prison staff is required to keep them up to date on the latest management trends.

This study will contribute to the current literature in this field and will also serve as a resource for academics, researchers, and students who may want to do future research on this or a comparable topic.

1.6 Scope Of Study

This study focuses on investigating the issues and prospects in the management of the Nigeria correctional service. The study however is delimited to examining if the Nigerian correctional service is managed effectively, ascertaining whether the service has the right calibre of staff. And investigating the challenges encountered in the management of the Nigeria correlational services. Therefore, due the nature of the study,  the study will be carried out in Nigeria prisons Authority, New Owerri, Imo state.



1.7 Limitation Of Study

Finance,inadequate materials and time constraint were the challenges the researchers encountered during the course of the study.

1.8 Definition Of Terms

Correctional Service: Correctional services means the following functions, services and activities when provided within a juvenile correctional facility or otherwise.

Management: Management (or managing) is the administration of an organization, whether it is a business, a non-profit organization, or a government body


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