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Accounting Project Topics and Materials PDF Download

Free accounting project topics and materials PDF and DOC download for undergraduates and postgraduates students in their final year. This post has a complete list of recent accountancy research topics and ready-made materials below this page.


Edustore.NG is an online academic research project topics and materials platform in Nigeria. We have been assisting final year accounting students in Africa, Asia, and Europe by providing them their research works, accounting project topics, complete project materials, proposals, journals and they are pleased with our services.  Check out this image below.

Accounting Project Topics and Materials PDF & DOC Download

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Free Project Topics and Materials PDF in Accounting

On this website, we have thousands of free ready-made Accounting project topics and materials with premium versions for undergraduates and postgraduates final year students.

Listed Accounting complete project works PDF below are for different levels of education (undergraduates and postgraduates). we have complete Accounting research project works, thesis and seminar and research papers for students aspiring for the NCE, OND (ND), HND, BSc, PGD, MSc (thesis), MBA, and Ph.D (dissertation). educational awards in Nigeria.

Contents of the Free Accounting Project Topics and Materials PDF

Each accounting project topic on this website comes with Proposal Samples, Table of contents, Abstracts, Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Summary, Recommendation, Conclusion, References/Bibliography, Questionnaires, and the chapters are 1 to 5

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List of Free Accounting Project Topics and Research Materials PDF

  1. Accounting Procedure Adopted In Government Ministries and Parastatal
  2. Appraisal of Budgetary System In The Public Sector.
  3. Appraise The Effectiveness Of Financial Ratios as a Tool For Measuring Financial Performance
  4. Budgeting and Budgetary Control In A Business Organization.
  5. Effect of Monetary Policy on Financial System
  6. Identify The Role Of Cost Accounting In A Business
  7. Impact of Working Capital Management Policy on Profitability
  8. Importance of Book Keeping And Other Financial Statements In An Organization
  9. Independence And Performance Of Internal Audit In Public Sector Organizations
  10. Investigate the Effect of Micro Finance Banks
  11. Payroll Management System: An Effective Means Of Mitigating Against Fraud In An Organization
  12. Taxation as A Source Of Government Revenue.
  13. The Effect Of Financial Reporting On The Management Of A Business.
  14. The Effects Of Internal Control System In An Organization
  15. Usefulness Of Ratio Analysis
  16. Value Added Tax as Medium Of Generating Funds.
  17. The Relevance Of Accounting Ethics In Accounting Education
  18. The Public Accountant In The Implementation Of Accountability, Probity And Transparency In The Federal Civil Service
  19. The Influence Of Statutory Audit On SMES Growth And Survival In Nigeria
  20. The Influence Of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) On Financial Reporting Quality In Nigeria
  21. The Relevance Of Audit Committee Functions On The Quality Of Financial Statement In Nigeria: Users Perception
  22. The Influence Of Accounting System On Public Expenditure Control In Nigeria
  23. The Influence Of Accounting Standard On Financial Reporting In The Nigerian Banking Sector
  24. The Impact Of Risk Management Towards Effective Strategies For Financial Management
  25. The Impact Of Risk Management In Financial Institutions
  26. The Impact Of Effective Public Sector Accounting On Public Funds Management In Nigeria
  27. The Impact Of Dividend Policy Decision On Corporate Performance Of Listed Firms In Nigeria
  28. Impact Of Corporate Strategy On Investment Decision In Nigeria
  29. Investment Decision: Analysis Of The Impact Of Qualified Audit Report. Evidence From Nigeria
  30. A Cash Management In A Supermarket Store
  31. Accounting Information, Concepts And Application For Planning And Decision Making
  32. Accounting Planning And Control Key To Effective Management
  33. An Analysis Of Corruption In Nigerian Public Service
  34. An Examination Of The Procedures For The Appointment And Removal Of External Auditor By Public Limited Liability Companies
  35. Analysis Of Effects Of Working Capital Management On Profitability Of Manufacturing Companies 
  36. Appraisal Of Expenditure Controls In Government
  37. Appraisal Of The Accounting Framework In The Local Government System
  38. Assessment Of Factors Responsible For Budget Failure In Nigeria
  39. Audit As A Tool For Prevention And Control Of Fraud
  40. Auditor And Law’’concept And Implications
  41. The effects of computerized accounting system on the performance of banking industry in Nigeria
  42. The benefit of effective inventory management in an organization
  43. Impact of liquidity management on the efficiency of manufacturing firms (a case Study of Rokana Industry Nigeria Plc., Owerri)
  44. Debt management of commercial bank in Nigeria: problems and prospects: a case study of Union bank plc, Abakaliki
  45. Impact of IFRS adoption on labour mobility of private accountants in Nigerian banks: a case study of First bank of Nigeria PLC, Aba, Abia state
  46. The effect of auditing guidelines on the measure of manufacturing company’s Profit: a case study of Nigeria Breweries Plc, Enugu
  47. Evaluating corporate financial performance using accounting ratio: a study of first bank of Nigeria, Abakaliki, Ebonyi state
  48. E-taxation administration in Nigeria: problems & prospect: a case study of Imo state board of internal revenue, Owerri
  49. Budgeting and budgetary control system as a tool for decision making in an organization ( a case study of Nigerian bottling company)
  50. Working capital management as a tool for cost minimization and profit maximization (a case study of Anambra motor manufacturing company, Enugu)
  51. Working capital management and profitability of listed pharmaceutical firms in Nigeria
  52. An empirical assessment of performance of firms in the Nigerian cement industry
  53. Impact of financial planning and control on business organization in Nigeria (a case study of First bank of Nigeria, Abakaliki, Ebonyi state)
  54. Importance of accounting information in improving profitability in telecommunication industry in Nigeria (a case study of MTN zonal office, Enugu)
  55. Accountability in non-profit making organization
  56. The impact of working capital management on the profitability of the manufacturing companies (a study of PZ-Cussons industries PLC)
  57. Company income tax administration in Nigeria problems and prospects (a case study of Federal Inland Revenue service)
  58. Auditors gap of independence and reliability of financial statement (a case study of PWC Nigeria)
  59. Tax incentives: catalyst for industrial development and economic growth in Nigeria (a study of selected industries and firms in Port Harcourt, Rivers state)
  60. An Effective Customer Billing System, A Panacea For Substance Of Growth In The Hospitality Industry (A Case Study Of Soltrag & Destiny Hotel)
  61. Auditing As A Tool For Effective Internal Control Systems In The Nigerian Hospitality Industry (A Case Study Of Benue Hotel Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria)
  62. Effectiveness of pricing policy and profit planning in Nigerian organizations: a performance appraisal of some selected manufacturing firms.
  63. Impact Of Taxation On Ogun State Development. (A Case Study Of Ogun State Internal Revenue Service, Ado-Odo/Ota)
  64. Internal audit as a tools in achieving organizational objectives (a case study of first bank plc, agbara)
  65. The Impact Of Internal Control System On Revenue Generation: (A Case Study Of Power Holding Company Of Nigeria (P.H.C.N) Okpara Avenue Enugu)
  66. Ratio Analysis: Tools For Performance Evaluation In Companies (A Case Study Of Glaxosmithkline)
  67. The Effect Of Tax Planning And Management On Corporate Financial Organization- Case Study: Guaranty Trust Bank (Gtb), Agbara Branch
  68. The Effect Of Cost Control On The Profit Of An Organization (A Case Study Viju Indusries Nigerian Limited)
  69. The Effect Of Tax Collection On Profitability Of The Companies In Nigeria Case Study: Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS), Abuja
  70. The Importance Of Marginal Costing Technique In Pricing Decision In A Manufacturing Company (A Case Study Of Unilever Nigeria Plc)
  71. The Problem Of Financing International Trade In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Free Trade Zone, Ogun State)
  72. The Role Of Financial Institution In A Developing Economy (A Case Study Of Guaranty Trust Bank Plc, Agbara)
  73. The Use Of Accounting Information As A Management Tool For Decision Making (Case Study Of Dangote Nigeria Plc.)
  74. Standard Costing and Variance Analysis as an Aid to Management Decision Making. (A Case Study of Dangote Group Companies.)
  75. A Comparative Study on the Application of Cost Volume Profit Analysis in Management Decisions of Manufacturing Organizations: A Study of Chikason Groundnut Oil Company and 7up Bottling Company
  76. Application Of Forensic Accounting Skills And Detection Of Financial Crimes In Nigeria (The Study Of Quoted Manufacturing Firms)
  77. Auditor’S Legal Responsibility And Its Effect On Accounting Profession
  78. Capital Structure and Financial Performance of Listed Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria
  79. Effect of Corporate Governance Mechanisms on Tax Avoidance in Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria
  80. Effect Of Corporate Governance On Earnings Management Practices Of Nigeria Quoted Companies (2010-2015)
  81. Effective Internal Control As An Aid To Management Efficiency (A Case Study Of Nigeria Bottling Company) (N.B.C) Owerri
  82. The Role Of Accounting In The Control Of Public Expenditure In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Central Bank Of Nigeria)
  83. Computerization And Its Effect On The Banking Industry
  84. Computer Application In Accounting
  85. An Empirical Analysis Of Commercial Banks Liquidity Problem
  86. Commercial Bank Lending To Small And Medium Scale Enterprises
  87. Checking Distress In The Nigerian Banking Sector The Role Of Accountants And Auditors
  88. Causes Of Failure Of Small-Scale Industries In Nigeria
  89. Causes And Effect Of Mismanagement In Financial Institution.
  90. Cash Budgeting As A Basis For Decision Making
  91. Business Failure And Then Accounting Profession In Nigeria
  92. Capital Market In Nigerian’s Economic Development
  93. Budgetary Control In The Marketing And Manufacturing Organization
  94. Budgeting: A Systematic Approach To Profit Planning And Control
  95. Budgeting As A Control Strategy
  96. Cash Management In Manufacturing Organization
  97. Budgetary Planning And Control As A Tool For Increasing Productivity
  98. Banks Participation In The Industrial Development Of Nigeria
  99. Budget In Higher Institution Of Learning In Nigeria
  100. Auditors Role In Reporting On Illegal Acts
  101. Balancing And Budgeting Control In A Manufacturing And Marketing Organization
  102. Auditing Efficiency For Improving Companies Performances
  103. Auditing As An Instrument For Ensuring Accountability
  104. Auditing As An Aid To Accountability
  105. Asset Valuation For Research And Development Purpose
  106. A Problems Of Personal Income Tax Collection And Management In Nigeria
  107. Analysis Of Financial Statements As An Aid To Meaningful Invest Decision Making
  108. An Appraisal Of The Financial Contribution Of The International Bank For Reconstruction And Development To The Growth Of Agricultural Sector Of Nigeria.
  109. Appraisal Of Financial Management Practices In A Manufacturing Industry
  110. An Examination Of The Problems Of Personal Income Tax Management In Enugu State
  111. An Investigation Into The Impact Of The Multinational Oil Companies Toward The Nigerian Public Revenue
  112. An Investigation Into The Student Hostel Accommodation Problem In The Institute Of Management And Technology
  113. An Investigation Into Records Management In Selected Business Organization In Owerri Metropolis
  114. An Evaluation Of The Role Of Auditing In A Computerized System
  115. An Evaluation Of The Internal Control System In Hotel Industry
  116. An Evaluation Of The Impact Of Urban Development Bank In Project Financial In Nigeria
  117. Examination Of Income And Expenditure Pattern Among Student Of IMT
  118. An Evaluation Of The Application And Relevance Of Costing Techniques In Services Oriented Organization
  119. An Empirical Examination Of Fraud In The Nigeria Banking Industry
  120. An Evaluation Of Capital Structure And Profitability Of Business Organisation
  121. An Evaluation Of Cost Reduction Technique In Achieving Profitability In An Inflated Economy
  122. An Evaluation Of Tax Payers Perception On The Value Added Tax In Nigeria
  123. An Economy Without A Budget
  124. An Assessment Of Customer Service In Financial Institution
  125. An Assessment Of The Accounting System In Private And Public Sector Establishment
  126. An Assessment Of The Impact Of Internal Audit Function In State Ministries
  127. An Appraisal Of Internal Control System On Large Firm
  128. Role Of Internal Control In Risk Management
  129. Taxation As An Alternative To Dwindling Oil Revenue In Nigeria
  130. An Appraisal Of The Implication Of Electronic Banking In Nigeria Banks (A Case Study Of Access Bank)
  131. An Assessment Of The Contribution Of Capital Market In The Nigerian Economy
  132. An Evaluation of the Impact of Regulatory Bodies in Developing a Viable and Sustainable Capital Market
  133. Effect Of Cash Conversion Cycle On Profitability In Mtn And Globacom
  134. Determinants Of Share Prices In The Nigerian Stock Market
  135. Professional Independence And Quality Control In Audit Practice Of Selected Accounting Firms In Uyo
  136. The Contribution/Importance of Professional Forensic Auditing
  137. The Impact Of Internal Auditing In Ini Local Government Administration
  138. The Effect Of Accounting Records In An Establishment
  139. An Appraisal of Internal Control System of Nigerian Agricultural Cooperative and Rural Development Bank Limited
  140. Accounting Information and Small and Medium Enterprises
  141. Naira Devaluation And Its Effect On Nigerian Economy
  142. The Problems and Growth of Small Scale Business Organisation
  143. Evaluating Tax Administration in Nigeria: Problems and Prospects (A Case of Uyo Akwa Ibom State)
  144. Determinants of Stock Price Fluctuation in Nigerian Quoted Firms
  145. The Impact Of Taxation On Investment Decision Of Limited Liability Companies
  146. Appraising The Roles Of Financial Institutions In The Management Of Public Service In Lagos State
  147. The Impact Of Budgetary Control On Profitability Of An Organization
  148. Analysis Of Sectoral Contribution To Nigeria Gross Domestic Product
  149. Impact Of Inventory Valuation Methods On Financial Report Statement
  150. Accounting Information System as a Means of Enhancing Financial Management
  151. Analysis of Credit Management in the Banking Industry
  152. Impact Of Financial Accounting On The Corporate Performance
  153. Financial Literacy As A Tool To Improving On The Profitability Of Small Scale Enterprises
  154. Effect Of Corporate Social Responsibility Accounting On The Financial Performance Of Quoted Oil And Gas Companies In Nigeria
  155. Impact Of Economic Recession On The Manufacturing Sector Of The Nigeria Economy 2010-2016
  156. The Effect Of Value Added Tax (VAT) On The Profitability Of Manufacturing Firms
  157. Oil And Gas Financial Reporting And Its Influence In Profitability: Case Study Of Mobil Nigeria Plc
  158. Human Resource Development and Employees Commitment in Selected SMEs in Edo State
  159. Party System and Nigerian
  160. Design and implementation of a peer to peer network for file sharing
  161. The Influence Of Accounting Information Toward Decision Making In Manufacturing Firm
  162. Accounting Information System As A Means Of Enhancing Financial Management Of Transport Company
  163. Investigation Of Public Industries With A Framework Of Measures Which Will Enhance Public Confidence In Audit Reporting
  164. Effect Of Cash Conversion Cycle On Profitability In Mtn And Globacom
  165. An Evaluation Of The Impact Of Regulatory Bodies In Developing A Viable And Sustainable
  166. An Evaluation Of The Role Of Internal Auditors In A Construction Company
  167. Determinants Of Share Prices In The Nigerian Stock Market
  168. The Contribution/Importance Of Professional Forensic Auditing
  169. Budgetary Control As A Tool For Improved Performance: A Study Of Selected Companies
  170. Cost Control As An Instrument For Performance Evaluation: Problems And Remedies
  171. Impact Of Auditing For The Enhancement Of Accountability In Public Sector
  172. The Impact Of Accounting Information On Banks-Portfolio-Management
  173. The Influence Of Accountant In The Implementation Of Best Practice In Government Organisation
  174. Management Accounting Techniques: A Tool For Decision Making In An Organization (A Case Study Of Plastic Footwear Industry Limited, Port Harcourt)
  175. Fair Value Measurement And Performance On Selected Manufacturing Companies In Nigeria
  176. The Role Of Management Accountant To Cost Control And Profit Performance In An Organization
  177. Pension And Gratuity Administration In Nigeria: Problems And Solution
  178. Internal Audit Control System As The Resources Control
  179. An Appraisal Of Business Funding Pattern By Nigeria Financial Institutions
  180. Evaluation Of The Impact Of Taxation On Transportation Agenda
  181. Computer Application In Banking Operation: Problems And Prospects
  182. The Usefulness Of Forensic Audit In The Prevention And Detection Of Fraud
  183. Working Capital Management As A Tool For Cost Minimization And Profit Maximization
  184. An Appraisal Of The Challenges Of Fund Management In The Nigeria Local Government System
  185. Evaluation Of Capital And Recurrent Expenditure Patterns
  186. The Effect Of Business Combination On The Economic Revival Of Nigeria
  187. Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis As A Tool For Profit Planning And Control
  188. The Impact Of Audit Committee On Financial Management Of An Organizati
  189. Causes Of Failure Of Small-Scale Industries In Nigeria
  190. Accounting Procedure In Hotel
  191. The Impact Of A Good Internal Control System On Financial Management Of Organization
  192. Budgeting As A Tool For Planning And Control In Manufacturing Industry
  193. The Impact Of Computerization In The Growth Of Nigerian Economy
  194. The Effects Of Management Of Account Receivables On The Performance Of Government Parastatals
  195. The Problem Of Financing A Small Scale Business In Nigeria
  196. The Usefulness Of Financial Statement In Assuasive The Performance Companies
  197. The Role Of Commercial Banks In Agricultural Financing In Enugu State
  198. The Role Of An Accountant In The Poverty Alleviation Programme
  199. The Role Of Accounting In Societal Development
  200. An Evaluation Of The Performance Of Economic And Financial Crimes Commission (Efcc) In The Nigerian Economy
  201. Problems And Prospects Of Privatization And Commercialization Of Government Parastatals In Nigeria
  202. An Evaluation Of The Revenue Collection Strategies In The Reformed Local Government
  203. Formulation And Implementation Of Government Policies
  204. The Impact Of Financial Accounting On The Corporate Performance Of Business Organization
  205. The Effectiveness Of Physical Distribution Of Charis Satchet Water In Enugu Metropolis
  206. The Role Of Product Advertising On Sales Volume Of Companies
  207. The Impact Of Public Sector Accounting In Nigeria Financial Control System
  208. Political Violence And The Electoral Process In Nigeria: The 2006 Presidential Election
  209. The Impact Of Financial Accounting Reporting On The Corporate Performance Of Business Organization
  210. The Impact Of Credit Management On The Profitability Of A Manufacturing Firm
  211. The Effect Of Tax Administration On Revenue Generation In Enugu State
  212. Tax Incentives Catalyst For Industrial Development
  213. The Impact Of Capital Budgeting On Organizational Performance
  214. The Impact Of Accountancy Information On Decision Making Process
  215. Electronic Banking In Nigeria: Problem And Prospects]
  216. An Evaluation Of Tax Payers Perception On The Value Added Tax In Nigeria
  217. An Assessment Of Customer Service In Financial Institution
  218. An Economy Without A Budget
  219. An Assessment Of The Accounting System In Private And Public Sector Establishment
  220. Failed Banks Liquidation Activities Of The Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation
  221. Accounting Procedures In Partnership Business
  222. Accounting Professions And Its Role In The Society
  223. Accounting System In Community Banking
  224. An Analysis Into The Causes Of Failure Of Small Scale Business Organisation In Enugu
  225. Adequacy Or Inadequacy Of Working Capital
  226. Accounting System Uses And Internal Control In A Community Bank
  227. An Approval Of Pay-As You Earn System Of Taxation In Nigeria
  228. An Appraisal Of Revenue Collection Methods In Government Establishment
  229. An Appraisal Of The Accounting System Of Local Government
  230. The Persistent Depreciation Of The Naira In The Foreign Exchange Markets
  231. An Assessment Of The Impact Of Internal Audit Function In State Ministries
  232. Empowering The Local Government Councils In Their Internally Generated Revenue In Enugu State
  233. Effectiveness Of Financial Control In The Public Sector
  234. Bank Fraud And Its Effects On Nigerian’S Economybank Fraud And Its Effects On Nigerian’S Economy
  235. Detection And Control Of Financial Frauds In Nigeria Banking System: Problems And Solution
  236. Computer An Important System In The Processing Of Accounting Information
  237. Credit Analysis And Loan Management In Banking Industry
  238. The Effect Of Financial Accounting Reporting On The Management Of A Business
  239. Business Failure And Accounts Profession In Nigeria
  240. Budget And Budgetary Control As A Tool For Effective Decision And Planning In Ministries And Parastatals
  241. Bank Failure And Economic Development In Nigeria A Critical Appraisal
  242. Fraud Detection And Control In Payroll Departments
  243. Internal Control In An Examining Body A Case Study Of West African Examination Council Enugu Zonal Office
  244. Challenges In Utilization Of Computer In Commercial Bank In Enugu State
  245. An Appraisal Of Revenue Collection Methods In Government Establishment
  246. An Analysis On The Persistent Depreciation Of The Naira In The Foreign Exchange Markets
  247. An Appraisal Of Internal Control System On Large Firm
  248. An Evaluation Of Tax Payers Preception On The Value Added Tax In Nigeria
  249. Administration Of Personal Income Tax In Abia State
  250. Effective Interval Control Measures As Tools For Transparency, Probity And Accountability In The Management Of Public Resources
  251. Effective Internal Control System As A Measure Of Fraud Prevention
  252. Effective Implementation Of Organizational Policies
  253. Effect Of Bank Failure In Nigerian Economy
  254. Dividend Announcement Security Performance And Capital Market
  255. Role Of Accounting Information On Small And Medium Scale Business In Nigeria
  256. The Effect Of Accounting Techniques On Small Business Performances
  257. Impact Of Budget Reforms On Budget Implementation In Nigeria
  258. Impact Of Accounting Information On The Decision Making Process Of An Organization
  259. Financial Accounting Information As An Aid To Management Decision Making
  260. The Effect Of Cost Accounting Techniques On Performance Of SMES
  261. Assessment Of Audit Expectation Gap In Nigeria
  262. Assessment Of Accounting Personnel In Selected Small And Medium Enterprises
  263. The Significance Of Accounting Standard (SAS) In The Preparation Of Financial Statement Of An Organization
  264. The Role Of Internal Auditors On The Effectiveness Of Internal Control System
  265. The Role Of Financial Institution In The Development Of Nigeria Economy
  266. The Role Of Financial Control In The Public Sector
  267. The Role Of Cost Accounting Techniques In Achieving Effective Cost Control In The Manufacturing Industry
  268. The Role Of Commercial Banks In The Development Of Money And Capital Market In Nigeria
  269. The Role Accounting Records On The Performance Of Small Scale Industries In Nigeria
  270. The Relevance Of Accounting Information In Decision Making Process
  271. The Relative Importance Of Corporate Tax And Value Added Tax (VAT) And Their Effects On The Economic Growth In Nigeria
  272. The Performance Of An Auditor And Auditing In Nigeria Economy
  273. The Impediment Of Revenue Generation
  274. The Impact Of Trade Credit Management On Firm’S Performance
  275. The Impact Of Taxation As A Tool Of Fiscal Policy In Nigeria
  276. The Impact Of Strategic Planning On Financial Performance Of Small And Medium Scale Enterprises
  277. The Impact Of Micro-Finance On Small Scale Business In Nigeria
  278. The Impact Of Liquidity And Profitability As A Survival Strategy For Banks In Nigeria


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