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Welcome to Edustore.NG your number one mass communication project topics and materials pdf and Ms-word instant download website in Nigeria that is registered with the corporate affairs commission (CAC: BN 2546302). Are you in need of well researched mass communication project topics and materials for instant download? Welcome, you are not lost but in the right page. Believe me, this page is full of top quality and well researched mass communication project topics and materials PDF and Ms-word format for instant download. Also all mass communication research works on this website are complete with available well written chapters 1 to chapter 5 with abstract, Questionnaire and references for final year students in Mass Communication. View mass communication project topics below.

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List of Mass Communication Project Topics

Note: All mass communication project materials are in MS Word and PDF format. Please click on a project topic to view its details and download complete material straight on your device.

  1. Influence Of Television Advertising On Consumer Choice Of Beverages.
  2. Police Public Relations As Mechanism For Improving Police Community
  3. The Attitude Of Female Mass Communication Students Towards Journalism As A Career
  4. The Impact Of Anti-Hiv/Aids Programmes Of Abs Television On The Sexual Habits Of Youths
  5. The Impact Of Television Advertisement Of ‘Always’ On Consumers Choice Of Sanitary Towel
  6. Traditional Media Of Communication As Tools For Effective Rural Development
  7. Prospects And Challenges Of Campus Broadcast Stations In Nigeria: A Case Study Of Unique 88.5 Fm
  8. The Role Of Mass Media In Enlightening Nursing Mothers On The Benefits Of Exclusive Breast Feeding (EBF)
  9. The Effects Of Ownership On Professionalism In The Broadcast Industries
  10. Influence Of News Commercialization On The News Credibility In Broadcast Media: A Case Study Of NTA
  11. Listener’s Assessment On Agricultural Programmes On Rural Area Based Radio (Case study of Independent Television/Radio, Benin City, Edo State)
  12. The Role Of Organizational Communication In Tertiary Institution Of Learning In Nigeria
  13. Listener ship Level And Perception Of Federal University Of Technology Minna Campus Radio Program (A Case Study Of Listeners In Minna)
  14. Readers Perception Of The Newspapers Coverage Of The 2015 Elections
  15. Feedback Mechanism As A Tool In Determining Programming (A Case Study Of ESBS 2 Fm) Enugu
  16. Hazards Of Journalism Profession Under Military Regime (From 1993 – 1998)
  17. An Appraisal of Nigeria Media as Instrument of Eradicating Corruption in Nigeria (Case Study Of NTA Effect On Obasanjo’s Anti- Corruption Crusade)
  18. Challenges Facing The Media In Dissemination Of Information (A Case Study Of NTA)
  19. Newspaper Coverage Of Drug Abuse In Nigeria A Study Three Selected News Papers
  20. Newspaper Readership Pattern Among Nigerian Youths. (a case study of IMT students)
  21. The Impact Of Reportorial Techniques On Reading Audience Of AKWA IBOM Broadcasting Corporation (AKBC) UYO, AKWA IBOM STATE.
  22. The Press In Nigerian Politics: Analysis Of Issues And Patterns Of News Coverage
  23. The Role Of Mass Media In Crisis Resolution
  24. The Role Of Media In The Management Of Environmental Health Issues In Nigeria
  25. The Role Of Punch Newspaper In Creating Awareness Against Drug Abuse (A case study of selected residents in Lagos Nigeria)
  26. The Role Of Radio And Television In Rural Development
  27. Influence Of Social Media On Political Marketing In 2015 Governorship Election In Delta State
  28. The role of road transportation mode in the marketing of agricultural products.
  29. The Use Of State Broadcast Media As Propaganda Machinery By State Government
  30. Perception and Social Influence of Electronic Media Advertising on Students
  31. Influence Of Billboard Advertising Of Students Electioneering Campaign In FIDEI Polytechnic Gboko
  32. Newspaper Ownership And Editorial Independence A Comparative Analysis Of Tide And Guardian Newspaper
  33. The Use Of African Communication System In Polio Eradication Campaign
  34. The Impact Of Graphic Presentation In Newspaper Production: A Case Study Of The Tide Newspaper And Beacon Newspaper
  35. Customers Perception Of GSM Interruptive Advertisement In Nigeria
  36. Impact Of Television Broadcasting On Electioneering Campaigns
  37. The Role Of Radio In Mobilizing Nigerian Women Into Politics
  38. The Influence Of Broadcast Media On The Sales Of Fast Moving Consumer Goods In Port Harcourt
  39. An Assessment Of The Role Of The Mass Media In Re-Branding Nigeria (A Case Study Of NTA, Channel 12, Uyo)
  40. Challenges Of The Freedom Of Information Bill To The Broadcast Media ( A Case Study Of NTA Uyo)
  41. The role of the media in the promotion Of government policies in Nigeria
  42. Role Of Broadcasting Service In Conflict Resolution
  43. Advertising: A Survival Strategy For Mass Media Organisation (A Case Study Of Nigeria Television Authority, NTA, Enugu)
  44. Assessment Of The Role Of Mass Media As An Instrument Of Economic Development
  45. Broadcast News Commentaries As A Strategy For Social Change
  46. Challenges And Prospect In Digital Broadcasting In Nigeria
  47. History And Development Of Photography In Nigeria
  48. Influence Of New Media On News Production
  49. Mass Media As A Tool To Stem Insurgency Tide In The Country (Case Study Nigeria)
  50. Mass Media Ethical Orientation And The Quest For Professionalism In Nigeria
  51. Radio Public Enlightment Program In-Cubing Hiv/Aids
  52. The Impact Of Social Media In Journalism
  53. The Impact Of Woman In Advertising
  54. The Importance Of Prints Broadcast Medium As An Agent Of Social Development
  55. The Importance Of Radio Broadcasting/Programme
  56. The Influence Of Media Ownership And Control On Media Agenda Settings Using Nigeria As Case Study
  57. The Role Of Public Relations In Crisis Management (A Case Study Of The Etiti Ihitte-Uboma, Local Government Area Of Imo State)
  58. The Role Of Public Relations In The Survival And Maintenance Of Industrial Harmony, A Case Study Of The Nestle Nigeria Plc
  59. The role of television in the promotion of Nigeria premier league
  60. Western Entertainment Television Programmes: A Catalyst for Behavioral Tendencies among Students of Babcock and Covenant Universities
  61. Assessment Of The Status, Challenges And Prospects Of Campus Radio In Nigeria
  62. The Role Of Media In Curbing The Spread Of Ebola Virus In Nigeria
  63. Role Of Media In Creating Awareness Against Drug Abuse
  64. Role Of Television In Electoral Education In Nigeria
  65. Government Use Of Extra Legal Measures Against Media Practitioners
  66. An Assessment Of The Role Of The Mass Media In Re-Branding Nigeria
  67. Analysis Of Challenges Facing Freedom Of Information In Nigeria
  68. Role Of The Media In The Crusade Against Global Terrorism – A Case Study Of The Vanguard And Punch Newspapers
  69. Assessment Of Nigeria Press Council As A Regulatory Mechanism For Nigerian Journalists
  70. Effects Of TV Adverts On Children
  71. The Use Of State Broadcast Media As Propaganda Machinery By State Government
  72. Role Of Broadcast Media In Mobilizing Women For Political Participation
  73. Influence Of Western Television Programmes On The Cultural Values Of Nigeria Youths
  74. Role Of Electronic Media In The Crusade Against Religious Intolerance In Nigeria
  75. Impact Of Nigerian Press On The Choice Of A Political Candidate
  76. Impact Of The Media In Checking Economic Crime
  77. The Use Of Internet As A Communication Tool In International Marketing
  78. The Effects Of Television Advertisements On The Buying Habit Of Consumers
  79. Effects Of World Information Flow Imbalance On Third World Countries
  80. The Mass Media And Coverage Of Sports Programmes In Nigeria
  81. Moral Probity And Youth Development In Nigeria. An Evaluation Of The Role Of The Electronic Media
  82. Physical Distribution Management In Innoson Company Limited In Enugu Metropolis
  83. The Effective Public Relations And As An Instrument For The Achievement Of On Organizational Objective
  84. Information Technology And The Changing Role Of Mass Media In Nigeria
  85. Feedback Mechanism As A Tool In Determining Programming
  86. An Appraisal Of Press Freedom In African Societies
  87. Nature Of Christina Missionary Activities In West Africa
  88. Effective Marketing As A Tool For Achieving Maximum Customer Satisfaction In Telecommunication Industry
  89. The Role Of EBBS Radio On Rural Development
  90. Impact Of Radio Programme In Economic Development In Nigeria
  91. The Media Involvement In Rebranding Nigerian Film Industry
  92. The Effect Of Good Public Relations And Organized Promotions On The Achievement Of Marketing Objective
  93. Effective Public Relations As An Instrument For The Achievement Of An Organizational Objective
  94. The Influence Of Nollywood On Lifestyle Of Youths In Enugu Urban Area
  95. The Impact Of Communication On The Organizational Efficiency
  96. Family Planning
  97. The Role Of Public Relations In A Corporate Organisation (A Case Study Of Nitel Plc Enugu)
  98. Nigerian Maintenance Culture: An Investigation Into Nigerian Postal Services
  99. Viewership Of Television Programmes In Enugu State
  100. Perception Of Television Commercials And Audience Attitude To Television Programmes
  101. Press Coverage Of The Passage Of National Minimum Wage Act In Nigeria
  102. The Role Of Mass Media In Educational Development In Nigeria
  103. Sustenance Of Nigerian Mass Media Industry
  104. The Roles Of The Media In Influencing Government Policies
  105. The Mass Media As Channel For Creating Awareness And Mobilizing Public Support
  106. Role Of Mass Media In Urban Degradation And Environmental Sanitation In Nigeria
  107. Role Of Media In The Management Of Environmental Health Issues In Nigeria
  108. Role Of Third World News Agencies In Global Dissemination Of Information (A Case Study Of News Agency Of Nigeria
  109. The Impact Of Foreign Films On The Behavioural Pattern Of Youths
  110. The Impact Of Nigerian Press On Shaping The Country’S Political Structure
  111. The Effect Of Media Programme On Rural Development
  112. Impact Of News Commercialization On Management Of Broadcast Media In Nigeria
  113. The Effects Of Unethical Practices In Advertising
  114. The Impact Of Awareness Campaign On Drug Abuse Among Undergraduates
  115. The Challenges Facing Nigerian Broadcast Media In The New Millenium
  116. Role Of Mass Communication In Developing Countries Nigeria
  117. The Effect Of Good Public Relation And Organized Promotions On The Achievement Of Marketing Objective, Case Study Of Nigeria Brewerie Plc
  118. The Role Of Television In The Political Mobilization Of Rural Areas In Nigeria
  119. The Apathetic Behaviour Of Nigerian Journalists To Science And Technological Reporting
  120. The Effect Of Violent Film On Nigerian Children
  121. Comparative Analysis Of The Roles Of Mass Communication And Interpersonal Communication In Rural Development
  122. The Effect Of Billboard Advertising On Product Promotion
  123. The Impact Of Portrayals Of The Image Of Women On The Television Adverts Of Alcohol & Tobacco
  124. Nigerian Home Movies And Influences On Igbo Culture
  125. Power Interruptions And Broadcasting Media Programmes In Enugu
  126. An Appraisal Of Press Freedom In Nigeria Under Civilian Rule
  127. Problems Of Broadcasting Media In Advertising Process
  128. The Effect Of Television Advertisement On The Buying Habits Of Consumer
  129. The Role Of The Media In The Political Development Of Nigeria
  130. Impact Of Advert On Consumers’ Preferences Of Products


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Note: All mass communication project topics and materials are in MS Word and PDF format

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