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Choosing a career is not like choosing an orange from a basket. According to Weiler (1997) “Successful career seldom happen by chance” with very few exception, people who really get what they want in a career do so because they define their objective plans and schedules for achieving their objectives, and assume personal responsibility for implementing and following these plans.
These people monitor their progress regularly, improve their plans when they are not getting the desired result and persevere in the face of frequent set back until objectives are achieved.
Many scholars have given their own different meaning to choice and career and some have further stressed their importance and objectives of selecting a better career.
The dictionary meaning of Career is a way of making a living profession amongst career of opportunities.
Many find it difficult to make choice in the sense that they lack guidance and counseling, making their choice without the help of any person. Several works have been done based on the determinant factors affecting career by students.
There are opinions expressed on this issue that are as varied as the factor which have been included in the first chapter. In the same view, there is no doubt however that there are many factors responsible for the progress of a child backwardness or retardation VIZ; genetic factors (that are inherent in the child himself) and environmental factor (from the environment where the child grew up).

Michael (2001) stated that the home provides many things for the child, like protection, guidance, shelter and encouragement. Again the home tries by all means to educate the child with the outside world by interpreting what is happening to / around him. He went further to say that the child as he/she is not yet informed of the factors and realities of life but with the help of the parents he will be very much aware of the tracks or steps to follow if he is to be useful in life.
He still maintains that the homes are marked by the persistent conflicts and divergent aims between the parents and the child who seldom gain a sense of family of unity and hence his personal security is much more precarious. This child feels poor about the background and fumbles.
“The inability of some parents and guidance to provide good background and show interest in the education of their children has a vital role to play in the performance of some learners”
Unless the necessary materials are provided for the learners, all efforts made towards his/her improvement will not work out effectively. The child without learning materials would certainly loose his sense of direction. The influence of parents has been one of the strongest and the most persistent factor that determine the child attitude towards studying different school subjects and hence his choice of career.


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