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This research work carried out to survey of educational facilities in private and public primary school in Odeda local government of Ogun State as the case study.

The subject of the study were eighty (n =80) teachers . also the design method use in the study was survey design. This instrument used in the method of data collection were on four wlert scale: Available, not available, adequate and inadequate while data was codified into frequency count and analyzed with the use of percentages.

It confirm that there are more adequate educational facilities in private primary schools than public primary schools but the major problem is that the government did not assist the educational facilities in public primary school there by restricting to provide only few school in public school have the educational facility in there school.



The interest in the survey of educational facilities in private and public primary schools, was generated by the popular belief that there are more educational facilities in private than in public schools. Thus, parents prefer sending their children to private primary schools where they have to pay schools fees than sending their children to public primary school because they do not pay school fees. But it is necessary to understanding the concept of education before fully discussing the topic of this project. Education theorists and the philosophers attempt to define the concept of education in various ways.             Adeyinka (1971) defines education as the process of transmitting the culture of a society from one generation to the other, the process of which the elder member of a society brings up the younger ones. Also, UNESCO INTERNATIONAL STANDARD Classification of education defines education as comprising organized and standard communication designed to bring about learning.  Education can be seen as a long life process which starts from cradle to grave; this definition implies that education starts when a child is born and goes on until death.

Adetoro (1995) also sees educational facilities as facilities or materials which are used to carryout any job or to accomplish work. Ndagi (1995) defines educational facilities as the sum total input that goes into the education system. They are the materials that are used directly or indirectly for the purpose of supporting, facilitating, influencing and encouraging the mission and acquisition of knowledge. Adolade (1986) defines educational facilities at instructional materials or aids or devices which are media order to facilitate learning in the classroom. Facilities refers to instructional materials such as objects things or instrument of analysis (concrete or non-concrete) including the teachers building which are employed as aids to understanding the content being taught.

Educational facilities are used to foster effective teaching and learning process. For proper functioning of any educational set – up, there is need for enough educational facilities in such private and public primary school.

The educational facilities of private primary schools should not be limited to a particular subject; it should cover all areas of subject and teaching while the educational facilities of public primary schools should not be limited in a particular subject.

The success of the systems or otherwise, so much depends on the manpower and materials made available to it. Before setting any public and private schools they must take into consideration where to teach, what to teach, whom to teach, and the materials to use. (i.e. there should be a building, teacher’s pupils and teaching aids.)

This brings government to set a national policy education of primary education i.e. the philosophy of primary education which are:

To have national consciousness To promote political awareness among the youth To help individual to identify different cultural valve. To make her people self-reliant.  To promote technology and scientific development To help the individual to have better relationship with fellow country men.

Also the aims and objectives of setting primary school are:

Giving them a broad understanding on how society works (e.g. culture, sub – cultures, commerce and institutions) Engendering an appreciation of the views and worth of other To develop basic life skills among students (such as; literacy, numeracy, communication, ways of helping to achieve physical and mental health etc.) To encourage positive attitudes to learning by catering for students interests beyond basic skills To maximize students individual achievements To provide an atmosphere and procedures within the school that will help achieve other aims

Public primary schools are owned by the government and they are responsible for the salary of the teachers, while private schools are owned by individuals or group of people. They are well established and but low amount of money are being paid to teachers.


Educational facilities are the only instruments through which learning can take place in primary school. Educational facilities help the school to achieve their goals and objectives. It brings effective learning to the classroom. Educational facilities make teaching easier for the teacher.


This study seeks to find out whether or not there are adequate educational facilities in the private and public primary schools. It also finds out whether there are other reasons why parent send their children to private primary schools and not government schools.


What is the profile of educational facilities in; Private Primary Schools Public Primary Schools How adequate are educational facilities in; Private Primary Schools Public Primary Schools Are private primary schools better equipped than public primary schools


This particular survey was restricted to some selected public and private primary schools in Odeda local government area of Ogun state. They are:


Standard Nursery and primary school osiele Ayorinde Memorial Nursery and Primary School, Camp Wonderful Nursery and Primary School, Obantoko Al – Jihad Nursery and Primary School, Camp


Odeda Local Government Primary School Obantoko Saint Mary`s Anglican primary school Osiele saint James Anglican school Orile Ilugun community primary school, Apena Sojobi


The study which is a survey of educational facilities in private and public primary schools will be useful for future government, the pupils and the country.

The study will help parents to determine better education for their children and enables the government to know their responsibilities over private and public primary schools on improvement of educational facilities.


This study sought to explain and look carefully into the challenges that are facing the educational facilities in private and public primary schools in Odeda Local Government Area of Ogun State.

The study also examines the contributions of educational facilities towards the contemporary education process and the development that has taken place towards accomplishing educational goals.

The study is expected to be beneficial to both private and public primary schools teachers in the sense that they should be aware of the advantages and effectiveness of the educational facilities in teaching and learning process.


EDUCATION:          Is a life long process which starts from cradle to grave

EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES:    These are the materials used in public and private primary school to facilitate for effective teaching and learning.

PRIVATE SCHOOLS:                    These are individual owned

PUBLIC SCHOOLS:                       These are owned by the government.


SCHOOL:                                          Place where pupils are taught or the building use by private owners to teaching and learning.

TEACHER:                                       This is a person who impacts knowledge, skill to less experience person.


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