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This study was designed to find out the survey of women role in community development in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State. The method used in the collection of data was random sampling and the use of questionnaire. Some research questions were raised and answered.  The findings from the analysis of data showed that a good number of community are not yet developed by women, because there are no fund to carry out their activities, and also they have inadequately staffs in the locality. Based on the findings the researcher recommended that workshops and seminars should be held in each community. And there should be adequately staffs to the rural area to mobilize the Oredo women in community development practices of how women have change in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State.


Chapter one

Background of the study

Statement of the study

Research question

Purpose of the study

Scope of the study

Significant of the study

Definition of terms

Chapter two

Literature review

Chapter three

Research methods and procedure

Design of the study

Population of the study

Sampling method/procedure

Instrument of study

Reliability of instrument

Data analysis

Description of questionnaire

Chapter four

Data analysis and interpretation

Chapter five




Suggestion for further study






The economic development of the country is gradually taking a new form through the participation of women in the mainstream of politics and social economic development and the realization of strong and variable economics can be total without the participation of women.

The involvement of women into the mainstream of development process is a recent phenomenon, two decades ago, only the men were left and even made the undertake the bulk of developmental activities without recognition.

Given the conducive governmental atmosphere women organization are spring up in all the hooks and corners of the country. This organization varies ranging from the age-grade organization of farmers union, co-operative market union, better life and all purposes form for the rural women provided.

Economic development may be look in the other hands by the United Nation (1997) defined economics development as a process whereby the real per capital income increases even time through changes in the quality of productive factors in the growth process.

Development in a broader perspective could be defined as a dynamic process involving the countries interaction of the people and their environment.

However, in this study community development could be seen as the movement design to promote better living for the whole community with the active participation by the initiation of the community.

The United Nation concluded that community development element is the process by which the effects of the people themselves are united with those governmental authorities to improve the social economic and culture condition of the community.

The development of community development at the local government area established several programmes through which they reached the women. Especially the special women centre established by the department all over the town and village to deal specifically on woman related issues another permanent feature is the department resent for the trained filed staff that are often responsible for the mobilization of women folk.


The statement of problems of this study is therefore to identify what constitute the role of women in community development particularly in Order Local Governemnt Area, also to examine the extent to which the problem of sending adequate staffs to the rural area to mobilize the Oredo Local Governemnt Area of Edo State.


The research of this study is to determine a survey to which women participate in community development;

1.                 What problems do women encounter in community development?

2.                 What is the nature of women role in community development?

3.                 Do women have a natural role in community development?

4.                 What benefits do women get in community development?

5.                 TO what extent of development has the woman in Redo Local Government Area of Edo State gone?

6.                 What role do these women play in their association?

7.                  Do these women have sufficient fund for developing the community?


The purpose of this research work is to know and determine the actual survey of women roles in community development in Oredo Local Governemnt Area of Edo State. And to identify the nature of women and their benefits in alternative method for improving the present system.

The roles which affect positively the social economic and cultural lives of the people of Oredo Local Governemnt Area. And the contribution of the women given the all aviating the poor state of the people via, contributing in building skills acquisition centre and educating the illiteracy people I community development, that is by embarking on a mass literacy as well as consenting the people on the needs to participate in the development of needs to participate in the development of the people.

Finally, in all socio-cultural activities that will bring unity and cultural understanding among the citizen, thereby improving the present system of the people.


The significance of this research work is aimed at surveying the role of women in community development and how it has impact positively in the whole sectors of the socio-economic development in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State.

The positive impact they have made in up holding the norms and values of the people of the community.

In identification of the background and segment of women in community development also encourage the initiation of new ideas in this system.

Also this help to examine the details of ethics corrections which fasten them in molding the characters of the citizen in Oredo Local Government area of Edo State.


The scope of this research work is restricted to the survey of women roles in community development in a study to Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State.

However, data and information were collected through questionnaire and structured interviews were carried out into other bodies (association) that were affiliated to Oredo Local Governemnt Area of Edo State.

The influences and generalization of this study is related to woman association in Oredo Local Governemnt Area of Edo State.


Community: A group of people with a common religion, race or profession interacting in common.

Development: In a broader perspective, which has been seen as a dynamic process, involving the continuous interaction of people and their environment.

Community development: IS a structured intervention that gives communities greater control over the condition that affects their lives.

Economic development: The process whereby the real per capital income of economy increase.

Association: Coming together of a group of people who have the same aim e.g. teachers and lecturers, accountants and bankers.

Women folk: All the women in a particular duty fit for the women e.g. cooking, watching, farming, working and all other participation of women in the society.

Society: Large group of people who share the same laws organization, custom that makes it possible for them to live together.

Organization: A group such a club or business that has be formed for a particular purpose.


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