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an analysis of the impact of marketing information system in new planning development and planning


This part which. Marketing information system played in the satisfaction of customers cannot be other emphasized in the sense that marketing information system is that which firms used to identify y their customer needs and go satisfy them profitability . these research work made us to understand the extent of which information system have helped in staving  the problems of customer more specifically Berger paints plc customer hence it is found out that effective marketing information increases the satisfy of customer needs therefore satisfy of customer needs therefore firms in the industrial should




Information and reliable data form the bedrock of any management decision. They also form the basis for all the diagnostic and prognostic efforts of managers from marketing stand, point problems can only be anticipated identified analyzed resolved or prevented if accurate and reliable and external sources. This overriding impact of marketing information is so obvious that every trained marketing manger made deliberated efforts to generate analyzes and reliable marketed related information.

Marketing research and making information system are concered with information gathering. According to the American marketing association (A.M.A) marketing research is the systematic gathering recording and analyzing of data about problems relating to the marketing of goods and services.

A major weakness of this definition is that it implicitly ignores the fact that not only marketing research analyzes and solves problems but identify them. Secondly, it has been criticized for not being clear on the goals of marketing. A short but acceptable definition sees marketing research as a formalize decision.

Taken together these two definitions which reveal the nature and scope of marketing research, Firstly, they show that the purpose of marketing research is to aid in marketing decision, it may help to identify marketing problems and opportunities available course of action in resolving the matter.

Secondly, it is a formalized or systematic means of obtaining the needed information. This is the process in either accident happened but deliberate and organized. It is systematic in the sense of following a defined and three tested procedure.

Thirdly, following closely from the second observation is the fact that marketing research seeks observation objectively, in so doing the marketing research process aim at being scientific in the sense of finding out what is although the information generated is expected among other thing to help determine what should be.

Finally, since it is an aid to marketing decision of the following; product planning, product development and modification product features, pricing, media selection effectiveness competitive factors.

In focusing on any of these or any other marketing related issues, marketing research may help in problems identification as well as the choice among alternative solution for the problems.

A marketing information system (MIS) is a continuing and interacting structure of people equipment and procedures together, sort.


It has often said that new product suddenly succeed in the market . this is not  far from the truth , however many new products that meet the demands of the customer cannot in  any way fail furthermore those that piad do as die to their inability to meet the needs of consumer by so doing they come face to face with tool rejection thereby leading to the failure.

Firstly, marketing research and marketing information system are concerned with information gathering according to the America marketing association (AMA). Marketing research is the systematic gathering recording and anal sizing of data about problems relating to the marketing of good  and services A major weakness of this definition is that it implicitly ignores the face that not only marketing researcher analyze and  solve problems but the identify them.

Secondly, marketing research and marketing information system it has also been suggested that while in focused on information generation marketing information to marketing decision makers

Thirdly, marketing research it would be appear in more of a curative medicine a marketing system is both curative  and preventive.

Finally marketing research is a part and parcel of an organization marketing information  system sincer the lather is much broader in scope for any marketing organization to successes it need a regular supply of current and information for marketing decision

An analysis of the impact of marketing information system in new product development and planning is located at 13 road aba abia state . it was in corporate as saclux industrial ltd on the 21st February 1940 by the parts through the founder was Robert William in paints industries liability company quoted on the Nigeria stock exchange since 1973 with Nigerians current having  50% equality holdays.

Saclux today employs about 50,00 people in about 50 counters world wide  and support the jobs of many thousand distributors contractors  and suppliers.

Following the existing trading interests in Nigeria and West African generally involved to the fact that he had since the 17th century been great involved with the paint industries in eastern region.

Saclux industries Nigeria plc started with the paints company and is today one of the solidest suruving manufacturing company or organization in Nigeria. After series of mergers or acquisitions the company diversified into manufacturing and marketing of paints detergents and personal caree products

These mergers or acquisitions brought in paints industries in 1986, this brought ponds industries ltd in 1988.

The company changed its name to saclux industries plc in 2000 .


It has often said that new product suddenly succeed in the market. This is not far from the truth, however, many new products that meet the demands of and evaluate and distribute pertinent timely and  accurate information for use by marketing decision makers to improve their meting planning implementation control

When compared with the definition marketing research given earlier the different becomes obvious

Firstly, where as marketing research gather and analyze needed information on an adhoe non recurrent basis marketing information system is insulted to do  this is a regular basis.

Secondly it  has also been suggested that while  marketing  research focused on information generation marketing decision markers.

Thirdly, it would appear that while marketing research in move of a curative medicine a marketing information system in both curative and preventive.

Finally marketing information system since the latter is much border in scope. For any marketing organization to succeed it needs a regular supply of current and relevant information for marketing decision marketing.

In order to be useful such information must be regular timely relevant and accurate the operations of marketing information system involved have financial outlays. Therefore a cost benefit analysis is relevant information should not be gathered just because they are retested by decision maker. It is necessary to ensure that they are likely to help improve the quality of decision.

The customers cannot in any way fair furthermore those that paid do so die to their inability to meet the needs of consumer so doing they come face to face with total ejection thereby leading to their failure .

The impact of relevant information cannot be over emphasized because, it has said by authorities that information is the life blood of every marketing organization, without information marketing cannot ascertain the decisions as well as the heart of their customers whom they are meant to satisfy and so they fail.

The only way is to generate relevant information and ensure that it get to marketers for use, is through marketing information like towns that cannot be separated. Unfortunately however, most organization takes them for granted either due to total lack of knowledge of the essence of the marketing concept or due to the enormous expenditure involved in gathering information.

This invariably affects the quality of their decision and the ability of their new products to meet consumers demand.

The essence of this wok therefore is to examine the impact of marketing information system on new product development and planning.


The aim of this study is to examine the application of marketing information system in new product planning and development.

Especially the study intends to achieve the following;

  1. To determine if Berger paint have a marketing unit.
  2. To determine the status of marketing information system/marketing research in Berger paint.
  3. To determine if the firm has resources to marketing information system in planning and development of new product.
  4. To determine the essence of marketing information system in generating data for new product planning and development.

The researcher has the main task of finding out the following:

  1. Do Berger paint have a marketing information unit?
  2. What is the status of marketing information system/marketing research in Berger paint?
  3. Do firm have resources to marketing information system


The need for this study cannot be over emphasize, little or no attention has been given to the impact of the marketing information system in new product planning and development. Thus, it is expected that this study will be beneficial to Berger paint plc on which this research work is being conducted on, so as tits finding will guide the product R and D managers in product planning and development. Consumer will also benefits from this study and its findings, if it is implemented very well, it will guide the company and other companies in creating products that will meet the taste and preference of consumer. Also the work when completed will serve as reference materials to other scholars in the field of study.


In carrying out this research, the researcher was faced with so many problems, which hampered the researcher’s efforts to some extent.

There was a problem of insufficient fund and limited time of further research, from this there is room for further research from this paint by any one who would wish to continue from this point.

During the administration of the questionnaires, there was a problem of relevance on the part of staff to respond to questions of the questionnaires, it took time before they could be convenience to do so, there was problems of refusal of disclosed some information required from them.


There are the technical and professional terms that appear in this research work and their contextual meaning.

  1. Marketing information system: Is the structured interacting complex of persons, machines and producers designed to generate an order flow of pertinent information collected from internal and external firm sources for use as the basis for decision marking.
  2. Marketing: Is defined as a social and management process by which individuals and groups obtain what they needs and want are through creating offering and exchanging product of value with others.
  3. Marketing research: Is the systematic gathering, recording and analyzing of data about problems relating to the marketing of goods and services.
  4. New product: Comprises of original products, product improvement, product modification and the brands that the firm develops through its own research and development efforts.


Berger paint plc is one of the firms of the oligopolistic market of paint industry in Nigeria. It has the following; Clover paint plc, Aka paint plc, Saclux paint and Besta paint as its major rivals, the choice of Berger paint plc as the case study of this research was informed by difficulties met by the researcher in the attempt to ensure detailed study of the entire firm in the same industry. Within its firm, the personnel in marketing department were interviewed in executing the work, equally consumers of Berger paint resident in Aba area were used, it has to be so, because the product is a national brand and the researcher could not cover the whole nations, hence Aba area was provided as a good representative of all the market.


The research work  is divided into five  chapters,

Chapter one it’s the general introuctivition of the statement of problems research question purpose of the study operational definition of the terms limitation if the study and organization of the study

Chapter two consist the literature review that ties to show what has been written about this topic previously

Chapter three is the research methodology of the study selection of data  collection of primary and secondary data sampling size and data analysis techniques

Chapter four, carries presentation and analysis of the data test of hypothesis

Chapter five is the last chapter that embodies summary conclusion and recommendations.

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