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Application Of Computer Based Examination System (A Case Study Of Abia State Polytechnic, Aba)


Electronic supported assessment or E-assessment is a field of growing importance.
preparing manual test is a difficult task to handle and a time consuming process
for teachers, in which they have to prepare both fair and consistent exam for each
class. Besides, even is the teacher can prepare a sufficient exam, it is difficult to
prevent students from cheating and if teachers cannot prevent them from doing this
injustice, it will occur again and again. With this new system, the problem of
cheating will be reduced and there will be no delay in releasing of student’s result.
Human error(s) in conducting, marking and scoring of the examination. The
system is designed to facilitate the examination processes and manage challenges
surrounding the conduct of examination, auto-submission, auto marking and
examination result report generation. The use of computer-based examination
technology in administering examinations will improve efficiency, fast and also a
solution to cheating. A computer based testing system (CBTS) will improve
accuracy and profitability of academic institution as it reduces the cost of
stationeries and labour involved in conducting examinations manually. The new
system was designed and implemented using visual basic (VB).


Title page i
Certification ii
Approval page iii
Dedication iv
Acknowledgement v
Abstract vi
Table of contents vii
1.0. Introduction 1
1.1. Historical Background of case study 2
1.2. Objective of the study 6
1.3. Importance of study 6
1.4. Scope and limitation of study 7
1.5. Statement of the problems 8
1.6. Organizational structure of case study 10
1.7. Definition of terms 12
2.0. Literature Review 14
3.0. Research Methodology 24
3.1. System investigation 24
3.2. Sources of data 26
3.3. Proposal for a new system 28
3.4. Problems of the old system 29
3.5. Objective of the new system 29
4.0. System Analysis/Design 31
4.1. Analysis of input 31
4.1.1. Processing 33
4.1.2. Output 34
4.2. Analysis of facts gathered 34
4.3. Design of input/output of the new system 38
4.4. Programming language used 40
5.0. Summary 42
5.1. Recommendation/Conclusion 42
References 46
Appendix I (Flow Chart) 48
Appendix II (Program output)


Application of computer-based examination is an online examination that many
educational institutions use to checkmate students performance. These
examinations may be administered at any levels of education, from primary to
higher education, although they are common at higher levels., computer based
examination system serves three main purposes:
 To allow entrance examination at different places to take exam at the same time
through the online examination website.
 Through carefully planning and proper coding, enable entrance examination,
result checking and admission status on the website.
 To integrate database with the program allowing administrator easily of system
and creation of entrance examination which is a computer-based examination.
This project will propose all features and procedures to develop the system. It is
also specially a continuous process on the details about objective, scope
limitation, process model, primate requirement, team development, possible
project risks, project schedule and finally monitoring and reporting mechanism.
Computer based examination is very useful for educational institutions to
prepare an exam, save the time that it will take to check the paper and prepare
for their entrance examination for students and develop their skills.
The effective use of computer based system in any educational institute or training
centre can be used as a strategy in putting smiles on the faces of students
writing exams, it a means for them to give good and better results in less time
after writing the exam.
However, the formulation of question for on-line examination which is a computer
based examination system is often treated with high level of consciousness.
With developing of computer application which is coming up. This application
software has affected every of one’s life, and also the examination. Just like
other application systems, examination application system are very fast, reliable
and convenient, from simple stand-alone systems to computer based system and
now some web based system. This system can be used to help people get
familiar with the computer usage quickly which can save a lot of money and
Abia State Polytechnic, Aba was established by Edit No. 8 of 1994 which has a
retrospection effect from 2nd October, 1992. Its location is the former Girls
Technical College (GTC) Aba, along Aba Owerri Road. The initial intake

comprises of students taking various certificate programme were introduced in
1994/1995 session.
The Higher National Diploma programmes commenced in 1999/2000 session. It is
governed by the state polytechnic Act to provide full-time or part-time courses
of Instruction and training.
The first Rector of this polytechnic was Dr. C.L Odimuko followed by elder C.
Ijeoma and then succeeded by the present rector elder Abalogun A. Onukaogu.
Abia State Polytechnic, Aba is composed of different schools such a school of
science and Engineering and the School of Business Administration. The school
colours are yellow and dark red.
According to the version of JAMB admission brochure, Abia State Polytechnic
offers the following courses or programmes in the school
 Accountancy
 Banking and Finance
 Business Administration and Management
 Public Administration
 Civil Engineering Technology
 Computer Engineering Technology
 Mechanical Engineering Technology
 Architecture
 Building Technology
 Estate Management
 Quality Surveying
 Urban and Regional Planning
 Surveying and Geo-informatics
 Food Science and Technology
 Computer Science
 School of Science and Industrial Technology
 Science Laboratory Technology
 Statistics
 Mathematics
 Certificate in Marketing and Advertising
 Advance Certificate in Accounting/Auditing
 Advance Certificate in Marketing/Auditing
 Certificate in Public Administration
 Basic Certificate in Secretarial Administration
 Intermediate Certificate in Secretarial Administration
 Advanced Certificate in Secretarial Administration
 Certificate in Architectural craftsmanship
 Technicians Certificate in Electrical installation
 Technicians Certificate in Radio/Television Maintenance
 Certificate in Computer Operations/Packages
 Certificate in Computer Programming
 Certificate in Computer Studies
The following are objective of the study:
a. The new system will bring about efficient and effective way of writing
b. To prevent any outsider attack or for questions leakage
c. To create strong database and reliable one that cannot be manipulated
d. To make computer-based examination easy in choosing your options
e. It will also stir and give focus to our institution of higher learning on the
facilities obtained in the use of modern system of examination.
The importance of computer-based examination is to provide a web enabled
interactive interface of accessing student’s performance in which the course
assessment is presented. The implementation of the computer based
examination should accomplish the following
a. Provision of an enriched examination in terms of time, pace and place of
b. Provision dynamism is examination: Several students can take their exam
simultaneously without any problem inside or outside their campus.
c. Provide opportunity for educators/trainee to prepare material in advance and to
pinpoint major issues, problems and questions which could be brought to class
for further elaboration and discussion.
d. Provide easy way to use software application that will result in generating
increase and students interest and curiosity of the course of study.
SCOPE: The study is focused on the online and computer based examination
system. The world we are living today is moving towards, I.C.T complaint and
every aspect changes simultaneously. The research project is aimed on setting a
standard for examination. This scope of area coverage includes the admission
procedures of students who might have passed through Jamb. The entrance is to
cover the necessary areas of admission, aptitude test which for long have been
done manually. The scope also keeps the exams and record department at rest
and less human resources needed since work is done automatically.
LIMITATION : This study could have been hinted free if not of most obstacles
which also contributed to setting up standard. The researcher during the cause
for the research work was faced with several challenges which are as follows:
a. Time: The time factor posed a serious challenges for me since the research
work was carried out within the academic period. The task of combining
academic activities and the research work was tedious. It was not easy because
most source of information gotten, I had to visit the school frequently.
b. Finance: Financing involvement of the research work is another challenges to
the success of this research work. The financial involvement coupled with
academic financial activities and my personal needs as a student was
insufficient. Hence, I had to work within the means of the finance availability.
c. Unavailability Materials: Since the innovation of the online and computerbased
exams is a new development in our society much has not been written
about invention/development. I had to work and also spend much to get some of
the materials. Most of the available ones are not really comprehensive hence it
caused a serious challenges to the success of this research .
This section deals with the identification of the problem associated with current
system. The management of examination records of the student over the year
has been very poor, and errors on the results of students. Due to the manual
system, it is no longer new thing that the students loss their results. The method
of information storage is poor, this limits the number of official documents
accessible by the students because the system is not capable of managing old
items of information which could be use by student anytime. The other inherent
problems of system includes.
a. The problem of time: The time for the release of the result is one of the
crucial problems of manual system. The manual system takes time.
b. The problem of inconsistency and accuracy: In the script of students, most
time missing script becomes the main problem. The problem that gives rise to
this, is the problem of space, the bulk of paper used for the exam occupies
unimaginable large space.
c. The problems of accessibility: It was observed that only the exams department
have access of using the results. Hence students find it hard to access their
result easily.
d. Impersonation: the existing system allow for someone to come and write
examination for another person
COUNCIL: These are the persons that make up the organization in the institution.
CHAIRMAN GOVERNING COUNCIL: This is the person who is in charge of
setting strategies on how things are going to be done in the institution.
RECTOR: Is the Chief Executive Officer of the institute who is responsible for all
its administrative and academic function.
DEPUTY RECTOR: Is the person take charge in the absence of the rector.
DIRECTOR OF SCHOOL: They are “governor” of the school distinct who work
in partnership with their administrative team to set the districts direction.
POLYTECHNIC LIBRARIANS: this people perform role in promoting the
effective use of educational studies in the school.
HEAD OF DEPARTMENT: This is an academic leader in their discipline and
work with their head of college and with other heads of department to deliver
institution strategic objectives.
DEPUTY LIBRARY: This person is responsible for managing journals, books
and online subscription.
LECTURERS: These are the people who are employed in the school to impact
knowledge to the student by lecturing them in the field of their studies.
REGISTRAR: Is an official in the academic institution who handle students
BURSAR: Is the person who oversees the account or payment that the institution
receive from students.
DIRECTOR OF WORKS: This is a person who direct and supervise how work is
been done in the school.
DIRECTOR STUDENT AFFAIRS: This person directs the affairs of the student
in the school.
DIRECTOR OF ACADEMIC MATTER: This person directs all the academic
matters by making sure that the students get the necessary equipments and
knowledge they really deserve.
DIRECTOR OF PERSONAL MATTER: These persons take charge of
personal matters and provide the necessary solution after deliberation on the
CANDIDATES: A person that has an account on the online examination system.
QUEST: A person that register an account on the online exam system.
ADMINISTRATOR: A person that manages the operations of the system
PROFILE: All the information of candidates such s name, matriculation number,
department and grade of all examination.
CLEARANCE: Official certification of blameless, trustworthiness for graduation
and issuance of certificate.
DATA: This is an unprocessed fact
FILE:This is the collection of the related records
DATABASE: Is a collection of folders from different departments
COMPUTER: Is an electronic device that accepts data (input) store it, process it
to give out result (output) in an effective and efficient manner.
ONLINE: This is where computers are connected via a medium to a computer
WEBSITE: Is a collection of many interconnected web page organized by a
specific organization containing web pages on the internet.
WEB BROWSER: This is a special kind of software that processes Hypertext
Make up, Language (HTML) documents
LECTURER: A person that lecturers to impact knowledge to the students.
EXAMINATION: Is a test of knowledge or ability of student.
RESULT: This is the final score after examination.


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