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1.1    Background of the study

1.2    Statement of Problem

1.3    Objective of the study

1.4    Research Question

1.5    Significance of the study

1.6    Scope and limitation

1.7    Definition of Terms

CHAPTER TWO         

Review of Related Literature

  • Types of adult education
  • The importance of adult education
  • Social function of adult education
  • Principles of adult education
  • Problems of adult education


Research Methodology

3.1    Research Design

3.2    Study population

3.3    Sample population

3.4    Instrumentation

3.5    Validity and reliability

3.6    Collection of data

3.7    Data analysis


Analysis and interpreted of data


  • Summary
  • Findings
  • Recommendation








Adult education is the education given to adult person, man or woman. Many people think of education as what goes on in a school classroom, a series of lesson on set “subject’ from time to time by examinations and ending in a “qualified” or ticket to ascertain type and level of job, after that the process is over from this point of view, anyone who has never been to school is uneducated and without knowledge. Such a view was the characteristic of colonial period when foreign rulers were anxious to encourage people to absorb a given type of people of knowledge sufficient to make them god clerks or store keepers and not to go beyond that knowledge to independent thought and questioning.

Some learning is informal that is gained incidentally and casually from conservation in the market or a commercial on the radio or the front page of a newspaper. When learning is consciously promoted, it then becomes part of the process of education. If education is life long, it follows that it can be pursued at any given age. Though it is recognized that some types of learning, particularly skills may depend on youthfulness formal attainment of adulthood is often marked by special ceremonies and rituals varying from traditional initiation to twenty first birthday party.

These attribute include physiological maturity the capacity of marriage and parenthood, at least the potential for earning a living and contribution to the society by the work of the hand or brain and the recognized right to exercise whatever civil duties of the political system allows (such as paying of taxes and voting). An adult is expected to take full responsibility for his action for any debt he incurs, for any agreement. A simple practical definition of an adult, which in corporate or implies these point is a person man or woman who has achieved full physical development and elects to have the right to participate as a responsible home maker, worker and member of the society.

Adult education can also be seen as any education given to an adult person, man or woman. It embraces the acquisition of knowledge and skills by adult it involves the literacy training which makes it possible for adult to learn how to read and write. It includes all the education given to adults in traditional society. This is the learning process in the home or at traditional or secret societies or at meeting of age grade all come under the slope of adult education.


The research work is aimed at finding out the contribution of adult education programme towards education for self actualization In egor local government area.

Adult education programme is a planned system for adult learners since the formal school system is unable to meet the need of these adult learners due to their age, the time schedule foe the lectures.

The organizers of the adult education should have broad aim and objectives towards the programme to the true of the federal government education policy.


Having states the contribution of adult education towards self actualization in egor local government area, it becomes important to state the objectives and thus purpose of this study.

  1. To find out the impact of adult education towards self actualization
  2. To find out if adult really can get a whiter collar job after school
  3. To find out if adult learners can develop their home morally towards knowledge gain during their course of study.
  4. To maintain an adult population up to the standard of competence in the knowledge, wisdom and skill which society requires


For the purpose of this research work, the following research questions were formulated

  1. what are the importance of adult education
  2. what are the factors that led to adult education
  • what is the level of illiteracy in egor local government area
  1. how can adult education help men and women in the society
  2. is there a relationship between adult education and eradication f illiteracy in our society
  3. what role is the society playing in the development of adult education programme
  • is the level of illiteracy permanent with men or women in egor local government area


This is a programme that is designed for adults that were unable to get education at the right time, the adult learner at this point in learning must acquire during this period of study.

The adult learner is free to learn any field he think he will be intelligent, that is his area of specialization, he must be master of his subject and develop the enthusiasm to teach his student. The adult learners, must be good planner of instruction in defining its set objectives and mapping out the appropriate evaluation techniques to achieve the set goal of education


The study is based is the contribution of adult education towards self actualization. It is done to know the significance of adult education toward self actualization, towards social economics and political development in the future. It also indicates some of the advantages and problems of becoming a professional adult educator, the investigation would be carrier out by using student, parents, teacher and principals in some selected centre in the area.


Long life education: it refers to the concept of education being continuing process throughout the life of an individual right from birth to death.

Illiteracy: this is a person who had no access to formal education. He is generally a peasant farmer who is conservative and loyal to the traditional custom and ways life in the community

Adult: adult is a person who has reached the mandatory level of 19years, same and capable of taking responsibilities for his action


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