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Download this complete Project material titled; Bacteriological Quality Of Smoked Fish Would Cover The Bacteria That Affect Smoked Fish And Its Public Health Implications with abstract, chapter 1-5, references and questionnaire. Preview chapter one below

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Fish are classified as any of the cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates of the super class Pisces typically showing gills, fins and streamline body. In addition Fish also refers to any other form of marine or fresh water animal that can be used for human consumption. Fish is also an important part of a healthy diet since it contains high quality protein but typically presents a low fat percent when compared to other meat. The production and consumption of fish in Nigeria has been a major source of animal protein which has competed favourably with meat. Catfish (Clariasgariepinus) has been reported to be a very important fresh water fish in Nigeria. It has enjoyed wide acceptability in most parts of the country because of its unique taste, flavour and texture. It is widely distributed, extensively cultivated in ponds. Fish is one of the best sources of proteins, vitamins and minerals and are essential nutrients required for supplementing both infant and adult diets (Abdullahi et al., 2009). In Nigeria, Fish can be eaten, preserved, or processed (smoked) and form a much cherished delicacy that cuts across socio-economic, age, religious and educational barriers (Adebayo-Tayo et al 2012). As earlier reported, the microbial flora associated with freshly harvested fish is principally a function of the environment in which the fish are caught and not of the fish are caught and not of the fish species; hence the indigenous microbial population of fish can vary significantly (Shewan 2014). A similar report on fish confirmed that fish because of their soft tissues and aquatic environment are extremely susceptible to microbial contamination. Millions of bacteria, many of them potential spoilers are present in the surface slime, on the gills and in the intestines of live fish although the flesh itself is normally sterile. Bacteria growth and invasion on the fish are prevented by the body’s natural defence system during life but after death the defence system breaks down and the bacteria multiply and invade the flesh (Abolagba and Uwagbai 2011).


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