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Conflict Management In Business Organization, A Case Study Of Nigerian Gas Ltd

Abstract of Conflict Management In Business Organization

This project was conducted to look properly unto the conflict management in organization, its causes and resolution.

The aim of this project is to help management to overcome the problems which was stated properly in the introduction aspect as well as the historical aspect of he project.

The whole literature books concerning the management to conflict in organization were also reviewed thoroughly, which will also help in the resolution process of this conflict. A lot of research was mine in this project which if management adopts will help in tackling of his issue.

Finally, the work was analyzed and a lot of things were found out which may also be used for the tackling of the conflict management as well as the recommendation for the resolution of conflict, which is to known that negative position on attitude can prevent productive resolution.

And concluded that conflict occurs in personnel and professional setting regarded as a very negative force or as sources of great potential and productivity.

Table of contents on Conflict Management In Business Organization

Title page


Table of contents


1.0     Introduction

1.1            Background of the study

1.2            Statement of the problem

1.3            Objectives of the study

1.4            Significance of the study

1.5            Research Hypothesis

1.6            Scope / delimitation of the study

1.7            Definition of terms

1.8            Historical background and organization structure of Nigeria gas


2.0     Review of related literature

2.1            The meaning of conflict

2.2            The causes of conflict

2.3            The meaning of management

2.4            The meaning of organization

2.5            The meaning of conflict management

2.6            The types / nature of conflict

2.7            The causes of conflict in Nigeria as

2.8            The effect of conflicts in Nigeria gas

2.9            The procedure for conflict resolution

2.10       Summary of the literature review


CHAPTER THREE                                 

3.0     Research design and methodology

3.1            Research Design

3.2            Area of study

3.3            Population of the study

3.4            Size and sampling procedure / techniques

3.5            Instrument of data collection

3.6            Validation of instrument

3.7            Reliability of the instrument

3.8            Method of data collection

3.9            Method of data analysis



4.0            Data presentation and analysis

4.1            Presentation and analysis of data


5.0     Summary of findings, conclusion and recommendation

5.1            Findings

5.2            Conclusion

5.3            Recommendation


Appendix I

Appendix II

chapter one of Conflict Management In Business Organization



The historical background of conflict in organization can be seen as far back as the ancient times, which involves the scientific management era, personnel and human relation movement and the modem management period.

The ancient firms (before 1800AD) is based on the events of the past years. This period gave a lot of knowledge about management.

The scientific management era (Fredrick W. Taylor in 1856 – 1917). He developed a method known as scientific management, which is the method used to investigate every operating problem and try to determine the best way to solve the problems, using scientific methods of research. The concept involved a-way of thinking about management.

In his concept, he observed some management conflict in an organization as

i.                   That workers wasted more time than that was necessary to accomplish a give task.

ii.                 That there was a general inefficiency of the workers.

iii.              That labour costs were consequently higher than they would have been.

Human relations movement and behavioural science (personnel) period by Elton Mayo (1900-1950). He found out that here are conflict in management driving his research and concluded that monetary incentive and other working conductions are not only the motivating factors in an organization. But proper attitude to work is equally important also the superior’s role was important for moral and productivity. Group spirit and teamwork were vital to accomplish organizational goals and workers satisfaction. Also, that within every formal organization, informal organization for any formal organization to achieve its corporate objective, the managers must therefore know why employees act in the manner they do, and the psychological, social and other factors which motivate them.

The modern era (Heney Faylo 1841 – 19250), which is the revisionism. He classified organization activities, the qualification of a manager. He did his own research and found out many conflict encountered by workers and managers in a given organization. After which the concluded the fourteen principles of management:

Division of work: Authority and responsibility, discipline: unity of command; unity of direction; remuneration; centralization; order, equity; stability of tenure; initiative and spirit de corps.

These principles in his own view, if conflict is followed in organization will reduce the conflict management and make things flow easily without them encountering any problems.


There are many potential problems of conflict in organization. Today’s organization are characterized by complex relationship and a high degree of interdependence of task that can occur. People also have different values and different perception of issues. For instance, a production manager may want to concentrate on product(s) that have available materials and technology to produce them, while the sale manager may desire, a brand product line that will satisfy diverse customers demands.

Potential cause of conflicts can be between people in line and staff position, also superiors autocratic and leadership style.

The problems are summarized below:

i.                   The organization conflicts are due to lack of communication between the employee and employees.

ii.                 In terms of money, the ratio of profits to wages and salary cause conflict between workers and management.

iii.              Management are concerned with efficiency and workers with job security. Management want more efficient machinery, this displace workers as less needed. Conflict occurs between marketing and production mangers as their policies and interest often differ.

iv.              Workers restriction for more participation in decisions which affect their lives. This is vertical conflict between workers and management.

v.                 The socio-technical system organized men in a particular way which often, leads to a boring job, no control of the pace of work, no responsibility of group identify.

vi.              Downwards fluctuations in the market for the products are threat to workers security. Such problems causes conflict even within a union, of there is notling doing to secure their job.


The general aim of this study is to have a general view of the problems and the prospects of conflict management in organization (Niger Gas, Emene).

Thus, this, study has the following specific objectives:

i)                   To review and make people understand the nature of conflict in some of the management organization in some places.

ii)                To find out he main causes and sources of conflict in Niger gas, concerning their management and administration department.

iii)              To have a good review on the rerivedies to organizational conflict in Niger Gas.

iv)              To identify the destructive and constructive nature of conflict no the workplace.

v)                To have proper understanding of management and as a logical check lest in training.

vi)              To identify the approaches for dealing with any conflict situation.

vii)           To determiner how to transform conflicts for constructive outcomes.

viii)         To achieve social objectives and goals, if the work of conflict will be properly taken care of.

ix)              For research purpose and to perpetuate cultural impact and practice.


This study is beneficial and important with respect to the problems under study.

The research is intended to examine the problems and prospects of conflict management in Niger Gas, Emene.

Since, the ultimate goal of any business organization is to optimize profit by minimizing cost, management should know how to tackle conflict, that is how to make conflict beneficial to Niger Gas.

Other organization located at Emene, who are having similar problems will benefit generously from the study for better performance.

It will be helpful, if the results of this study are properly implemented. Also, it will enable the managers improve their marketing activities formers better and attract new ones.

The consistent improvement of the quality of the product and services based on the finding of this study will help gain a sustainable consumer confidence and patronage and hence improve productivity, profit and growth of the Niger gas economic development.


i.                   Conflict management is a serious problems which has reduce productivity and efficiency.

ii.                 There will be a better and improved workers and productivity if conflict is properly managed.

iii.              The welfare programme in Niger gas is not encouraging.


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