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Topic: Credit of financial institutions and it’s relevance to economic growth a case study of first Bank plc, ozoro.

Chapter One: 

        In chapter one 1 proposal to give general overview of the concept of bank credit policy, it’s economic implication. I shall also define credit policy as rules and regulations as well as other considerations that guide a bank or financial institution.

        In this chapter the instability of the banking sector which is grossly affecting the business growth will be address which also from the statement of problem.

        I will also give five purpose of the study among which are

1.          To examine whether credit policy of financial institution affect aggregate output and productivity in Nigeria economy.

2.          To identify various credit policy scheme and the effect on the growth of economic development.

3.          To also who whether inadequate collateral among business men hindered business from credit facilities and whether government policy in credit administration is favorable to business.

From the objective, I shall raise five research questions among which are:

1.          Does credit policy of financial institution affect aggregate output and productivity in Nigeria economy?

2.          Does government policy on credit administration favourable to business growth?

3.          Does inadequate collateral security hinders entrepreneur from credit facilities?

I shall also hope that the research work  well be limited to first bank plc ozoro. I shall also define some terms or technical words as t relate to the stud among which are:

i.            Bank

ii.          Financial institution

iii.        Economy

iv.         Entrepreneur

v.           Small scale enterprise

vi.         Medium scale enterprise

vii.       Large scale enterprise

I shall raise two will hypothesis and two alternative hypothesis from the research question

Chapter Two

In this chapter,  I shall be reviewing related literature some sub – topics shall be reviewed among them are:

1.          Historical background and regulation of Bank in Nigeria

2.          Objectives of financial regulation in Nigeria

3.          Credit policy of first bank plc, it’s capacity, character, capital, condition and collateral etc.

4.          Objective of credit policies to economic growth

5.          The relevant of credit control shall also be reviewed etc.

Chapter Three

This chapter shall deal on the method of the study, which include research design, method of data collection, validity and reliability of measuring instrument, method of data analysis shall be simple percentage and hypothesis shall be tested using chi-square.

X2 = ∑ (fo-fefe


Where x2  = chi-square

Fo = frequency observed.

Fe = frequency expected

∑ =summation

At 0.05 level of significant.


Chapter Four:

This chapter shall be data presentation, analysis and interpretation and testing of the hypothesis.

Chapter Five:

This chapter shall be summary, conclusion and recommendation. The summary shall be from the data analysis, and the recommendation shall be drawn from the findings.

At the end of the work references shall be made. All author cited shall be referenced accordingly



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