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Design And Construction Of Electronic Display Unit


The Project is aim to design and construct electronic display unit, which displays a moveable codes that says: WELCOME TO ELECRICAL ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT. This project is design to solve the problem of e.g (address, offices, bank, stadium, supermarket and also the to beatify the environment. This was achieved with the help of LEDS. The project consists of small PC board contenting (LEDS) arranged in a matrix of 5 and 7. Also on the board a microcontroller e.g A789X is used to control the ON and OFF for the signal of the LEDS. This project successfully construed and designed and implemented




Digital Display project uses LEDs in displaying streams of characters by putting ON and putting OFF these LEDs consistently and in a very fast manner that one could hardly notice the effect of this LEDs coming ON and going OFF.

It consists of a small PC board containing LEDs arranged in a matrix of 5 by 7 i.e. 5columns and 7rows making up of 35 LEDs in each page. The PC board also contains an AT89S52 microcontroller. It uses this Microcontroller in controlling the ON and OFF sequence of the LED. It can also be programmed to use some scrolling effects like jumping, blinking, dropping e.t.c. when displaying the characters as programmed in the microcontroller.

The hardware is grouped into two; electrical circuit and the screen (containing the LEDs). The electrical circuit is also grouped into the power circuit and the display control circuit, in the display control circuit, we have diodes, transistors, capacitors, regulator, crystal and buffers. A capacitor and resistor near the chip creates the R-C timing for the oscillator (the chip contains the rest of the components for the oscillator).



Due to the various problems encountered in the manual design and construction of sign post for advertisement, there is every need for an automated electronics display system that will solve this problem. This will ensure that viewers get the adequate information that is displayed in good and attractive colors. Though the display board, a way of displaying information to the view of the people is still targeted, viewers are attracted. The height is which advertisement in Nigeria will be maintained if some of its design, construction operation is computerized (electronics display board) especially the ones that has to do with bigger companies. This will also maintain the good relationship between the company and its numerous customers.




Depending on one’s intention, microcontroller based digital advert display system have many aims and objectives.

For this particular project the aim is to display a moveable coded letters that welcomes a visitor to the department which displays DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING


This project can serve in any aspect of life, it is based on a computer aided design. In the implementation of this project, the scopes that I shall concentrate more on are: The hardware components used for this project and programming of the microcontroller.



Five chapters are covered in the course of design and development of this project. The chapters and their contents are as follows:

Chapter one is the introductory chapter that gives the aim, scope of the project organization.

Chapter Two discussed the literature review, circuit components used in the project design. Chapter three contains block diagram of the project, system flow chart and complete system circuit schematic and design calculation and choice of components.

Chapter four handled Construction, testing, results, the design process, operations, and applications.

Chapter five discusses the summary of the project and the achievement. Also the problems encountered during the design process and its solutions, precautions, recommendation and conclusion about the design.


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