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Design And Implementation An Automated Student Registration System (A Case Study Of The Polytechnic Ibadan)

Chapter one of Design And Implementation An Automated Student Registration System


This study concentrated on the investigation and development of a computerized system of student registration, sectioning, and record handing. The report presents the results of the study and describes a pilot system that was developed at The Polytechnic Ibadan. The basic system is discussed along with the procedures involved in data collection, schedule construction, and fee assessment. Conclusions are made that:

The system was very effective in creasing the ability to provide students with desired courses;Much better student counseling system resulted from the study, the overall student record and reporting system was improved greatly; the manual effort and time required to complete the registration process was greatly reduced; and the student acceptance of the system was generally good. Although there was a lack of ability to select individual professors and specific course times.

The studies of space management and the need for student information for administrative planning defined the need to focus attention on registration procedures and student record systems.Thus a separate andspecific study was initiated to examine the application of computer technology and scientific management techniques to the area of student registration and student records.This report will present the results of this study

and will describe a pilot system that was developed at The Polytechnic Ibadan.

Student database system, it can be done by developing standard software using any attractive package for designing it and using it a well database like oracle or sql database to be able to store the student record, retrieve, delete and be able to edit the saved student record for any additional data of the student.

Student payment database entails keeping the record of any fund or payment made by the student record to the school. Is a means of storing fund payment in an electronic way by the use of computer system and also be able to issues out a receipt for clarity



The problem associated with student registration (i.e the existing manual method) in used is much, it ranges from time consuming, tediousness, cost, through in proper storage for record as well data lost which usually possible by just carelessness or even attack by natural disasters.



This project work will benefit both the students as well as the administrative staff of the polytechnic Ibadan in the sense that it reduces the stress pass through by the student during the registration process and as well reduces the work done by the staff in their own part.



The main aim of the project work is to design an Automated Student Registration System.

After examining the process of registration and sectioning, the following items were established as objectives of the system development:

  1. To provide a process which will assure good counseling of each student relative to the academic program which he is pursuing.
  2. To provide a system which will maximize the probability that a student can obtain the courses which he is requesting.
  3. To provide a system which will assure good utilization of teaching facilities and faculty.
  4. To provide a system which will promote good administration in terms of planning, record maintenance, and information reporting?
  5. To provide a system which will minimize the manual effort and time required of students and staff in completing the registration process.
  6. To provide a system which could handle large volumes of students within reasonable time limits?

The system which will be discussed in this report is a result of concerted efforts to achieve these objectives.



This project work focuses designing of an Automated system in registering student in various department in the higher institution of learning. However, the scope of this work is limited to The polytechnic Ibadan.


This is refers to as the method of collecting useful information for the development of new software. This will give us the areas with which the existing system is not effective. Some of the method includes;

  1. Interview
  2. Observation
  • Checking through the document
  1. Visiting the relevant websites

However, the methods adopted in this project are;

Interview: one-on-one interview was conducted among the students to know the opinion as regards the CAI and the existing system of learning.

Observation: I personally as a student observe the method of learning in our schools and institutions and I discover that there is need to develop a computer based system for learning.

Visiting the relevant website: some useful websites were visited, so as to get the relevant and useful information on the area of study.



  1.  School: This means a place where children go to educated
  2.  Student: Means a person who is study at university or college or school.
  3.  Payment: Means the act paying somebody or something or of being paid
  4.  Management: means an act of running or control a business or similar organization.
  5.  Database: Means an organization set of data being stored in a computer and can be Looked at and used in various way.
  6.  System: An organized set of ideas or theories or a particular way of doing things.
  7.  Fee: Is the amount of money that you pay for a professional advice or services.
  8.  Account: Means an arrangement that somebody has in a bank to keep money there or take some out.
  9.  Bursary: Means the amount of money that is given to somebody so that they can study.
  10.  Bank: Means an organization that provides various financial services for keeping or lending money


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