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Computers, although incapable of conventional thought and feeling, greatly affect our personal lives and the world in which we live. Because of computer technology, the way in which we live has changed drastically in recent history. The computer revolution has come with an impact that has been felt by individuals and organizations alike. The introduction and implementation of the computer so much improved the information needs of organizations and great success recorded due to enormous capabilities of the computer. In order to tap these capabilities of computer and thus improve the information needs, organizations previously operating manually are now going computerized. However, This project contains a detailed analysis of the existing manual-based billing system of a Hospital (Rosanna Owerri, Imo State as a case study). Based on the analysis, problem areas were identified and online medical billing system was designed and implemented using PHP, MYSQL as the database.



Hospital is responsible for the supply of drugs to various inhabitants in zone at specific drug rates.  Form the inception of the hospital, billing has been manually processed.

The manual system employed is not very efficient, a lot of paper work has to be done, receipt, irrespective of patients, take a long period of time to prepare.  Due to the volummous number of drugs users, record of patients which serve as information for preparing managerial decision are very difficult to locate manually. Therefore because of the problem and error arising from such a system, the computer based billing system because very invaluable.


Roseanna hospital owerri which is the case study    is one of the   well equipped hospitals in Owerri. It has nine (9) training schools/programmers in the hospital. From the studies carried out by the researcher; the hospital’s initial means of recording was manual from automated system to computerized system which lacked some features such as patients and nurses records.  The Hospital is a very important part of our society and it is imperative for healthcare providers to do their jobs in an efficient and effective manner. Each day hundreds of thousands of patients enter healthcare facilities challenging the administration to run the show smoothly. The employees have to manage and integrate clinical, financial and operational information that grows with the Practice. Information technology has made a significant impact on the healthcare sector. The past decade has witnessed the foray of numerous information systems and their resultant products into the hospital scenario. The number of investments in computers and types of hospital systems has increased. This is because paper medical records are cumbersome, bulky to use and difficult to manage. On the other hand digital records are much easier to handle and improve the workflow efficiency by integrating various tasks



By account of history, medical billing has been plague by several factors based on the current manual process:

–           File and record are not properly kept.

–           Error are easily made and hardly detected.

–           Information is not well maintained.

The sole aim of this project is to reduce un its entirely all these irregularities by the use of computer.


This project aim primary at developing an online medical billing system that will prepare bills for patients in an area.  A computer-based system can be “batched” or “interactive” a batched processing system is one where transaction are collected and prepared for input for processing as a simple unit.  There may be some delay between the occurrence original event and the eventual processing of the transactions.  Interactive system is those which allow the user to input data in response to the information displayed on the screen

The project however objectives include   the following:

–           A faster means of billing a patient

–           Reducing redundancies of files

–           Generation of monthly billing transaction information

–             Increasing billing efficiency

–           A faster means of calculating revenue


To reduce stress, abnormalities, irregularities, time consumption and cost of operation involved or fund in various aspects of record control.

To raise the standard of computer to a greater height in the organization and also in the society

With the development of the internet if has made it possible to pay for medical alternation online just as it is possible to buy other goods and service online.


The scope of this study, which is equally the domain or the problem area is particularly the case study of this research work “penults hospital Enugu” and it is to provide a program that will effectively handle the operations of a hospital billing system.

A program that will be interactive one, which means there will be at time/opportunities for operator to supply data to the computer


Due to time and financial constraint, I was unable to visit few of the organizations to gather information on the existing system. Few hospitals were visited and the information gathered from the officers in charge forms the basis for the design of the new system



This section of the chapter deals mainly with the definition of terms as related to the project topic “BILLING SYSTEM”


The word “BILL” is defined as a written or printed account or statement of money owed for goods/or services supplied or rendered to customers. An example is Telephone bill issued by telecommunication corporations.


Billing is defined as the process of preparing invoice to charge customers for the utilization of good and / or services.


COMPUTER: – A computer is an election machine or devices working under the control of stored Health Care Management Solution (system software) automatically accepting data as input, processing it and producing information as output.
SYSTEM: – system is a hospital pharmacy network of interrupted procedures pried                      together to perform a specific task.
SCHEDULE: – A plan that list all the work that you have to do and when you must do each thing.
MANUAL: – This is a physical way of carry out intervention.
DUTIES TIME INTERVAL:- Duties time interval is the interval form the start of duties to the close of duties each days.
DRUGS: A substance used to treat an illness, relieve a symptom or modify a chemical process in the body for a specific purpose.

MEDICATIONS: A medicine or all the medicines

Hardware: This can be defined as the physical component of the computer system. Such as monitor, keyboard, printer, mouse. Etc.

Hospital: This is a health facility where people who are ill or injured are given medical treatments and care.

File: These are collection of related records.

Information: this is a data that has been processed into a form which is meaningful to the recipient and which is of perceived value in either current or prospective decisions or action by the recipient.

Management: This is the process of getting activities completed efficiently with and through other people.

Nursing: This is a profession focused on assisting individuals, families and communities in attaining, maintenance, and recovering optimal health and functioning. Modern definition of nursing defines it as a science and an act that focuses on promoting quality of life as defined by persons and families, throughout their life experiences from birth to care at the end of life.

Records: These are collection of related fields.

Software: This is an application or program that can be run on computer.

Storage: This is a processing of storage data and information using storage media.



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