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1.0       Introduction

Gate Pass Management System is a software application. It manages the entry and exit of the vehicle of employees and visitors. Gate Pass Management System is an efficient system to keep track of each vehicle entry and exit.

Gate Pass Management System (GPMS) Allow you to manage all Incoming and Outgoing items from your office or company. Gate Pass Management System is available for use and it is easy to use and manage. This system is defined as a gate pass security system and its main aim to secure company from outside visitors, contractors and the departments, company vehicle security, material, visitor scrap information, contractor.

Gate Pass Management System help the organization as well as a visitor to manage the Gate Passes. Frequently Visitors have data entry in top level to make them easily entry and exit.

Visitor Management system provides a way to effectively control, record & track your organization’s visitor traffic. It helps to prevent the entry of any unauthorized or unwanted person in the premises. The flexible architecture of Visitor Tracker System allows various people in the organization to directly access the data they need. Integrated with various hardware’s like web-cam, fingerprint scanner, bar-code scanner & printers. Email/SMS/popup alerts for visitor notification. Available in client-server & Enterprise versions.

Visitor Management System has 3 modules with user specific roles.

  • Administrator Module: This module is generally installed on the Security Administrator PC. It consists of the menu where administrator can define, Companies, Host details, User Right Management, Set Gate pass formats, Generate Reports
  • Host Employee Module: The host employee can check the visitor details on the web pages. Pop up client is also available which notifies the host about the visitor.
  • Host can send the response to the security gate staff.
  • Security Gate Module: The Security Gate module is installed at the entrance of the premises. It facilitates the staff at security gate to register the visitor’s details with photograph and also send the notification to the host employee inside the premises. The system will print visitor pass with name of visitor and other details as per designed gate pass format. Security can handover generate gate pass in required format to visitor.

Figure 1: Sample of Visitor Card

1.1       Background of the study

We have seen various industries/institutes where there is a compulsion of taking a gate pass to
enter the premises as well as while leaving the premises before time. The gate pass is generally either a written chit of paper or a receipt sheet. This sheet remains of no use once out of the premises and there is wastage of paper. Our system proposes to give the “Paper Saving Idea” for the same. It consists of a design where the visitor can enter the required details viz. visitor id, name, contact, reason to enter/leave, and where he/she will enter this on a touch screen enabled kiosk system where this information will be further redirected to the higher authority in the organization. The higher authority would contain the details of the visitor from database. If this is true then details of visitor would be saved into database & once it is done the permission is granted, then the respected visitor will get a confirmation that he/she is allowed to enter/leave the premises before time.

1.2       Problem Statement:

Managing visitors at student’s accommodations is one of the major problems faced by the OGITECH administration that deals with student’s visitors’ accommodation. Present system of working by the security management is that the security staff at the guard houses of these OGITECH students accommodation, visitors come and provide identity proof and then they provide unit and block number which they wish to visit. The security guard at the guard  house  will  call  the  student  of  the  unit  number  given  by the  visitor  then  the  student  resident  will acknowledge that the visitor at the guard house is his visitor, once the resident has been acknowledged the security guard shall allow the visitor to enter the accommodation. Visitor management at the OGITECH student right now is manual which consumes a lot of time of the visitors who need to wait for the security guard to call the OGITECH student to acknowledge he has a visitor. All this is time consuming more so when there is a rush of visitors at the guard house. For the student resident it is more discomfort when there is a get together of friends since for each visitor he has to attend phone calls from the guard house which leads to consume much of his party time attending calls.

1.3       Goal of Gate Pass Management System

This new online system is used to define the allowed personnel authorized to allow access by car to guests. Which means for every entry there is someone responsible for.

The end user will have secured web interface i.e. GATE PASS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM to enter the guest details with inviter credentials which will be processed for validity and up on success will be accessible online to Security personnel occupying the gate post. Now system would have information who is visiting, for what purpose for, who has invited him.

The invitation will be kept in the database and will be available to the Security staffs and to the invitees. Admin can view any record at any point in time.

Full web based administration and report engine were implemented based on SQL queries. The database has all records and safety measure of records.

1.4       Aim and Objectives of Gate Pass Management System

The aim of this project is to analyze, design and implement a web based system visitor gate pass Management system for Ogun state institute of technology, security unit.

The objective are:

  • To provide student’s safety and
  • To allow the students to upload their personal
  • To provide easy access of searching and
  • To generate overall
  • To send notifications for the users
  • To generate SMS alert and instant mailing and

1.5       Limitation of the study

The main limitation of the previous system of Gate Pass Management System:

  • The existing system only provides text-based interface, which is not as user-friendly as Graphical user Interface.
  • Since the system is implemented in Manual, so the response is very slow.
  • The transactions are executed in off-line mode, hence on-line data capture and modification
  • Off-line reports cannot be generated due to batch mode execution.

Hence, there is a need of reformation of the system with more advantages and flexibility. The Gate Pass Management System eliminates most of the limitations of the existing software. It has the following objectives:

  • Enhancement: The main objective of Gate Pass Management System is to enhance and upgrade the existing system by increasing its efficiency and effectiveness. The software improves the working methods by replacing the existing manual system with the computer-based system.
  • Automation: The Gate Pass Management System automates each and every activity of the manual system and increases its throughput. Thus the response time of the system is very less and it works very fast.
  • Accuracy: The Gate Pass Management System provides the uses a quick response with very accurate information regarding the users etc. Any details or system in an accurate manner, as and when required.
  • User-Friendly: The software Gate Pass Management System has a very user-friendly interface. Thus the users will feel very easy to work on it. The software provides accuracy along with a pleasant interface. Make the present manual system more interactive, speedy and user friendly.
  • Availability: The transaction reports of the system can be retried as and when required. Thus, there is no delay in the availability of any information, whatever needed, can be captured very quickly and easily.
  • Maintance Cost: Reduce the cost of maintenance.


This is an online gate pass management system. With this, management of visitors and activities at the gate of an organization or institution is absolutely easy. The system has a wide array of interesting features like:

  • You can register gate guards as the admin who will be managing different gates.
  • Management of visitors, individual visitors and group visitors.
  • You can keep track of the entry and exit times of all visitors including staff.
  • You can register staff members also into the system.
  • Capture vehicle details.
  • Capture luggage details.

Approve or disapprove visitors from getting into the gate and provide reasons why.



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