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The main objective of this study is to look into how effective communication can be used to resolve or reduced conflict within an organisation. In view of the negative impact ineffective communication has caused in several organisations. The major research wok of this study is to define and solve the conflict ineffective communication in an organisation can cause which includes:

·                     The use of non-proper selective appropriate communication medium within the organisation.

·                     Inferiority complex, excessive fear and respect that exist between the Junior Staff among themselves and the senior on the other hand.

·                     The use of abusive language in the office.

The importance of the research work is to promote an organisation effectiveness with the use of effective communication to develop good relation between the employees which enhances maximum production and conducive working environment.

The research study work covers large private organisation and therefore focus on the process channels of communicate in an organisation. Basically, the research is limited to the private organisation because of the nature and style of their communication, unlike other forms of organisation who are bureaucracy in nature. The study carefully examined the internal and external factors that influences the behaviour of people negatively towards the achievement of effective communication.



Communication is a word so rich in meaning and so broad in scope that it can be given different interpretations, its is a concept that is vital in all our lives. It is a social affair we use for persuasion, to influence relationship and decisions, to share, to inform, to discover, and o uncover information.

Communications applies to almost all of the process we have directly or indirectly experienced in life since we all live in communication environment. It is essential for all human interactions, virtually, all human and organization are involved in diverse communication.

The philosophy of communication is not a one way affair rather a two way process, that involved two parties usually individual or group of people passing of feeling, idea, instruction and information from one place called ‘origin’ to another called ‘designation’

Effective communication in an organization can be define as the adequate and proper flow of information within and outside the organization through a medium to achieve organizational goals.

In process of communication, problems may arise through misunderstanding of idea and message sent, and this may lead to conflict.

A communication conflict may be describe as a barrier that arises during communication process non proper understanding of information sent, and this may hinder object of effective communication.

Conflict is an external factor that influences the behavior of people negative toward the achievement of effective communication and these are divided into types.

1.            Intra – personal conflict

2.            Inter personal conflict

3.            Inter group conflict

4.            Intra group conflict

Conflict is a part of organization life which stem from individual differences limited resources, role differentiation and organization climate within and between individual and group in an organization.

As an organization based of conflict there are three things in divided namely;

a.            functional conflict which arise from the same horizontal level in organization

b.            similar function conflict which takes from hostile rivalry or good nature competition which have beneficial effect or destructive effect

c.            hierarchical conflict which stem from interest group struggle over organization reward status, prestige and monetary reward.

To attain effective communication in an organization to solve or reduced organization conflict, there are multi dimensional process divided and this lead to multiple perceptions of the word ‘communication’ and this include transmission, channel, message the decoder, encoder feedback etc.

As it is seen that communication is very important in an organization and every human organization interaction it has considered as two way affairs, meaning from the origin source to the destination.

The process effect communication that start from origin source to destination as some visual element and this include development of thought to pass, the selection of the medium to use, the sending of the message through select an appropriate medium, the reception of the message, the interpretation of the message and the feedback that shows the level of understanding.

With appropriate use of this element effective communication will be achieved an organization conflict will be reduce or solve.


The main object of this study is to look into how effective communication can be used to resolve or reduced conflict within an organization.

In most cases organization conflict usually arise as a result of ineffective communication between individual [i.e. employee between the leaders to their subordinate]

This work will provide a frame work for resolve or prevent conflict in an organization and shows how effective communication can be use to achieve organization goals.


The research work of these study is to defined and solve the conflict ineffective communication in an organization and this can be:

a.            The use of non business language between employee such as technical jargons and other non business term that are not official in nature

b.            Lack of adequate communication budget for both internal and external employee, interaction will always cause hindrance for effective communication

c.            Inferiority complex: excessive fear and respect that exist between the junior staff and the interaction that exists between the management will act as a blocking stone in retarding the actual communication and interaction that should exist between them

d.            Non-proper selective of appropriate communication medium within the organization.. It is a problem that effective communication in an organization to attain a factual documented evidence for future use.


The important of the research is to promote an organization with the use of effective communication to develop good relation between the employee in order to attain and productive objective of the organization moreso, the purpose the work is to resolve organization conflict that arise between employee and superior due to their ethical, cultural and educational differences. This is to build a platform where these differences can be link width common understanding. In addition, the study is to reduce cultural belief due to the rate of different people migrating into Lagos with different  belief and perceptions, and this will be use to make every employee irrespective of their post that they are pursuing the same organizational goal.


The study cover large private organization and therefore, focus on the process channel and forms of communication in an organization. It also deals on how effective communication can achieve, through these process channel and forms of communication.

More also, it covers all other areas where effectiveness of these communication can be used to reduced or solved organizational conflict.


The research work of this study is limited to private organization, because of the nature and style of their communication, unlike other forms of organization who are bureaucracy in nature.

This work is limited to some selected organization that covers the whole private company in Lagos State, which as a result of cumbersome and unattainable companies and considering the little time for available for these research work.


Different terms were used in this study and these are the meaning based on the application in the research work.

(a)          Communication: This is the process which idea, feelings, instruction and information is passed in an organization.

(b)          Channel:       This is the medium through which communication is passed.

(c)          Conflict: This is the disagreement that stems from individual difference of perceiving issues.

(d)          Decoder: This is the person receiving an information.

(e)          Disseminate: This is the flow of communication within and outside the organization

(f)           Encoder: This is the person passing an information

(g)          Feedback:    This is the reply of information sent

(h)          Information: This is the content of the thought pass across

(i)            Superior: These are the selected and delegated person meant to carry out a supervisory task

(j)            Subordinate: These are persons acting under supervision of the superior


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