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In any organization human resources are the important assets. Every organization is human oriented, a factor without which the organization id reduced to nothing. Organization have their mission of being in existence and therefore could achieve these mission through the effort of “People” in the organization. Meanwhile, the extent to which human resource are properly managed determines the success of the organization. People are animated and have feelings. So management should manage and encourage them so that they will be committed and dedicated to the organization. It is based on this that study is aimed at finding out the relationship between good human resource management practice and the success of an organization. The study was conducted in Owerri using. Nigerian bottling company plants as a case study. Questionnaires were distributed to the staff of the company which helps the researchers in their analysis. The researchers applied of the data, the study concluded that people are life wire of the organization and the success depends on the quality of employees in the organization.




Human resources management is concerned with people oriented management. Organization do not exist in a vacuum, therefore they must need people acquiring their services, developing their skills, motivating them to high level of performance and ensuring that the key continue to maintain their commitment to the organization. This is a white fact business, education, health, social organization, it is pertinent to note that seeking, getting and keeping good people in the organization to the right position at the right time are indispensable to the success of every organization whether profit or non profit, public or private organization.

These organization that are able to acquire, develop, stimulate and keep outstanding workers will be both effective and efficient. Those that are ineffective and efficient face the risk of stagnation or decline.


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