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In all business  enterprise effective  implementation of organizational policies and procedure  is very important and can never be over emphasized and to achieve  this goal, target and objective is beckoned the design of managers  who do not sit there as a ceremonial heads rather they have role of implementing the organic functions of management in today’s dynamic and  competitive business environment in Nigeria.  This work is  design to expose and the  serious minded managers to be  adequately equipped to face the challenges ahead  as future management practitioner in big.  And when adequate implementation of  polices and  procedures is not there business worldwide will be greatly affected.  In generating data needed to achieve the objective of this study, cross-sectional survey was used.  Questionnaire was used as the major instrument for primary data  collection.  The broaden the researcher’s depth of  knowledge the study area the research embark on  review of related literature with data drawn from secondary sources.  Data generated in the study  was presented on frequency table and analyzed using percentages  while the hypothesis was tested with Z test.

It was found at the end of the research work that most organization get the best out of their work or reach to their option goal, target and objectives because of poor implementation of organizational policies  works are not allowed to join in decision-making that concerns them.

Finally effective organizational policies  and procedures must be more sensitive to customers and also in order to up grade the work-force with exquisite training and motivation so as to reunion a winner or achieve a set  objective which is the main target.



Effective  Implementation  of organizational policies and procedures  in Nigeria  business encourages delegation of decision-making to business managers who do  not sit there as a ceremonial needs rather they have the role of implementing the organic functions of management in today’s dynamic  and competitive business environment  in Nigeria.  This research  work  is design  to expose and  aid the serious minded managers to be adequately equipped to face the challenges ahead as future management parishioners in biz.  Good polices provides definite and clear direction by top management and at the same time allow subordinates to make their own decision with clearly stated  limits.  The  usual sources of policies and procedures  and it is pertinence to note that for a business to retain it position as a going –concern  entity, it is imperative that manager  formular policies plan, strategies  and also implement these plan  effectively for the  continued growth and  survival of the business enterprise.  This is a major aspect of a task facing  managers especially in a modern complex business situation.  Therefore, today’s managers must take into consideration the following measures for effective implementation of organizational policies and procedure in Nigeria business.

They must specifically take into account the forces and trend such as environmental, economic, political, sociological, psychological technological, legal  and ethnical  factors while formulating  the policies  than can facilitate the accomplishment of the overall objectives  and  goals  of the business  in question of course if a policy has been formulated but ha  not been carried out or implemented into action.  It cannot be  effective  since it has not come to the attention of the employees but it runs the risk of being overlooked or misinterpreted, but according to (Akpala, 1990: 59) he  said less prone to misunderstanding for effective  implementation  of organizational polices and procedures in Nigerian business to be properly executed the laid down  rules guiding the organization must follow.

Procedure on the other hand can be stated as the system that describes in details the step to be taken in order to accomplish a set objective in business which is the main target that heads to effective implementation of polices and  procedures emphasis more in  details while polices concentrate on the basic general approaches.  Policy is therefore  a guide for making decision.  Thus according to Kpala (1990:57) he simple define policy as a guideline to managerial actions, while Coventry and barker (1985:93) define policies as the guideline  laid down  in general or specific terms  to make organization to reach the expected target or objectives.


This boil down to  what constitute the problem  on the study  of effective implementation of organizational polices and  procedure in Nigeria business cannot exist  on it own, it needs employers who will work in  implementing  those  policies needed for effective business  environment and all  these  will not take expected  standard unless workers are properly motivated  ie given them required training, internal and external  incentives their salary  may  even be increased, paying them over time and considering them as human  beings and not machines by so doing  the business  will be booming  since it is effectively  structured and implemented but if the  reverse is the case things will not be moving haphazardly and it will constitute a lot of problem to the study.


The study will seek to identify the implication of freedom of action at the operating level on effective implementation of organization polices and  procedures in Nigeria Plc which is a Nation-Wide bank including rural branches.  We shall measures implementation or control  effectiveness existing in the bank with respect to certain principles and statequards, which must be incorporated in any control system as far as business is concern in Nigeria.  These are as follows:

ü  The system must have objective, which are realistic and well –designed procedures.

ü  The system must have a sound organizational structure and wait designed procedures.

ü  Each manager in the business organization is  given an opportunity to contribute towards the formulation of planning for which he will be held accountable.

ü  He is give feedback information to let him know how his actual compares with the plans  in the business operation.


This study will be United to a few operational activities of banks.  We must not  target that a control mission of a bank as an international is to protect the value which come into it’s care therefore every activities in a bank has implication for the safety of value received given or transferred.  Receiving cash deposit or paying withdrawal request are fairly universal function and would appear to have little room for variation from  branch to branch.  But there are other functions which are not equally available at every branch or unequally demand  at all branches.  Example will be foreign exchange transaction, capital and money market operational transfer etc.

Operational rules dealing with these make assumption about the ability of a branch and it customers and the available of certain infrastures.  But this is not always the case, so what happens in the exceptional care? Our study should be limited to only such activities.


The following are the research question for the study.

(i)                 Has the effective implementation  of organizational policies and procedures in Nigerian business speeded up services in first Bank Nigeria Plc.

(ii)               Has it increased the  volume of deposits in Bank?

(iii)             Has it reduced the cost services in the Bank?

(iv)             Has it helped in today’s dynamic and competitive business environment?

(v)               Has it help managers especially in a modern  complex business situation so that they will know that policies and procedures should be implemented at the right time  for subordinate to know what they are expected to do.



(i)                 All cadres of workers in FBN Plc are not involved in effective implementation of  organizational  policies and procedures in  Nigeria business.

(ii)               All cadres of worker  in FBN Plc  are involved in effective implementation of organizational policies in Nigeria business.


The effective implementation of organizational policies  and procedures in Nigeria should help effective manger to maintain or reach  to a set objective in the business would.  The study is  very timely, especially today that all hand are on deck no enhance  business in Nigeria because of the dynamic  and competitive business environment we are in and a such this research work is designed to expose and aid the services minded managers to be adequately equipped  to face challenges ahead as future  management practitioners in business.

For effective implementation of organizational policies  and procedures in Nigeria business i.e three decision have to be made.

i)                    Effective strategic planning

ii)                  Effective management

iii)                Operational control

Effective  implementation of  policies  in business is to

process by  which managers make  sure that resources  are obtain since the expected rule and regulation are implemented and executed there’s  no way the required resources will not be obtained.

It is necessary to work according to organizational policies in business  venture so as not go  contrary which  may affect the business rather the  business  will  attain to it equilibrium point.


Assess weigh and appraise Regulate – To adjust, to return, to predetermined course

Performance  The act of  doing work

Result – The outcome of performance

Procedures:-  The way work is done

Efficiency – Resources inputs into a process to produce the optimum amount of output.

Effectiveness – Resources are used to achieve the desired end.


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