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  • Background of the Study

Performance appraisal according to Ngu (2004) referred to as “integrate approach to management for more productivity or efficiency in organizations”. Though this technique activities of individual, unit, section, division, department or workers are monitored, measured and possible with the aim of according reward of some form of motivation. this  very tool of  management is a form of communication, that is, it transfers information, ideas and values from one  person to  another; employer and vice-versa. Performance appraisal aids management to see the loop-holes or gaps in the employees performance and this give them the enlightenment on how to introduced training of this man power to aid the  development  process.

Performance appraisal are systematic ways of measuring, reviewing and analyzing employee performance over a given period of time and using the information gathered to plan for the employee’s future with the organization. This periodical, impartial feedback is used to judge employee effectiveness as well as provide necessary development and training to improve  the employees contributions to the organization goals

According to Ihner (2001: 285-9), performance appraisal is a formal system of measuring, evaluating, and influencing an employees job-related attributes, behaviors and outcomes. The objective is to determine how productive an employee is and for to determine if an employees productivity can be improved. As such performance appraisals serve an importance purpose in managing people and ensuring organization productivity,

Organization use performance appraisal to make a number of employee decisions, like pay increase, training needs as well as proving documentation to support termination decisions, consequently they serve as control mechanism. Therefore a manager needs to do an appraisal of those qualities and behavior in order to estimate performance as a basis for taking personal actions.

Performance appraisal is crucial tool in the hands of the management to bring about greater agility and responsiveness in human resources of an organization. Performance appraisal is the foundation of much human resources decision. Therefore, it has multifarious uses as elucidated by Lisa (2012). That why, according to this statement make by Lisa (2012), human resources can be  thought of as  the total  knowledge, talents aptitude, creative abilities  of an organization work force as well as the value, attitude and beliefs of the individuals involve, attitude and beliefs of the individuals involve. One of the main reasons management involved in employee appraisal is to obtain information for promotion, demotion, transfer, pay increase, training and development and discharge. For the employee, an appraisal gives him a feedback as to how management perceives his contribution to the organization.  However, for performance to take its full course,  management must involve it knowledge of appraisal for the benefits of both employees and the employers.

  • Statement of Problems

Every management is confronted with one or two challenges or the other but the ability to solved its bring about performance appraisal as a tool for increasing productivity in an organization if the employers can not identify what is the strength and weakness of the employees in an organization which will enable them to provide employees with a better understanding of their role and responsibilities that will produce increase and confidence  through recognizing strengths while identifying training needs to improve weakness which  is through appraisal, performance  in a given  situation resulted  from the  interrelationships between effort , abilities and role perceptions. The essential management is aimed at promoting efficiency in the operations of organization as well as to help them to achieve their  corporate objectives which will lead to the betterment  and satisfaction of both the employees and employers in an organization

  • Purpose of the Study

The main reasons of the study is to find out the following:

  1. To find out if performance appraisal can bring increase in productivities
  2. To examine the abilities of individuals or employee when using performance appraisal.
  • To evaluate the effective use of performance appraisal in an organization
  1. To assess the importance of  performance appraisal in an organization
  2. To identity  various employees appraisals techniques used
  3. To investigate associated challenges of performance appraisal in the organization
  • To find out  if performance appraisal is conducted regularly and result communicated back to the employee on time


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