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Effects Of Occupational Safety And Health Programs On Employee Performance


The main objective is to establish effects of occupational safety and health programs on
employee performance. The study objectives were; To identify
Occupational Health and Safety programs in place that affect employee performance, To identify
the kind of health and safety problems that employees go through because of the type of their
work, To examine the impact of low standards of occupational health safety programs on
productivity, To establish the measures undertaken by management of pyrethrum board of Kenya
to curb the effects of occupational health safety of employees. The study adopted employed a
descriptive research design to agree on the effects of occupational safety and health programs on
employee performance at pyrethrum board of Kenya. A sample of 132 employees was derived.
The determination of the sample was done using Cochran’s (1977) formulas. Questionnaires were
used as the main data collection instruments and a pilot study was conducted to pre-test
questionnaires for validity and reliability. Descriptive statistics data analysis method was applied
to analyze numerical data gathered using closed ended questions aided by Statistical Package for
Social Sciences (SPSS Version 17). Pearson correlation was carried out to establish the
relationship between the research variables. The findings were presented using both descriptive
and inferential statistics methods. The study found that presence of occupational healthy safety
department affected employee performance. The presence of first aid and fire extinguishers at
precise points in the company affects employee performance. Pyrethrum Company does not
organize workshop, seminar and lecturers on safety precaution and presence of a hazard
assessment data affects employee performance. The study further concludes that employees
involved in an accident at work place are compensated employee work place is safe, there is lack
of hazard assessment data due to system failure that causes accidents. There is lack of
equipment, material and clothing for occupational health safety. Finally, the study concludes that
those employees have a safe place of employment. Employees have a safe means of access to
work. Employees are not aware of compensation in case an accident occurs at the place of
work.Employees do not know their legal rights concerning occupational health. The study
recommends that employer should provide safe working environment since feeling safe at work
ranks as a very important factor in job satisfaction. Part of the employer’s social responsibilities
toward employees, of necessity, should encompass industrial workers being given opportunities
to participate in periodic workshops, seminars and lectures to sharpen their awareness on safety
precautions. Every workplace should demonstrate respect for the natural environment and
occupiers should work towards achieving the goals of no accidents, no harm to people and no
damage to the environment. Employers should take it as their responsibility to ensure the
working environment is safe.


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