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Effects of Teamwork on Organization Performances



5.1 Introduction

The organization of this chapter involves the discussion of the research finding covering the following research objectives: – to evaluate on formation of employees at Paga Tech in Lagos, to examine the various job descriptions of employees and achievement of organizational goals at Paga Techs Lagos, to establish the impact of coordination on performance of employees at Paga Tech in Lagos. This followed the conclusion made from the discussion, recommendations are then drawn and finally suggestion for further research is made.

5.2  Summary of the findings

This section describes the research findings on: – impact of teamwork on the achievement of targets in Paga Techs Lagos. The study established that the workers are not happy since they are not recognized and there is a lot of biasness when it comes to promotions. This shows that the teams are not effective as they should be. Teamwork has a negative impact on administering of targets in Paga Techs Lagos. On the Organizational culture it was found that it affects the way people and groups interact with each other, with clients, and with stakeholders. Cultural paradigm comprises various beliefs, values, rituals and symbols that govern the operating style of the people within a company. It also looks at the vision and way of operation in the organization. Corporate culture binds the workforce together and provides a direction for the company. Teamwork can be positive if the organizational culture is well understood by employees in an organization. In times of change, the biggest challenge for any organization may be to change its culture, as the employees are already accustomed to a certain way of doing things. Paga Techs Lagos has a problem of involving staff on the decisions made they are just told “this is what is going to happen, give us your input” yet decisions have already been made.

The study also found out that communication is a problem in SOS, yet effective communication occurs only if the receiver understands the exact information or idea that the sender intended to transmit. Many of the problems that occur in an organization are the direct result of people failing to communicate. Studying the communication process is important because you coach, coordinate, counsel, evaluate, and supervise throughout this process. It is the chain of understanding that integrates the members of an organization from top to bottom, bottom to top, and side to side. Without which effective performance of duty may lack.

5.3          Conclusion

The study sought to access the impact of teamwork on achievement of targets in organizations case of Paga Techs Lagos. From the data collected, analyzed and the findings got, this study has come to the following conclusions. Regarding the effect of culture on teamwork by Paga Techs Lagos, the study established that there are details that the employers should consider to maintain good team work. This study established that there should equity in job allocation to staff across all regions to enable people bring their diverse culture to the organization, acceptance and appreciation for diversity was highly recommended and fair treatment of each employee as well as respect for each employee’s contribution to the organization. Regarding the Job Description and teamwork, this study established that adequate job descriptions are not given to the workers and this makes them do duties outside their jurisdiction. This was done through the staff appraisals and supervision of the different tasks given to the employees.

Regarding the Proper communication of the workers, this study established that the organization is using strategies to achieve the best team work results. Paga Techs Lagos use employee recognition, good working conditions, good remuneration and employee promotion to achieve the best team work result. Regarding the Individual coordination of employees the study established that the staff employed at Paga Techs are qualified staff that has gone through training in various colleges. A range of reasons were established as to why organizations form teams: the study established that, organizational objectives, building organizational reputation, producing greater level of performance, increasing employees’ organizational commitment and to offer quality services to customers were the major reasons for the formation of teams in organizations.

5.4 Recommendation

From the study the following recommendation were made under the themes as follows: Regarding the effect of culture in Paga Techs, it should be noted that Culture as root metaphor sees the organization as its culture, created through communication and symbols, or competing metaphors.Paga Techs should strive for what is considered a “healthy” organizational culture in order to increase productivity, growth, efficiency and reduce counterproductive behavior and turnover of employees. They should have acceptance and appreciation for diversity. Regard for and fair treatment of each employee as well as respect for each employee’s contribution.

Effective teams must have open lines of communication. Communication must be honest and flow between all team members equally. Team members who understand each other’s unique communication styles, or who agree on a single style of communication from the outset, are more likely to move the team in a productive direction that everyone understands and supports. Team members must never be hesitant to communicate with other members about issues and concerns, as well as new ideas or personal observations. Coordination on the other hand is equally important to enable teams work well and achieve the organizational goals. Coordination always involves a Coordinating of Project Actions and principles for doing the job well in an organization. Flick (2006). This study established that job description for individual team members is necessary and should encompass a job title, a job summary or work to be performed.

Two job descriptions with the same title and same level of pay may have differing duties, responsibilities, accountabilities and relationships. This would help individuals do their duties without feeling oppressed by doing someone’s work without any reward. Using job descriptions will help an organization better understand the experience and skill base needed to enhance the success of the company. They help in the hiring, evaluation and potentially terminating of employees. All too often, there is a misunderstanding of what a position entails and a well-prepared job description can help both sides share a common understanding. It is important for the organization to put in place adequate job description which typically outlines the necessary skills, training and education needed by a potential employee. It will spell out duties and responsibilities of the job. Once a job description is prepared, it can serve a basis for interviewing candidates, orienting a new employee and finally in the evaluation of job performance.

Using job descriptions is part of good management. From the study it was established that teamwork becomes a valuable experience for the workers involved. Regarding Proper communication it was realized that proper communication is the extent of pleasurable emotional feelings individuals have about their jobs.

The strategies used by the organization to achieve the best team work results were such as employee recognition, good working conditions, good remuneration and employee promotions. Working in a team empowers people and helps them develop autonomy, which is a source of profound proper communication. Teams that possess a wide range of professional competencies can be more fully equipped to meet a wide range of challenges. When building teams, take time to ensure that each team member possesses skills and strengths that complement the skills, strengths and weaknesses of other team members. Bringing together people with common skill-sets can lead to a great deal of discussion with little subsequent action. Ensuring that each team member possesses a unique specialty allows team members to trust each other for certain aspects of performance, while fully understanding what their own contribution is expected to be.

From this study, it was established that Paga Techs employ staff with credible qualifications and thus they feel that they should be added more rewards on monetary depending with their qualification, since most of their colleagues in other NGO’s are earning better than them. At the same time there is no progression on part of workers. Promotions are not given based on qualifications but based on loyalty. This should be discouraged and people should be rewarded based on their qualifications and experience. The managers interviewed confirmed to the fact that job distribution was not fair to some employees since they are given multiple tasks even those not assigned to them. They also reiterated that employees do not take team work positively and some of them have negative attitude towards working in teams.

They however confirmed that they believe that team work is the best way to go since it boosts moral and helps in efficient running of the Lagos branch, this is by using staff from all the departments and ensuring that they all work as a team for the betterment of the child. From the above indication, there is need for the management to create an enabling environment in the workplace that


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