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Entrapped (Sculpture Special Project Report)


The research explored the factors responsible for the entrapment of man in life. The major instrument used for the execution of the work is multiple media made up of fiberglass, metal and concrete.

Findings revealed that illiteracy, the desire to raise the economic status of man, socio-cultural factors e.t.c. were among the factors responsible for the entrapment of man.

It was recommended that man should learn to be contented and not too materialistic; he should strive to be educated and to break the barrier of socio-cultural impediments in life that tend to constrain him, so that everyone irrespective of gender or race, should be finally free to live a life of fulfillment and purpose.


  • Background to the Study

A man’s world is shaped by his experiences in life and how he responds to them. Man has been around for a very long time and has evolved in many ways, trying to be the master of his destiny but challenges springs up all over trying to limit man and at times entrap him. These challenges come in diverse ways, both in things that are beyond man’s immediate control and others which man has caused by himself in terms of his activities, desires and aspirations such as:

Climate change: which has changed tremendously with time and human activities that made the ozone layer to be depleted thus changing of the climate

Health challenge; Man has constantly seen the emergence of new and more deadly diseases such as cancer, Ebola, Aids and Kidney problems such diseases usually take extra ordinary effort and ingenuity to tackle.

Illiteracy: illiteracy is one of the greatest causes of entrapment to man, as illiteracy is said to be more costly than education, because on the long run, illiteracy leads to misunderstanding, confrontation, and chaos among a people.

Backward culture; which tend not to recognize the progress and advancement in sciences and education tend to limit people from embracing modern values and keeping them in a primitive state.

Poverty/war; this is very prevalent mostly in the third world nations of which Nigeria is one. Poverty is the greatest cause of entrapment as it limits peoples dream and rob many the opportunity of a better life. It keeps people in an entrapped circle of life which leads to restlessness anger and wars that can be seen in many under developed nations.

In spite of all these challenges man has moved from not being limited to a few kilometers from his domain to exploring a vast unwise trying to be master of the unwise. This means that, with human will power man can surpass his challenges to accomplish set goals and refuse to be entrapped. Wonder some people of the develop world call themselves people of the free world where anything is possible so refuse to be limited or entrapped because with will power you can overcome limitation.

Life without challenge or struggle is defined as boring as people generally want something spontaneous they love something different, something challenging that throw them off their feet, that get them restless from what they are used to and it is the need for man to explore a new horizon that entraps him either into something good or something dangerous and deadly. This study aims at capturing the entrapment of man in the world he built for himself.

Statement of the Problem

The issue of entrapment is an uneasy calmness which has been publicly reverberating through society for decades.

It can be seen that entrapment discourages growth, leads to stark ignorance confusion reduces productivity of a person and unfulfillment of human aspiration which leads to total frustration and damnation. In recognition of this, one begins to wonder what could be responsible for this.

Hence, this study is aimed at creating more awareness about how man is ensnared in the world he created.

Objectives of the Study

The cardinal purpose of this research is to find out why man is entrapped in the world he created himself. Specifically, the research sought to:

  • Determine whether illiteracy can contribute to man being entrapped
  • Ascertain if his desires to raise his economic status contribute to his being entrapped
  • Determine if the social demand of man influence his being entrapped
  • Determine the extent to which peer groups contribute to his being entrapped
  • Find out whether religion can contribute to man being entrapped

Research Questions

To achieve the purpose intended, the following research questions were raised to guide the study;

  1. Does illiteracy contribute to man being entrapped?
  2. Does the desire for man to raise their economic status contribute to their being entrapped?
  3. Does the desire to belong among peers contribute to their being entrapped?
  4. Does the socio-cultural demand on man contribute to their being entrapped?

Significance of the Study

We are in an ever ending circle of compromise that is the futility of the struggle man. The never ending circle can be seen in the various sphere of man’s life such as religion, finance, family, work etc which is always trying to drag us down and it has left this bitter experience or atmosphere and they create the mind set in us trying to break free from something at every point in time and we don’t end up enjoying life. The study aims at revealing the circle of life and its ever ending struggle. According to a philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer he is of the opinion that life is a constant process of dying which in my opinion signifies the slow death of man daily in his ever ending struggle.

This study is considered significant for a number of reasons, first and foremost, the researcher is expected to liberate man from being entrapped.

Secondly the outcome of the study is expected to help expand the frontiers of knowledge by contributing to existing literature in the area. The data generated will serve as a baseline data for further research work in the area. It will therefore provide the basic information or serve as reference materials for further research in the area.

Scope of the Study

Entrapment is a subject that affects everybody on earth irrespective of their sex, personnel, class or influence in the society. It can be said that some people are at a greater risk than others due to their level of education, background, economic status, social demand e.t.c.


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