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This research work is on the Problem Facing National Health Insurance Scheme in Nigeria. The source of data for the work area oral interview and questionnaire, the population of the study was drawn from both national and state hospitals in Enugu. Samples of questionnaires were distributed to the respondents. The instruments used are oral interview and questionnaire. The instrument were reliable because they include statements of the problem, objectives of the study and the research questions, one of the findings is that the various methods used in marketing of health insurance is not known by the people. One of the conclusions is that there should be free material and child health programme for the country.




The national health insurance scheme (NHIS) is a social health insurance programme designed by the federal government of Nigeria to complement or to improve services of financial health sector, and to improve access of health care for the majority of Nigeria. The evolution of the National Health Insurance scheme decade back to 1962, when the need for health insurance in the provision of health care to Nigeria citizen was first recognized.HEALTH INSURANCE

Furthermore, the introduction of the structural adjustment programme in 1986 adversely affected health allocation and other factors that led to the introduction of the national health insurance scheme. This general poor stated of the nations health care services is giving the government a lot of concern.HEALTH INSURANCE

The concept of social health insurance was first mooted in 1962 by Heuvi committee, which passed the proposal through the Lagos health bill. Unfortunately it was truncated in 1985, Dr. Emmanuel Usman, the minister of health set up a committee on national health review led by Mr. L. Ligailu.HEALTH INSURANCE

At its 42nd meeting, the national council on health (NCH) approved the NIS to ensure full private sector participation. This model ensured the introduction of health maintenance organization (HMO) and financial managers of the scheme. On October 15th the national health insurance scheme was finally launched.HEALTH INSURANCE

The executive law decree 35 of 1999 (Now Act 35 of 1999) was signed in many 1999. National council on health special meeting on NIHS held in Port Harcourt in July 2011, recommended the need for the scheme to take off. Hereafter an implementation policies committee was set of which met in September 2011 and recommended the immediate take off of the scheme.HEALTH INSURANCE


Health insurance is new in Nigeria; the target of its introduction is to achieve good health to all citizens in Nigeria. Most of Nigeria are unemployed, resident in the rural areas without hospital, water and infrastructure and inadequate personnel.

The researcher wants to know the strategies to be used in marketing health insurance in the situation of poor infrastructural development, unemployment and how level of income or capital and to indemnify what will be the inability factor in marketing health insurance business in Nigeria.

To make suggestions to the marketers on the best way to market health insurance policies with the rural support.


In this research, the researcher wants to know how possible it will be for effective marketing of health insurance policies as new product in Nigeria.HEALTH INSURANCE

To identify different types of product marketed by the health insurance services in Nigeria.

To identify various methods to be used in marketing health insurance service in Nigeria.

To know the problems facing marking of health insurance product in a situation of poor infrastructure development poverty and low income.

To identify all the environment and infrastructure problems facing marketing of health insurance programme in Nigeria mostly in the rural areas.


The researcher formulated the following questions to help identify the various ways to be used in marketing health service scheme in Nigeria, mostly to the people of the rural area.

Do you know various products that are offered to the teeming public?

Do you think that Nigerians are ready to accept the introduction of the health insurance scheme?

Do you thin that health insurance scheme will improve the health situation in Nigeria?

What are the problems facing health insurance scheme today in Nigeria?

What are the aims of federal government in introducing the programme?


This work will be important to the following:-

The Student: To the students it will be the basis for the area of risk and in insurances and risk management. It enables them to know the basis for further research.

The Stakeholders: It will help them to develop new strategies in product development to match the needs of the teeming population.

The Insurance Company Financial Institution: To the industry (insurance company) they will know the problem facing marketing insurance problems.

The Country: It helps people to pay for their health service (Zupan, 2003).



In this study, it was meant to cover the whole Nigeria but was narrowed to Enugu state. A generalization will be made to what happens in other stake and Nigeria at large.HEALTH INSURANCE


Aims was the great enemy to the researcher attending lectures, doing assignment, preparing for semester exam and also writing project was nor easy. The money to photocopy and download information from internet; run form one insurance company to other for information was also a problem due to lack of materials. We do not have enough material in this marketing of health insurance product. Response from the respondents posed another problem.HEALTH INSURANCE


Duties of Marketer: The fundamental duty of a marketer is to advertise their product or goods to the public to credit public awareness.

Health: This is the optimal functioning of the individual, absence of disease, illness, impairment or injury, while health insurance is the type of insurance offering protection against the risk of financial loss resulting from the health issues.

Pro (Preferred Provider Organization): This is a type of health benefit programme under which services from out of network providers are reimbursed less favourable services from network providers.

HMO (Health Maintenance Organization): This is collective agreement between a group of medical providers and subscribers.

Insurance: This is an undertaking by a company society or the state to provide and safeguard against loss, against sickness, death, etc. in return for regular payment called premium.

Market: This is a theory and practice of large scale selling.

Strategies: This is the art of planning or operating an activity or endeavour, the skill in managing any affair.

Stratum: This is a social class or division.

Products: These are goods and services that marketers offer to the satisfaction of human need.

Segment Tie: This is a situation whereby marketers are to advertise their product or goods to the public to create public awareness.


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