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The Growth Of Indigenous Firms In Nigeria Problems And Prospects

Abstract of The Growth Of Indigenous Firms In Nigeria Problems And Prospects

This research was embarked upon to gain institute into growth of indigenous firms in Nigeria.   This is specifically an attempt to investigate the impart of indigenous firms among others.   The objective are not only to acquaint equitable growth for indigenous firm and also to cheek the problems and prospects and to equally highlight its relevance among indigenous firms review of relaxed literature and theoretical framework also is arranged in logical sequence for the purposed of this study secondary sources, this data was analyzed using simple percentage and chi square.   The researcher also found out that the growth of indigenous firms also affects the scope-economic growth of our economy.   It is clear to note that indigenous firms have create impact on the country economy through export promotion financial institution and industrialization development strategies.

Finally, the summary of findings conclusion and recommendation where not left out, they are expected to serve as a basis for further researchers.

Table of contents on The Growth Of Indigenous Firms In Nigeria Problems And Prospects


1.1    General Background of the subject matter

1.2     Problem Associated with the subject matter

1.3     Problem’s that the study will be concerned with

1.4    The important of studying the area

1.5    Definition of important terms

1.6      Reference


2        Literature Review

2.1       The origin of the subject Area

2.2       School of thought writing the subject Area

2.3              The school of thought relevant to the problem of the study.

2.4              Different methods of studying the problem

2.5              Summary

2.6              References


3        Conclusion

3.1       Data Presentation High lights of the study

3.2       Analysis of the data

3.3       Recommendation

3.4       Conclusion

3.5       References.

Chapter one of The Growth Of Indigenous Firms In Nigeria Problems And Prospects



One of the major economic backwardness of the most third world countries like Nigerian is the over prolonged sojourn of private foreign investment in them the predatory, exploitative orientation and activities of foreign monopoly capital, it inherent tendency to resist and hamper local industrialization and to perpetuate mercantile capitalism and its determination and deliberate efforts to retard the growth of indigenous entire partnership all this have heavily influenced Nigeria economic history for well over a country.

This foreign dominance of commercial activities in Nigeria was made possible by restrictive practices employed by the established merchant firms.  It is important to note that commercial banking is a major source of credit (capital) was solely owned and controlled by foreign elements their policies were made to wards satisfying the needs of foreign enterprise, indigenous enterprisers merely subjected on the crumbs that fell on the table (Ezeigwe J.O) Nigerian government in the 1950s operated mainly an open door policy which attempted to lure foreign investors into the country.

After the civil war, experiences showed that the issue of indigenous participation in the Nigerian economy once can be re-opened the dubious roles played by foreign investor at various stages of the civil war and the acute shortage of essential commodities at the same period and the spiraling inflationary trend that followed post war reconstruction and reliabitation programmers had contributed to inform the government that there was the necessity to allow the indigenes of Nigerian and government a hand in deciding their economic tune.  The government was further persuaded by radical agitation of the politicians and the masses to do something about their economic difficulties.

With these presumes and economic difficulties mounting higher and higher, the government decided to whittle down foreign dominance of the economy.  On 23rd February 1972, the Military Government Promulgated the Nigerian Enterprise Promotion Decree N0 4 of 1977 popularly known as the indidenisation decree the following were the objectives.

(a)                To create opportunity for our people

(b)               To raise the proportion of indigenous firms and ownership of the productive sectors of the economy.

(c)                To maximize local retention of profit.

(d)               To involve more Nigerians in the man dent of and decision making process of business enterprise all an effort to enhance indigenous growth of Nigerian Firms.


A number of problems have been identified as being responsible for the backwardness and retardation in the general growth of Nigerian indigenous firms the persistent set back in the growth of the indigenous firms have been assumed to center on the followings inequality of capital, poor technological man power deficiency, mass illiteracy, management incapability and marketing in competency (National) and internationally) etc. there are many move that form the core problems of the growth of our indigenous firms.

It is the intention of the researcher therefore to take a critical examination of the internal and external factors affecting the growth of our indigenous firms.

There is a general contention that the rate of growth of our indigenous firms, especially since the pushing aside of the aliens, has been show.  This statement in the growth of indigenous firms in Nigerian.  Problems and prospects will be misestimated and possible recommendation given as to the solutions.


The prime objective of this research is let the prospective indigerious entrappers embrace and the acquainted with the problems and prospects of the growth of indigenous firms with a view to solving those problems that hamper the economic growth of their firms.  This will be done by the use of data collected to find out.

(a)                Whether private participation in economic actionist especially the indigenouation decree has been on the increase.

(b)               Whether the economy of Nigeria was bitter managed in the hands of the foreigners than now that it is managed by Nigerians.

(c)                Whether the existing firms were vial

(d)               To whether the future of Nigerian lies in export or self-reliance.


The researcher will pin point the capital requirements of the

Growth initiating factor which at times have been typically beloved to be very small.  Therefore the significance of this study is as follows

(1)                           To identify the problems that is being faced by indigenous firms in Nigerian.

(2)                           To render possible solutions to the problems for use by the indigenous firms many in Nigerian.

(3)                           To examine the affairs of some public

Establishments and the activities of their officers

In terms of investments, capital formation and

Cost control.


Monopoly  –           Means the sole right to trade on a particular goods

Or services.

Capital                   –           This means wealth or property that can be pleased                                                    to produce more wealth.

Investors               –           Means group of persons or organizations that

Investing a business venture.

Economics –           The production principles and distribution of

Goods and services and the development of


Inflationary           –           This means the persistent and continuous rise in

Prices and wages caused by an increase in money

Supply and demand for goods and resulting in a

Fall in the value of money.

Firms                     –           Means business company or an organization.

Merchant               –           Person involve in trade or commerce.

Sectors                  –           That parts or branch of a particular area of activity

Especially of a country’s economy.


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