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Nigeria is thoroughly made up of different State with different languages. English language and Biology continues to perform significant and elaborate functions in almost all the facets of our life.
A particularly unique place, where variability and vitality in the use of English is greatly experienced is in the domain of the mass media, mainly in newspaper, news reporting.  While Biology help us to solve health problems. Here, activities in the areas of politics, education crime and law, sports, art and leisure, medicine, etc are daily reported through the medium of English. Daily publications, in English medium, remain the largest in Nigeria newspaper industry till date. Against that background, this paper examines the bases for the overbearing influence of English and Biology in Nigeria.
Recalling the history of English and Biology , linking its functions to Nigeria’s colonial background and utility values, respectively, this writer finds that English as a second language (ESL) has for a longtime continued to exhibit overt and covert lapses in the hands of our reporters and sub-editors, while trying to evolve an acceptable standard Nigeria English variety. Three daily newspaper publications: The daily sun, the punch and Saturday tribune are purposely selected, and news stories from them serve as data. The findings reveal that some of the Nigeria reporters are gradually using intelligible English in their writing style, while some structural grammatical lapses are still observable in the writing of several others. Biology also has improved in helping human life.


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