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Impact Of Corporate Social Responsibility On The Image Of Polytechnics In Nigeria



1.1 Background of the story

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and its role in the society has been a point of concern nationally and internationally. Companies, organizations and agencies cannot function alone within the society they operate in thus there is a need for them to act and contribute positively to their host communities.

Though there is no cemented definition of Corporate Social Responsibility, as stated byIsmail (2009). The author defines CSR as a company’s decision to operate in ways that benefit society and the environment rather than harming or destroying it. In modern times, companies and organizations are expected to go beyond making and maximizing profits to being socially responsible to the society they operate in. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the widely recognized idea for this responsible corporate action.

Adeboye and Olawale (2012) also describes CSR as a company’s moral and ethical responsibilities to its employees, the environment, rivals, the economy, and a variety of other aspects of life that its operations touch. CSR (corporate social responsibility) is a self-regulatory business model that enables a firm to be socially responsible—to itself, stakeholders, and the generally the society.

Matten (2004) further explained Corporate Social Responsibility to as to an organization’s constructive response to societal values and what it believes in and acting within these societal values. Companies can be aware of their impact on all parts of society, including economic, social standards and act within them during the usual course of business.

To sum it up, the term Corporate Social Responsibility can be referred to as:

-Attaining a balance between the interests of shareholders and those of other stakeholders in society.

-Conducting business in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner.

The role CSR has to play in polytechnics is enormous. Polytechnics are higher institutions of learning that offer different courses of study and awards degree. They operate within host communities and societies, and thus have social responsibilities towards these communities.

The need for polytechnics to transcend from offering educational support and degrees to helping and developing the society cannot be overemphasized.

 1.1 statement of the problem

Some Polytechnics seem unaware of their social responsibilities to the society, some are aware to a degree while some are working hard to make it a top priority not just in policy, but practically. As institutional organizations, Polytechnics must ensure to perform their social responsibilities and must seek to integrate social responsibilities into their internal policies and structures, as well as their external activities with and within their host communities.

1.1 Objective of The Study

The primary objective of this study is to see the impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on the image of Polytechnics in Nigeria. Other objectives this study will focus on are;

  1. To examinePolytechnics and their Corporate Social Responsibility to the society.
  2. To examine ifPolytechnics fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibilities to

the society.

iii. To examine the relationship between image of Polytechnics and their Corporate Social Responsibility.

  1.4 Research Questions

  1. Do Polytechnics have a Corporate Social Responsibility to the society?
  2. Have Polytechnics fulfilled their Corporate Social Corporate Social Responsibility?

iii.      What is the image of polytechnics as regards to Corporate Social Responsibility?

1.5              Significance of The Study

This study will be of great benefit to scholars, lecturers and students as it will be an addition to existing literatures and will serve as a reference point for future studies. It will also be of great benefit to higher institutions of learning as it will help them know and fulfil their corporate social responsibilities to their host communities and the society as a whole.

1.6              Scope Of The Study

This study will focus on Polytechnics in Nigeria and the research will be carried out precisely in Alvan Ikoku Polytechnic, Owerri. This research will also focus on only the impacts the CSR has on the image of Polytechnics and not on its solutions.

1.7              Limitation Of The Study

This study was conducted on a limited sample of Polytechnics and as such its findings cannot be used or applied to all Polytechnics in Nigeria. Further studies could also be carried out on the impacts of CSR on other higher institutions such of learning such as Universities as this research does not cover it.

1.8              Definition Of Terms

Impact: This can be done as a marked effect and influence

Image: this is the general impression that a person, organization and product present to the public

Polytechnic: An institution of higher learning offering courses at degree level or below, ezpecially in vocational subjects.



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