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  • Format: ms-word(doc)
  • pages: 65
  • chapter 1 to 5
  • with abstract reference and questionnaire
  • preview abstract and chapter 1 below



In this write up impact of home video on the life of student of tertiary institution in Nigeria is presented.  There are five chapters, each deals with different perspective on hour a reasonable fact could be drawn as in what way home video has been  beneficiary to student of higher institution.
The first  chapter deals with the general introduction.  This gives us the  highlight of the problem, aim and objective likewise it’s importance.
Chapter two dealt with the past work done in this area and the system used in the working of the project.
In chapter three the authors emphasizes on the  process, system and procedure of getting information for the purpose of arriving at a dependable solution on the research topic.
The authors in  chapter four uses  the information  generated to present  a feature data on the topic.
Chapter five focuses on the over all summary conclusion and recommendation.  The summary in nutshell analyze the research work.  Also conclusion elaborates on the challenges encountered during the course of the project and some remarks.
While recommendation encompass the  various facts generated and presented  as to use  it to  change the general  societal miss values most especially in our tertiary institution  9in Nigeria using institute of  management and technology [I.M.T ] Enugu as a  case study.


Title page                                           ii
Approval page                                    iii
Dedication                                         iv
Abstract                                         v
Table of content                                    vii

1.1    Introduction                                    1
1.2    Problems statement                            4
1.3    Objectives of the study                            5
1.4    Significance of study                             6
1.5    Limitation of the study                            7
1.6    Research question                                7
1.7    Hypothesis                                    8

Literature review                                    9

2.1    Source  of literature                             9
2.2    Review of relevant                                9
2.3    Theoretical frame work                             12
2.4    Self perception theory                            14
2.5    Summary of review literature                        14

Research methodology                                16

3.1    Research  method                                 16
3.2    Research design                                16
3.3    Population and sample                            16
3.4    Sample size                                    17
3.5    Sample technique                                18
3.6    Measuring instrument                            18
3.7    Validity of measuring instrument                     18
3.8    Method Of Data Collection                        19
3.9    Method Of Data Analysis                        19
3.10    Expected Result                                19

Data analysis and presentation                             20

4.1    Data presentation analysis and results.                    20
4.2    Discussion Of Results                            28
4.3    Testing Hypothesis                            30

Summary, conclusion and recommendation                     34

5.1    Summary of findings                            34
5.2    Conclusion                                     35
5.3    Recommendation                                35
Bibliography                                    37

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