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For any organization to succeed, be it private or public sector, there is the need for impactive acquisition, utilization and maintenance of available human resources exposed of such establishment. A clearly defined means for ensuring a better performance or productivity in respective of any business organization is by getting people and organizational subunits to conflict for successful strategy implementation, which involves creativity using an equitable reward mechanism or as deems appropriate.
It is on this note that this had been investigated and identified that no matter how efficient and supplicated organizational machines, tools and equipment, together with it vats financial and materials resources, the relevance and utilize the importance to organizational survival. In an adverse impact resulting from improper conduct posits a cheat to the success any organization. An adequate present of both physical and financial resources does not guarantee economic development.
Hence activities need to be co-ordinate, organized and put into practiced terms by human elements (people) to help an organization to succeed. Human being is the nerve centre of everything if you go deep into any problem, you would get people, organization be it public or private are social system composed of denominator among this categories are people. The human elements is involved in the designing, building down to the operation or organization structure. People are also involves in the department and use of appropriate technology for achieving organization goals and objective.
Similarly, people form different spheres of life directly influence their immediate environment the consequence of which is later translated to either elements is therefore the most important and versatile resources in any consideration, the non-challant attitude of workers is said to have resulted to the low level of commitment in earlier official who have failed to recognize and protect the interest of workers. In accordance with these, it has possibly been argued that if there’s no positive correction between this effort (input) and productivity (output), then there will be no justifiable reason on why employee should take the blame for a decline in productivity. It would be disastrous if we pretend that there are no productivity crises in our country and more dangerous to think that it constitutes no serious threat to our economy, Nigeria’s know to have witnessed series of low productivity within her productive sector compared to other developing country of the world. Since the early 1980’s when Nigeria recorded a massive set back, there has been a down ward trend in productivity ad sloppy economic performance.
With the advent of structural adjustment programme in 1986, the capacity utilization of our industrialization had shrunk to all time low motivation to work, poor work attitude and bad ethics, all these threat together and in an attempt to address the situation had in recent time put the country into a state of choice.
Before 1912, when the trade union was established, there was no trade union in existence to fight for the interest of work shot into performance prior to the emergence and acceptability of the union by management workers began to see the need to fight for concessions from their employers in terms of human treatment encouraged by the struggle and gains or organized labour union other parts of the world. Where this struggle and concession is labour ultimate weapon (conflict).
Conflict is initiated with the intent to marking collective bargaining impactive and involved a temporary refusal of employees to continue which work until management has granted their request. A conflict could be devastating in that, it can couple an economy and command everything or a stand still. However, its benefit cannot be over looked.
With reference to the above aforementioned facts, it is this view that project has been design to analyse the cause and impact of conflict on government performance with the case of selected public enterprises in Imo State.
Due to the corporate image of government organization and its essential function, this project is based on installing internet administrative support, producing a modified model for techniques involves and proffering means of building a strategy supportive and corporate environment for employees/workers.

The fives star of the east was built by the visionary government of the first Civilian government of Imo State, Chief Samuel Onunaka Mbakew. It opened its doors for business in November 1983. At inception, Imo Concord Hotels and Casino jointed the league of five star hotels in Nigeria and the providing better atmosphere for tourisms the hotel enhanced the industrialization of the state.
Since 1983, Imo Concord Hotel has passed through five management groups.
In 1985 specifically, the state government took over the management, with the political instability at the time, incessant removal and reconstitution of board after board, the hotel was run around and patronage divided to its lowest ebb unit it had no choice but to close shop for many months.
On assumption of duty in 1999, the state governor, His Excellency, Chief Achike Udenwa under his redemption programme decided to renovate the hotel. After a thorough search, the contract to renovate the hotel was awarded to RHAS Nigerian Limited, a multinational construction, Engineering and management company in August 2000.
The hotel bounced back to business in December, 2000 and since then the hotel has hosted the president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and vice president, Alhaji Abubaka Atiku of the immediate past government, many governors, Diplomats, expatriates and business men.
Currently, the hotel is under the management of holidays and tours limited, an international hotel management group reputed for its transformation of hotel suites and resorts.
Imo Concord hotel and Casino ahs not only regained its pride of place in the five star categories but has become of the foremost tourism centres in the country today.

 Presidential Suit NUMBER OF ROOMS
One large living room with dinning area, two large adjoining bedrooms with suite facilities each bedroom with front and rear views ONE (1)
One bedroom and one living room 18
One living room and two bedrooms with suit facilities One (1)
Well equipped bedroom 203
Source: Field Survey

With the dwelling and virtually negative on industrial performance which is centralize on the increasing rate of human interest in the public and private sector. It becomes quite obvious about management apparent insensitivity to workers demand which has always been backed by industrial arbitration cases is always centered on the management inability to meet the means for the services is therefore the declining impact or industrial which had occurred as a result of poor administrative workers to conflict for superior performance.

The primary purpose of this study is to determine and intensify the IMPACT OF INDUSTRIAL conflict in public sector performance. In more specific terms, other objective include:
i. To identify the causes and impact of conflict
ii. To find out the importance and advantage derived from conflicts
iii. To suggest some solution or remedies to conflict.

Experience and empirical studies approved that people to a great extent, need to be carried along in order to harness the goals and objective of organization and more importantly, to prevent even from engaging in an act considered to be detrimental to the success of any establishment.
In view of this, this project work will attempt to address the following centered issues.
1. What are the immediate impacts of management apparent insensitivity to workers demands?
2. What are the factors responsible for the fallout between management and workers/employee?
3. To what extent has conflict eaten deep into the productivity output of an organization?

The outcome of the project has specially been designed to analyse and outline the various means of enhancing industrial and working environment in the public enterprises Imo state in particular and other government establishments in general. This research wok there fore provides a framework for employees of labour and management within the cover of the government. This study will help the management of Concord Hotels sees the need for industrial harmony, furthermore, this study will serve as a reference material not only for industrial relations, practitioners but also to student of business administration and researchers and other researchers who might carryout similar of further researcher in this area.
Finally, it is a requirement for the award of National Diploma.

The study is aimed at investigation impact of conflict on the achievement of purchasing goals and objectives it’s narrowed down to the Concord Hotels as a case study.

The area of the study covered during the research, the study was greatly affected by certain constraints, which become unavoidable within the time limit.
These factors of constraints are as follows:
i. COST FACTOR: Lack of adequate fund to match high price of thing i.e. materials, transportation greatly affected the researchers progress.
ii. TIME FACTOR: The researcher work has carried out under tight academic calendar this restricted the researchers ability to cover activities as such a schedule for the study.

 This is a continuing institutional process through management and worker representative (union) participate in the negotiation, administration interpretation and enforcement of within agreement.

PRODUCTIVITY: This is that rate at which workers of organization produces goods and the amount produced compared with how much time work an money is needed to produce the.
GRIEVANCE: This can be defined as alleged violation of an employee’s right reading to job dissatisfaction.
CONCESSION: A right or an advantage is observed by a group of people in an organization.
ARBITRATION: An official process an argument disagreement between management and employee through party who is not involved.
FRINGE BENEFIT: Extra things an employee gives you as well as your ways. The fringe benefits include free and insurance.
PRESUMPTION: The act of supporting that something true, although it has yet been proved or is not certain.
REDUNDANCY: Usually the situation when somebody has to work available for them.
SOPHISTICATION: Is having a lot of machine system etc. clever and complicated in the way that is works or is presented.
MISCONCEPTION: Is about something, a belief or an idea that is not based on correct information, or that is not understood by people.
DEVASTATION: Causing lot of damage and distraction.


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