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Impact of Motivation on Employees Performance in Zenith Bank Gwarimpa Abuja


 This study is aimed at determining the impact of motivation on employee’s job performance. (A case study of Zenith Bank Plc). The purpose here is to investigate and identify factors responsible for the current state of affairs and seek to find practical solution for lack of staff motivation and job performance. The research design is survey research design comprising of opinions, impressions and perceptions of the respondents. The sampling technique was simple random sampling and proportionate stratified random sampling. In sampling opinion to collect data, the questionnaire was used. In all, a population of 60 staff of Zenith Bank comprising, top management middle management and junior staff were administered the questionnaire. The questionnaires were administered to them but only 50 responded comprising 28 males and 22 females. Simple percentage and chi-square were used to analyze the data collected and test the hypothesis stated. The result from the test of the hypothesis indicated that, Commensurate salaries and allowance paid to employee’s of, Zenith Bank Plc would motivated them toward higher job performance and Promotion of employees as at when due will motivate them toward higher job performance. The researcher recommends that management of Zenith Bank Plc should try as much as possible to increase satisfaction of the employees who are not satisfied with salaries they are given to increase their inputs in the organization. The effects of this dissatisfaction can hinder the job performance of the organization.

Chapter one – Objectives of the Study

The objectives of the study are;

  1. To find out what constitutes motivations and job performance to employee
  2. To find out what motivated employee mostly in an organization.
  3. To diagnose some of the incentive given by Zenith bank Plc which have strengthened the relationship between motivations on employee’s job performance.
  4. To abstain what constitutes and efficient leadership style which will leads to increase in employee’s job performance.
  5. To find out if employees are trained as at when due in other to increase their job performance etc.

Chapter Two – Literature Review

The study will consider motivation in relation to the job performance. The analysis of the development stages of motivation and theories related to the concept shall be analyzed. The relationship between employer’s want and general nature of human wants as propagated by behavioral psychologist will be discussed. According to Oyedeji (1995-207) “motivation is the act of influencing a person to do something or behave in a particular way by providing an incentive which he could satisfy his desired need”. The issue of motivation of the study received considerable attention in the recent years due to its vast contribution in life. Nwachukwu (1992, PP 181) sees motivational “that energizing force that in dues or compels maintains behavior”.

According to him, “human behavior is motivated, it is goal directed.” It is not easy to motivate an individual, for the success of any motivational effort depends on the extent to which the motivator meets the needs of the individual employees for whom it is intended.

Nwachukwu further identified three basic characteristics of motivated behavior, which are as follows:

It results from a felt need: an urge directed towards a need.

It sustained: it is maintained for a long time until satisfied.

It is goal oriented: it sees to achieve an objective.

The topic of motivation has been of keen interest to managers and social scientists, especially within the past three decades. In this literature review, some of their findings will be surveyed within the individual and social perspective. Old and new theoretical perspective will be discussed in other to understand current knowledge about motivation and its relationship to work behavior and performance.

Chapter Three – The Methodology (Instrument for Data Collection)

Data collection relied on the following:

Questionnaire: questionnaire was administered to the staff of Zenith Bank Plc directly by the researcher though the researcher was assisted by some staff in distributing the questionnaire around and it was collected some days after and was returned properly filled.

Interviews especially the junior staff and the human resource manager.

Data were collected from available company documents such as:

(a)          Letters and memos

(b)          Circulars and directives

(c)           Company’s handbook of policies and procedures

(d)          The company’s website

(e)          Other available and relevant organization document.

Chapter Four – Data Analysis

The purpose of this chapter is to make a presentation of the data collected and analysis derivable from the parameter of interest. To achieve this purpose, a questionnaire was drawn up and administered on respondents who were staff of Zenith bank plc Gwarimpa. The areas covered in the questionnaire bother on the respondents‟ opinion on variables, which motivate or demotivate them and how these have impacted on their performance and attitude to work.

Chapter Five – Summary, Conclusion

The following conclusion where made from the findings of this empirical study:

Employees of zenith Bank Plc are not only motivated toward higher performance with only financial benefit but also with non-financial benefit such as medical care, Lunch subsidy, Transport allowance, Housing benefit etc.

They will also put in their best toward higher performance if they are reward of their effort and not when they are punished.

Also employee’s zenith Bank  Plc doesn’t  need  to  be coerced, threatened or forced before they can perform their task. That out of their free will, they can perform their task.

Zenith Bank Plc should keep adopting the on the job training for it employee in other to increase their job performance.


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