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This research work examined student’s teacher relationship on the socio-emotional development for students. Four schools were also selected out of which 25 students from each school giving total of 100 students. The instrument used for project is questionnaire in modified lucent scale containing 20 items which was used to obtain data from student and the data was analyzed.  From the analysis of data, it was found that student’s teacher relationship has significant impact on only one aspect of socio-emotional development of the students.


Chapter one

1.1     Introduction

1.2     Purpose of the study

1.3     Statement of the problem

1.4     Research questions

1.5     Significance of the study

1.6     Scope of study

1.7     Limitation of the study

1.8     Definition of terms

Chapter two

2.1         Literature review

2.2         Summary of literature review

Chapter three

Research methodology

3.1         Research design

3.2         Population

3.3         Selection of sample

3.4         Research instrument

3.5         Validation of instrument

3.6         Method of data collection

3.7         Method of data analysis

Chapter four

4.1         Data analysis

4.2         Discussion of results

Chapter five

5.1         Summary of findings

5.2     Conclusion

5.3     Recommendations






The socio-emotional context of children’s lives influences their ability to learn. Education is a major factor in the development and growth of society and its nature and goals depends on the society its nature itself. Educations in particular have been critically trying to provide solutions to the problem posed by socio-emotional behaviour of students in schools and society at large.

These limitation observed in the; lives of individual in the school system gave rise to multidimensional studies and research by people and scholars even outside the profession.

This state of affairs makes it all the more imperative for further and continuous study of the strategies for coping with social emotional problems among student’s adolescents and the totality of the larger society.

Socio-emotional problems are state of ill health in some student which   are not socially approved they found it difficult to cope with the social moral code of conduct of the society. He or she is a social misfit and a moral reprobate. Multiplicity of causative factors varies with each case and is relatively linked with each other (Abraham David 1960). Both psychologist and gerontologist have both agree that socio-emotional problems are early notice in students between the age of 12-19 years and these periods of adolescent.

According to the memorandum of the 1925 British tropical Africa (N.E.R.C.P31). Education system was supposed to provide all the basic necessities the child demand to equip and make him fit into the society with a viable undependable contribution of personal service to the development of the society. But the society seen to strip the child naked owing to it engineering policy, which rather are almost undermining has present and neglecting his interest. The inverse now be the case as a result of these malfunction of the society the teacher when a contrastive insight among the students have been able to note several differences in the behaviour of the student some of which are irrational and not acceptable to be satisfied for a moral conduct.

Among all these social emotional problems are inferiority complex, poor participation examination malpractice are fighting, sleeping in the class etc the teacher who uses the child centre method of teaching, the method that ensure the proper and active participation of the students in the class activities, thereby also help to maintain an unrestricted relationship with the child, these processes help the teacher to note the various differences amidst the students.

The contest here is not that the child is not educated but more attention needed to be paid and better treatment demanded to improve the condition of the student, because they are not educated enough.

Research has lead to support the fact that family background, environment, peers, personal and intelligence factors also determined the child disposition of his innate character in the classroom. Fimghe 1973 beer support to these this project is concerned with ascertaining the perceived student teacher relationship on their socio-emotional problems and finding solutions to improving the situation.


The aim of this study is to try as much as possible to pin point the strategies that can actually be use in coping with socio-emotional problems of students in secondary school adolescent by using personality test, aptitude test and achievement test six secondary school. Edo college, Immaculate Conception College, western boys high school, Russell secondary school and Imaguero college all in Benin city Edo state Nigeria


The seriousness of these socio emotionally problems experienced by the student, as noticed by the school authority might result to debate and comment by the public government Para stator and intelligent organization. The child might be a serious case in which both the parent and the teacher frantigue effort to avert social ill might prove abortive.

The contemporary changes in the western education and it miscellaneous norms and the recent improvement in the educational system lead to this phenomenon. This is as a result of students failure to meet up with their educational standard required of them by the school and the society at large all these form the lake of problem they found themselves and my optically seem to have turn their future opaque with required to western cultures the researcher will examine the following educational and social problems of student

1.    The effect of contemporary educational system on adolescent

2.    The types of socio emotional problems among student and their determine cause

3.    Finding out the socio emotional problems in the selected male/female schools

4.    Finding out the reaction of scholars to the problems and finding a lasting solution to them


In this study the following questions have been reviewed

1.    Is there significant difference in emotional difference in emotional responses between male and female student in secondary school

2.    Is there significant difference in perceived student teacher relationship between male and female and female student in secondary schools

3.    Does the emotional responses of student in different classes in secondary school differ

4.    Is there significant difference in student’s teacher relationship between students in different class?

5.    Do differences occur in emotional response between students in different class?

6.    Do differences occur in emotional response between students in difference school?


1.    There is difference in emotional responses between male and female student in secondary school

2.    There is significant difference in student teacher relationship between male and female student in secondary school

3.    There is no significant difference in emotional responses of students in different class in secondary school

4.    There is no significant difference in perceived student teacher relationship between student in different classes

5.    There us significant difference in emotional responses between student in secondary school


These studies help to expose the hidden nagging ill experiences by the students and help to give lasting solutions to them avoiding it further occurrence In case of any future eruption.

It is hoped that the recommendations that will be made based on the findings of the study will be useful to teachers, principles, private and public institutions and the government in general


1.    SOCIAL EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS: these are characters observed by teacher in student, which does not confound to the uniformity of the social code of conduct of school

2.    STUDENT TEACHER: these is the ability of the teacher to make the student fill certain amount of liberty during discussion class

3.    EDUCATION: the act of improving the mind and quality of an individual


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