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This study is aimed at looking at leadership behaviour of secondary Technical school principals and productivity in Aba urban.

To carry out this research, 4 technical school has been chosen in Aba Urban which constitute the study Area. The population consists of 10 teachers from each of the four selected schools summing it to 40 teachers.

The questions will basically be directed to the teachers at the  selected secondary technical schools because they have direct and daily contact with the principals an d are in better position to make a near accurate judgment of the behavioural styles of their principals.

At the end of the studies it is expected that findings will be made  of the prevalent leadership behavourial style of the principals of there selected on the staff and students productivity and also suggestions will be made concerning this based on the result of the findings.



Leadership is the behaviour of an individual when he is directing the activities of group towards a purpose leading involves living by example for the followers to follow

Leadership behaviour according to Hemphil and loons (1955) is defined as the behaviour of the formally group. Leading people implies follow- shipping depending on the needs of those being bed, their wishes desires and attitude can be directed towards organizational goal. A good leader inspires confidence in others when despair and shimber appears around the corner.

Leadership behaviour of principals in secondary schools are dispensable tool fro effective administration and helps in the projection an d promotion of learning in schools. Good leadership behaviour help school administrator to achieve their aim and objectives of education which one of it is to improve and increase human knowledge capability in doing things. To lead means to guide in a direction, course, action and the like. (corbalhy 1975).

A leader should seek to develop good leadership behaviour with his subordinate, to achieve this, he must first of all win genuine respect fro his own leadership abilities and his leadership must be derived from functions, that is what is capable of doing and also what he does and not from status alone.

Principals through their leadership behaviour should inspire confidence in the staff, students and other interest groups in the school setting . Since school is a social institution the leadership behaviour that should be adopted should be one that accommodates discipline within the working environment, promote productivity and finally instill hard work in the minds of those being let.

This study will try to find out the leadership behaviour of principals of school, the impact of these styles an recommendations be made based on the finding.


Leadership behaviour or style is very important as it is one of the determinants of any organization progress or downfall. For any firm or group of people to be on the progressive side, the leaders should maintain a high degree of cooperation, motivation communication amongst its suborning.

In essence leadership behaviour of principal greatly affect the growth progress of teaching and learning in secondary school because it is the cornerstone of the school. Leader style pose as an obstacle or may act as a boost towards the performance of teachers and students’ in the field of learning. Invariably it can bring disharmony and disagreement between staffs and students, principals and staff etc.

In is pertinent to say that leadership behaviour of principals should be one that should bring harmony, peace, and agreement in the management of schools so as to promote a conducive atmosphere for learning and also a healthy environment for teachers or staffs with their principals which will in the long run help the  students to better people in the society.

This study therefore fries to fund out the leadership taints of secondary technical principals, kits benefits and shortcomings, suggestions will also be made on the best leadership style to adopt in schools which will promote a serene environment fro the leader and the subordinate.


To investigate on the leadership style of principals of technical schools in Aba urban and also ways to improve the behavioural style so as to so the learning environment


1.     Leadership style of the principals of secondary technical schools in Aba urban.

2.     The impact of the leadership behaviour of the  principal on the  staff.

3.     To find out whether age and experience affect leadership behaviour of these principals

4.     To find out the level of productivity of the different leadership behaviour of the principals.


In order to help achieve the aim of the study, these questions have         been adduced, they are as follows:-

1.     What are the leadership style of principals of technical secondary schools in Aba urban.

2.     Does the leadership behaviour of principals affect relationship between staff and the principal.

3.     Does Age and experience affect the leadership style of principals in technical schools.

4.     Does leadership traits affect the productivity of staff in schools.


The study will cover only about 4 selected secondary technical schools in Aba urban. This selection is made so as to allow the researcher make a thorough investigation on the work and also come up with a clear-cut result that will help in making suggestions that are based on the findings.

This study will go a long way to help in defining lines and boundaries acceptable for both staff and principals which will  invariably help in promoting a conducive atmosphere for learning in schools.


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