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Leadership Style and Organizational Productivity; A Case of Efex Executive Benin City


This study investigated the relationship between leadership style and organizational productivity within EFEX Executives, Benin City, using a quantitative survey research design. A structured questionnaire was devised to gather data from a sample of 120 respondents comprising employees within the organization. The collected data were then presented and analyzed utilizing SPSS27 software. The hypotheses formulated were tested using the t-test statistical method. The findings of the study revealed significant associations between leadership style and organizational productivity, as evidenced by the perceptions and attitudes of respondents towards various leadership practices. Specifically, the results indicated that leadership style significantly influenced employee engagement, motivation, and job satisfaction levels, thereby impacting overall organizational performance. Moreover, the study identified challenges associated with different leadership styles and proposed recommendations aimed at enhancing leadership effectiveness and driving organizational success. In conclusion, the study has contributed to existing knowledge by advancing understanding of the intricate relationship between leadership style and organizational productivity. By identifying key factors influencing leadership effectiveness and employee outcomes within EFEX Executives, Benin City, the study has provided valuable insights for organizational leaders and practitioners seeking to optimize leadership practices and foster a positive work environment. Furthermore, the findings underscored the importance of continuous improvement, employee engagement, and strategic leadership development initiatives in driving sustainable growth and success within organizations. Based on these findings, recommendations were proposed to enhance leadership effectiveness, improve employee engagement, and drive organizational productivity, thereby contributing to the overall advancement of organizational theory and practice.



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