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Chapter One on Nysc Orientation Camp Owerri Imo State


       The fact that Nigeria could embark on and sustain a three year civil war dedicate to the simple but basic slogan that “to keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done marked the turning point in the inevitable long drawn process of welding together into one nation the adverse people that together make up Nigerian.

This is not the place to agree about the right and wrongs of the events that led to the civil war but the point which is being made is fact that our  willingness to sure Nigeria from disintegration at colossal, human and materials lost was the  beginning  of the foundation of modern Nigeria.

The them, federal military government realized that more positive measures were called for to consolidate our gains in the task of nation building and integration in order to make further progress possible. It had become abundantly dear to discerning observes of the Nigerian political science that to build enduring national unity. Nigerian youths from all ethnic groups

  • On got to be mobilized and put in the fore front of the task of nation building and integration and
  • Patriots in, dedication to the Nigerian nation hood and mutual respect for and understanding of the different ethnic groups that constitute the people of Nigerian ought to be deliberately engineered.

The realization that the youths, particularly our educated youths had a civilian role to play was brought vividly home to policy makers during the civil war. University students at ibadan, ife, Lagos and Anmedu Beto Craved to be conscripted into armed forces during the war and thereafter, they yearned to play a positive role in the achievement of the objectives of the three RS (Rehabilitation, Reconciliation and Reconstruction).

Most people accepted the imperative necessity for post civil war of Nigeria to indelicate as a matter of deliberate policy, the quality of leadership in her most educated and enlightened youths from among whose ranks leaders in all walks of life are recruited most people accepted he right of the Government to promoted national unity by widening their horizon thought service in parts of the country other than those in which they were born, raised and educated.

Given the trend flat was rapidly emerging it was (and indeed still is) possible for a well educated Nigerian to spend all of his life in one state or in one part of the country without knowing the other part.

This was the trend which the NYSC scheme was set up in May 1973 to arrest.



       A thorough study of the existing  NYSC orientation camp or camps in the country  has shown that home of them occupies any purpose made buildings this has constituted a lot of problem in the smooth- running of both the NYSC scheme and its administration.

The office spaces are too small for comfort, inadequate buildings are not maintained, climatic conditions are not considered both in their orientation choice of materials etc.

This dissertation aims primarily at carrying out intensive study on these inadequacies in the camp and analyzing these situation so as to enable me evolve a design functionally, structurally and  aesthetically suitable for the smooth running of the NYSC orientation camp, Owerri.



The project is for Imo state “Imo state NYSC permanent orientation camp.

It is to house the Nigeria corpers who are doing their one year services in Imo state.

It is made up of many department and offices it will as well give room for administrative works.



              My limitation during this project research work was as follows;

  • Uncooperative attitude of some NYSC orientation officials sometimes they made it in possible for me to get the needed information from them.
  • The security nature of the existing ones made it impossible or me to take necessary pictures
  • Financial constraint.


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