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Get complete work with source code on Design and Implementation of Online Admission Screening System




Student admissions are playing very important role in major activities of any Institution as the basic requirement of the university and without students, institutions cannot survive. An inefficient admission application system may reduce the number of admitted student in the esteemed institution because of its human intervention and naturally, human are prone to error.

The focus of this project work is to develop an automated admission system that shall bring about this paradigm shift, in other to proffer solution to the challenges inherent in the existing system implemented by Lagos state polytechnic. The proposed system: Automated admission processing System shall be developed using HTML, CSS and PHP as the font end, and MY SQL database management system as the back end.Desile,M. (2009)



Student admission processing as being done presently by Lagos state polytechnic is still similar to manual processing despite that students completes their application form online. The existing system has the following drawbacks.

  • Slow operation due to human intervention.
  • Delayed information retrieval as a result of heavy web-contents.
  • Prone to error due to little data validation.
  • Unfriendly or difficult to use interface.
  • High cost of operation.
  • Application still ends up looking more like a manual process because there is no feature that supports decision in the current information system.

This project is aimed at providing an automated online admission processing system that will helpincrease speed of processing student admission and help reduce or eliminate work by automating the admission process to the most convenient.


The aim of this research work is to critically assess the collection and processing of student admission form process in order to identify issues encountered in the system, so as to design a new system that will help reduce or completely eradicate the identified problems.



The objectives of this research work are stated below:

  • Study the existing system in order to get a full understanding of it.
  • Identify problems of the existing system.
  • Alleviate problems with the application process and record keeping.
  • Enhance the institution document management system.
  • Make the system easier to use for even students with less computer knowledge
  • Provide easy retrieval of student’s data.
  • Make the web contents lighter to enhance retrieval speed even on slow internet.



The scope of this study is centered on designing an automated web-based application software for student admission processing. The system is strictly based on student’s application processing, record keeping and information retrieval in Lagos State Polytechnic. It will also be capable of shortlisting admissible students and will make them available for a final administrator approval before they are offered a provisional admission.



The automated admission processing system will help reduce some of the laborious work involve in student admission processing, maximized returns for the institution, provide a friendly user interface to users.



Automation: The replacement of human workers by technology; A system in which a workplace or process has been converted to one that replaced or ministries human labour with electronic or mechanical equipment.

Admission: The process of accepting students for study at an institution.

Processing: To deal with somebody or something according to an established procedure.

System: Set of computer components which are an assembly of computer Hardware, Software and peripherals functioning together.

Computerized: Convert to computer – based system to install or start using a computer system to organize, control, or automate something.

Online: Connected via computer attached to or available via a central computer or computer network.

Offline: Disconnected from computer Network; Describes a computer terminal or peripheral device that is disconnected or is functioning separately from associated computer or computer network.

Web: A complex structure, or design www: computer-based network of information resources that combines text and multimedia. The information on the www can be accessing and search through the internet, a global computer network.

Database: Any collection of data organized for storage in a computer memory and designed for easy access by authorized users.

Database Update: This simply means applying and maintaining changes on a database after data must have been added, removed or modified

System Administrator: This is a person responsible for maintaining and operating a computer system.

Password: This is a secret code that a user must type into a computer to enable him access it or its applications. This is made up of numbers; letters, special characters or a contribution of any of the above categories.



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