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Caesarean section is an operative procedure that is carried out under anaesthesia where by the fetus, placenta and membranes are delivered through an incision in the abdominal wall and the uterus (Cooper et al, 2010). It may be planned (elective) or unplanned (emergency), where the health of the mother or baby is at risk. This surgery is usually carried out from 24 weeks of gestation onwards.

The elective caesarean sections are usually scheduled to take place when the pregnancy has reached term but before labour begins (usually performed within 37 – 40 week). Emergency caesarean sections are performed when vaginal delivery poses risk to either mother or baby; it is done to reduce mortality and morbidity. This type of operation is done in cases such as; a breech presentation,  n pregnancies, big babies, a history of uterine surgeries, etc.

Majority of expectant mothers especially, those with certain pregnancy – related conditions, such as pregnancy – induced hypertension, multiple pregnancy, hydrocephalus, are usually operated on, as part of the intentions of the Ministry of Health to provide complete and comprehensive care to clients in order to reduce maternal mortality.

The notion that one is being admitted to hospital, for what is perceived a major surgery can be a cause of significant anxiety for clients, and this is neither new nor unexpected (Baylack, 2005).

Women who undergo caesarean section have been observed to have a higher incidence of fear and concerns which is due to inadequate psychological preparation, their feminity being tampered, inability to bear children, the effect on their marriages or sexuality, death of the child and mother and contracting other diseases. (Cooperet al, 2010).

Project Topics

According to the Nigeria Health Service,(2000), in the 1990’s, out of 100,000 deliveries, 680 women died, through spontaneous vaginal delivery because of various gynaecological conditions. This study aims to assess the perception of pregnant women in ovia south west on cecarean section. The study focused on the perceptions of fear.


  1. To determine the perception among expectant women scheduled for caesarean section.
  2. To examine the coping mechanisms adopted by expectant mothers scheduled for caesarean
  3. To determine the role of the nurse on the expectant women scheduled for caesarean


To achieve the set objectives the study seeks to answer the following questions;

  1. What are the perceptions among expectant women scheduled for caesarean section?
  2. What are the coping mechanisms these women adopt before and after surgery?
  3. What is the role of the nurse in ensuring that the patient’s fear is allayed?


This study is intended to help individuals who are involved in the care of the expectant women to identify such patients’ unique needs prior to surgery and to develop good counselling skills to enhance better coping mechanisms amongst them.

The result of the study will also serve as reference for student researchers who will be interested to undertake similar study.


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