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The purpose of this project work was to investigate the course of indiscipline behavior among secondary school student in Oredo and proffer solution to them. This study involved five secondary schools which were selected in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State. Questionnaire was administered for the purpose of this study. The questionnaire was distributed to the teacher, the respondents to this research work were so teacher with 10 teacher picked equally from each of the schools. Evidence from this report made us to be award of a wide rage of series of indiscipline in school and suggestions were made as to improve it. In conclusion, to minimize indiscipline in secondary schools, it was recommended that teachers should maintain close cordial relationships with their students.


CHAPTER ONE           


Background of the study

Statement of the problems

Objectives of the study

Research questions

Significance of the study

Scope of the study

Limitations of the study

CHAPTER TWO          

Literature Review

parents influence on career choice.



Research design

Population of the study

Sample size/sampling techniques

Sources of data collection

Method of data collection

Method of data analysis


Data Presentation and Analysis

CHAPTER FIVE           

Summary of Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations

Summary of findings








The problem of indiscipline among students in most secondary schools in Nigeria was assumed an alarming proportion in recent times, since the cast decade, so much that it has become a thing of great concern not only to teachers and principals but the government and the society in general. Such cases of indiscipline are witnessed everyday and rare also reported the press and electronic media.

The national concord of 12th May, 1986, stated that a junior student was almost beaten to death in Onitsha on 4th and 7th July 1985. There was also a flash on the Nigeria Television Authority (N.T.A) channel 10, Lagos of a very shameful incident of some secondary school students who went out of satisfy their sex urges at the Bar-Beach

Professor Jubril Aminu in his article on “indiscipline among student” in daily sketch November 19, 1985 commented that there is gross indiscipline in Nigeria school system. He said, among other thing, that there was an urgent need to ensure that youth grows to be discipline citizens.

This is further supported by the profound proverb of Solomon which stated “train up a child in the way he should grow and when he is old, he will not depart from it” this proverb contain the essence of child development psychology. Many observers of children developmental, psychologist, sociologists etc in most cases blame, these cases of indiscipline on teachers and parents.

This study is therefore conducted to find out the root cases of indiscipline among secondary school students in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State, and proffering solution to it.

The prevalent disciplinary problems among secondary school students in Oredo Local Government Area include protest against teacher or school administration, stealing, lying, assault, disobedience, fighting and sexual immorality etc for instance, students of SSS 2 of (I.C.E) institute of continuous Education demonstrated and a fight broke out between them and Ihogbe, if not for the quick intervention of the board governor, and the representative of the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) the school should have witnessed a serious riot.

In Nigeria at present, huge sum of money are being spent on educational programmers at primary, secondary and tertiary level. To raise Nigeria to a develop Nation; we need therefore, a solid educational programmed that will in turn produced discipline citizens. In the field of science, economic, commerce, countries such as the US, Canada, Japan, China etc achieved their greatness through discipline and good education system.

Education therefore attains more from both national and state government’s attention among other priorities.

Unfortunately, the school which is supposed to be a major institution for socialization in recent years has become a training ground for various acts of indiscipline. Who said? That there has been a mounting general concern in the nation over the rapid decline in our primary, post primary and tertiary institutions of learning, therefore, learning cannot take place under a chaotic situation.


The base problem in this study is to investigate the not causes of indiscipline among secondary schools in Oredo local Government Area of Edo State. The following are intended to be the thrust of the investigation.

i)                    To what extent are teachers responsible for acts of indiscipline?

ii)                  What effects have rigid rules and regulation I school discipline in Oredo?

iii)                Do parent contribute to the acts of indiscipline among secondary school students?

iv)                Must student participate in decision making process of their school before they can obey school rules and regulation?

v)                  What part does the school administration play indiscipline among secondary school students in Oredo?

vi)                Does the mass media have impact on indiscipline among secondary students?


Acts of indiscipline among our youth have over the years post serious problem but it has now reach an alarming rate, yet in spite of all the effort made by both the central, state and local government toward curbing this menace, it still persists. It is in the light of this that, this study intends to examine the root causes of indiscipline and proffer solution to them.

This research aims at investigating the following

–          How rigid rules and regulation in Oredo schools affects indiscipline among secondary schools in Oredo

–          How the teachers contribute to the act of indiscipline among secondary schools in Oredo

–          How students involvement in decision making of the school in Oredo.

–          How mass media influences discipline among schools in Oredo.

–          How school administration affects discipline.


The significance of this study is that its findings would be of tremendous helpeducation students, teachers, principal, parents, the governments and all others concerned with the learning process of students both within and outside Oredo, for example, if the recommendation of the study are considered, the heavy losses usually suffered by the community and the nation in general in terms of property and manpower due to students unrest would be minimized: if not totally eliminated parents would be retrieved of the inherent fears and anxieties about the behavior patterns of their children in the secondary school as they would gain insight into what the problem of the children are and how to treat them in acceptable manner both at home and in school. School management replaces the old traditional method. As a result of this, combination gap existing in schools would be bridged. In short an atmosphere would be created work students would be able to properly master skills and be members of purposefully active groups.

Teachers, who are posted to secondary schools either on teaching practice or permanent, appointments would ready know the cause of anti-social behaviors in schools. The study is also significant for its usefulness to the country. If the citizens of any society and disciplined such as society spend use to maintain law and order and the country will benefit fully from the massive in investments which she as making to expand their educational programmers

Students also stand to gain, this study, if the teaching and learning atmosphere is conductive, student tend to learn and understand.


The following research questions have been formulated for the study

–          Does peer group influence affect discipline in school?

–          Does bad home influence contribute to indiscipline in schools?

–          Does bad and autocracy school administration contribute to indiscipline in schools?

–          Does exposure to mass media contribute to indiscipline in schools?

–          Does the behavior of some teachers affect discipline in schools?


This study was originally designed to embrace all the secondary school in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State, but only five secondary schools in Oredo Local Government Area were selected which are:

i)                    Emotan College

ii)                  New  Era College

iii)                Paragon Comprehensive College

iv)                Immaculate Conception College

v)                  Iyobosa Secondary School


Discipline- This is the manifestation of proper conduct of good behavior

Indiscipline – the behavior that shows disregard for authority

Anti- social behavior – Behaviors that oppose to social laws or norms of organized society

Respondents – those that answer the questionnaire

Menace – threat or to be in danger, harm

Education – these include principals, teachers and education officials

Secondary school – post primary institution

Delinquency – mis-deed or offence committed.


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