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A description is presented for extending reliability
analysis concepts or probabilistic approach to the formation of
design equations and compliances on sites to the equations. The
design equations for concrete structural elements were reviewed.
The test gave very reasonable prediction of how reliably the
design equations are and the compliance of workmanship to the
design equations requirements. The First Order Reliability Method
(FORM) was reviewed as a basis for the study in which the
inherent uncertainties in material and geometric properties
together with loading conditions were explicitly considered.
A FORTRAN 77 computer program was followed to compute the
reliability levels implicit in the design equations in respect of
field tested values of structural elements like slabs, beams and
short columns. The statistical values for the design variables
were based on information obtained from sites.
The results obtained showed that with all the basic
variables assuming normal distribution, the implicit reliability
levels, (3, range from 4.96541 to 7.2113 for short columns, the
interpretation of this high value of reliability level is due to
the fact that on all sites there are good quality control and
good workmanship, which results in small coefficient of
The variations of reliability level with span, varying
compressive strength, yield strength were compared.

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