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The repair and recommissioning of the process heat transfer apparatus was done in the pilot plant of chemical engineering department of institute of management and technology (IMT) Enugu. The repair work was done under the supervision  and direction  of an experienced technician the repair work was initiated by troubleshooting which revealed the faulty parts of the apparatus, then followed by the search of material for construction of the damaged parts and reconstructioning of parts, polishing and Assembling of the parts, Electrical wiring which was performed by an electrician. However, the construction and reconstructioning of the parts was done in the mechanical engineering  pilot plant of Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu. The following parts were repaired. Electric motor, electric pump switches (I, 2,3 and 4), ceiling rose, hose, clips, plug and bolts. As the end of the repair, the process heat transfer apparatus become functional and can be used to perform practical works in determining the rate of heat  transfer and equality of heat transferred from one source or body to another this report contains the steps (procedures) taken to achieve the aims as stated under aims  and objectives of the project.




Project Topics

In the past years, when industries were trying to maneuver their was into the production of goods on large scale without much waste form the available raw materials, certain variables like temperature applies to fluids or rather dictated from body, fluid flow rate, pressure etc. This led to loss of valuable materials, wastes of money (capital) and many other factors which were considered in order for such problem as waste to be properly handled likewise in the pilot plant where there is production of goods in small scale, some of the problems mentioned above were also encountered and was able to be corrected using temperature control apparatus usually referred to as process heat transfer apparatus.

This process heat transfer equipment apparatus was developed as a result of the need of heat or in an attempt to reduce the quantity of heat or amount of heat entering or leaving a process plant so that only that required amount quantity of heat to obtain the best required amount quantity of heat to obtain the best product or to balance the generated heat is obtained.

From this it can be understood without bias that, this is why fluids must either be heated or cooled in a wide range of plant such as furnaces, evaporators, distillation units, dryers and reaction vessels (reactors).

This problem of control of flow of heat from a hot to cold vessel or system and vice versa form one of the most important areas of chemical engineering.


In the pilot plant of chemical Engineering, Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu, Nigeria, the process heat transfer apparatus which is used in impacting practical knowledge of theories received in the lecture hall (room) in the students ran down and to needed to be brought back to performance.

Few students were selected to execute the task and this report is a research work carried out by the concerned students.


The purpose of this research is as follows

i.            To bring the components parts of this equipment/apparatus back to functionality.

ii.          To provide a process heat transfer apparatus that transfers heat multidirectional clonally away from an apparatus that generates heat.

iii.        To provide a process heat transfer apparatus that can be used as either a heat sink, a heat dissipative pin or as a cooling fin or in application where thermal conduction in required of a plate-shaped content.

iv.         To provide a process heat transfer apparatus that is an effective thermal conductor and light weight

v.           To provide a process heat transfer apparatus that provides a configuration in which heat flux is relatively constant along paths through the process heat transfer apparatus.

vi.         To provide a process heat transfer apparatus that provides a direct thermal path along the fibre axis from the surface of the process thermal heat transfer apparatus to its edges.


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