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In to day’s word of mass media advertisement are ever-present and influence people to high extent. It can be said that advertising, as a phenomenon has rapidly developed for the past few decades, thus becoming a futile ground for good communication, and the starting point for making sense of what is bees communicated, is that the participants (writer-reader, sender-receiver, producer-consumer, addresser-addressee etc) cooperate each other (Yule, 2002, 35).

Semantic analysis of language Advertisement in Daily Trust and Vanguard newspaper is an essay to investigates in to enigma aspects of Nigeria  newspaper  i.e Daily Trust and Vanguard.

It is quite clear that Nigeria English is enhancing effective communication to their readers. And in other ways round the English is also affected by culture in a context that people use it.

Furthermore,  the   research  work  has   shown  that  Nigeria

Project Topics

English helps to project its speakers as Nigerians.




The study is an attempt to analyse semantic aspect of language of advertisement in Daily Trust and the Vanguard Newspapers. This chapter serves as the general introduction to the entire work as it discusses the background to the study, statement of the problem, objectives, significance of the study as well as the scope and delimitations among others.


In semantics, we tend to derive meanings from words and utterances and by so doing, we try to understand what a sentence is trying to say or portray. The following are problems that have been examined in this research work: to identify the type of language used, the kind of language used in advertisement in Daily trust and vanguard news papers, and to identify whether or not the language used in advertisement are easily understood.


Researchers in describing Semantics, examine what signs mean in particular languages. The aim, for instance, to identify what constitutes nouns or noun phrases and verbs or verb phrases. For some languages such as English, this is done with subject predicate analysis. For some other languages without clear-cut distinctions between nouns, verb and prepositions, it is possible what the signs mean by analyzing the structure are called propositions. In such analysis a sign is seen as an operator that combines with one or more arguments (also sign)- often nominal arguments (noun phrases)- or relates nominal arguments to other elements in the expression (such as prepositional phrases or adverbial phrases) (Encarta, 2009).

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