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This study analyses some selected Nigerian English expressions. The expressions context are made up of forty (40) established English expression interpreted based on meaning and level of intelligibility which access whether they are typically Nigerian English expressions or not. In presenting the data, table were used, this enabled the researcher to present the meaning and intelligibility assessment of the selected Nigerian English. There are four tables in all representing different sub-heading under them. On the level of intelligibility assessment, the failure has the highest figure than those who succeeded.



This chapter discusses the background of the study, statement of the problem, aims and objectives of the study, the scope of the study, significant of the study, research methodology and model of approach adopted in analyzing the work.

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The importance of language to man is inestimable especially when human interaction is considered. An effective communication processing approach should remain the bedrock of any language study. Linguistics of all persuasions seems to agree that a language should be viewed as a system, a set of elements, each of which has a function of contributing to the working of the whole (Beangrande and Oressler 1992:3) language and society develop side by side and social change brings about linguistics change.

The global spread of the English language as one of the most far reaching linguistic phenomena of our time is already an established fact evidence of the world wide phenomenon of language contact variation and change can be seen through such designations as world English new English, Modern English, West African English, south African English, Australian English, Indian English to mention just a few.

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