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Staff Training As An Effective Tool In Enhancing Staff Performance (Case Study Of Cometstar, Agbara, Ogun State)


This study examines the role of effective communication on managerial performance using Elizade Nigeria Limited as a case study. The survey research method was adopted for the study and the study relied much on secondary and primary data. The population of this research work was drawn from the senior and junior staff of Elizade Nigeria Limited. The population is made up of 150 senior and 350 junior staff. The sample size of 120 was determined using Simple Random Sampling (SRS). The questionnaire distributed or administered was carefully and structural design to collect relevant data from the research respondents. Hundred and twenty questionnaire were distributed and hundred (100) questionnaires was successfully collected from the respondents. The simple percentage is used to present and analyzed the data collected. Chi-square (X2) was used to analysis the hypotheses. For instant, there is a significant relationship between effective communication and managerial performance. The findings from the study show that effective communication is the remedy to effective and efficient management performance of employees in an organization. The researcher recommends among others that there is need for every organization to endeavour integral part of its management strategies and map out a strategic ways of storing information’s; for this will also reduce loss of essential information and it will help to minimize organizational conflict, less understanding and enhance information management.




Communication is essential for effective functioning in every part of an organization. Although, marketing, production, finance, personnel and maintenance departments may receive direction from corporate goals and objectives, communication links them together and facilitates organizational success. The importance of effective communication for managers cannot be overemphasized, for one specific reason: everything a manager does, involves communicating. Communication ia needed to increase efficiency, satisfy customers, improve quality and create innovative products.

Effective communication is so important for organizational success that not only managers, but also their employees must be effective communicators. Thus, one role of a manager is to help employees improve their communication skill. When all members of a team, department, or organization are able to communicate effectively with each other and with people outside their group, they are much more likely to perform well. The successful manager therefore needs effective communication skills.

The importance of communication cannot be underestimated, it can be compared to the blood that runs through the veins and arteries of human body because the function of integration, maintained, orientation, decision making and the growth of organization member are performed through it.


The environmental and objective of managing may differ between large and small business, between businesses and other kinds of organized enterprises and between differing cultures in areas of economic and social development.

The researcher therefore believes that managerial functions are basically the same but at various degree of performance. This study seeks to examine how effective communication holds the key to improved managerial performance. At times, individuals with little or no qualifications find themselves holding managerial positions in a company. This lack of competence leads to wrong decision especially when subordinates are not consulted.

The lack of intra-communication facilities like intercoms and memos, this leads to ignorance on the part of the subordinate, about the aim and the objective of the company as well as the standard expected of them. This could lead to liaises faire attitudes to work, which is harmful to the growth and progress of the company. As a result of all the above problems outlined, this study intends to elaborate on how effective communication is an impetus for managerial performance.

  • To examine communication system in an organization.
  • To examine how effective communication system improves managerial performance
  • To identify barriers and breakdowns in communication system.
  • To suggest approaches and techniques to improve or achieve an effective communication system.
  • To examine the communication system of Elizade Nigeria Limited, Lagos.
  • What is the role or function of a communication system in an organization?
  • Does effective communication system improve managerial performance?
  • What are barriers and breakdowns in a communication system?
  • What are approaches and techniques to achieve an effective communication system?
  • What is the state of communication system at Elizade Nigeria Limited, Lagos?

Hypothesis One

H0: There exist no significant relationship between effective communication and managerial performance.

H1: There exist significant relationship between effective communication and managerial performance.

Hypothesis Two

H0: Effective communication system is not an impetus to managerial performance.

H1: Effective communication system is an impetus to managerial performance.



It is understood that management performance, by executing the four management functions can be improved through effective communications thereby aiding the organization to achieve its goal.

This study would aid students, managers in the making and managers of organizations. It would aid students studying administration or management to understand how communication is vital to managerial efficiency. Thus, the study would enable them to startup well when establishing or when heading an enterprise or organization. As regards to those who are already managers, the study would help them to achieve their goal or improve on their performance through effective communication.


The scope of this study is to critically examine the role of effective communication as an impetus for managerial performance using Elizade Nigeria Limited, Lagos as a case study.


The followings are the limitations or constrains experienced:

  • Time: The researcher did not have adequate time as wished due to other important or urgent academic activities.
  • Cost: The cost of gathering together the materials for the research was very high due to sudden high cost of things generally as a result high exchange rate of dollar to naira.
  • Epileptic Power Supply: The researcher could not maximize the available time for the research work due to unsteady power supply especially at night


Elizade Nigeria Limited, started business as an automobile marketing company in 1971, although the company had been registered three years earlier as Elizade Trading Stores, handling general textile sales including underwears. By 1973, the company was incorporated as Elizade Nigeria Limited. The company evolved to a dealer of only Toyota Vehicles and spare parts in Nigeria in 1976. Over the years, the company have consistently been marketing, selling and servicing Toyota Vehicles in Nigeria. And today, Elizade is clearly ranked as the no. 1 Toyota dealer in Nigeria. The company superior performance in sales and service delivery as a result of years of experience has given Elizade a strong corporate image, which has served as a guarantee of value to customers.

In 1996, Elizade Nigeria Limited went into partnership with R.T Briscoe and East Asiatic Company (EAC) Japan, to establish Toyota Nigeria Limited in Nigeria. Today, Toyota Nigeria Limited is the sole importer and distributor of Toyota vehicles in Nigeria, with a turnover of about N 33 billion naira, an authorized share capital of about N750 million and a total asset base of about N8.1 billion.

1.8.1   The Vision of Elizade Nigeria Limited

The dream that gave birth to Elizade started with the relationship between Chief Ade-Ojo and his wife Mrs Elizabeth Wuraola Ojo, when both met as students at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka in the early 60s. Chief Ade-Ojo decided to establish and run a business of his own within 10 years of his working life. The name, ELIZADE – coined from “Elizabeth” his wife’s first name and “Ade” his own middle name instantly struck him as a viable company name. Thus, Chief Ade-Ojo registered a business name, which he called Elizade Trading Stroes. It was one of the first business names in Nigeria to have evolved from an inspiration triggered by nuptial union. That inspiration has remained the main propelling force behind Elizade’s success over the years. Therefore in quick succession, Elizade Trading Stores, which handled general textile sales (including underwear), was followed with Elizade Independent Agencies (formed in 1971) with a focus on automobile marketing.

This business expanded quickly, with Toyota as the main product. In June 1973, the company was formally incorporated as Elizade Nigeria Limited and in 1976, the company secured a Federal Government license, along with four other firms, to become a direct distributor of Toyota vehicles and spare parts in Nigeria. Notably, of the four firms so licensed in 1976, only Elizade Nigeria Limited still remains afloat till today. (www.elizade.net, 2016)

  • Communication: Communication (from Latin communicare, meaning “to share”) is the act of conveying intended meaning to another entity through the use of mutually understood signs and semiotic rules. The basic steps of communication are the forming of communicative intent, message composition, message encoding, transmission of signal, reception of signal, message decoding and finally interpretation of the message by the recipient (Wikipedia, 2016)
  • Effective: Having the desired result (Businessdictionary, 2016)
  • Impetus: A force that helps something to happen or develop more quickly (Macmillan dictionary, 2016)
  • Managerial: The ability to make business decisions and lead subordinates within a company or an organization (businessdictionary, 2016)
  • Performance: The accomplishment of a given task measured against preset known standards of accuracy, completeness, cost and speed (businessdictionary, 2016)
  • Organization: A business or social unit of people that is structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals (businessdictionary, 2016)



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