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A Survey Of Welfare Packages Available To Employees Of The Nigeria Railway Corporation And The Effect On Their Performance

Abstract of A Survey Of Welfare Packages Available To Employees Of The Nigeria Railway Corporation And The Effect On Their Performance

This research work, investigation welfare packages available to the employees of the Nigeria railway corporation, Enugu and effects on their performance. To conduct the study, a well structured questionnaire validated by three experts in secretarial studies at the Federal Polytechnic Oko and Osisatech polytechnic Enugu. About 298 questionnaire were distributed to correspondents. The completed questionnaires were presented in the table and analysis using percentage scores. A sample of 230 was drawn from the population of 296 using stratified random sampling.

From the analysis of the data collected, it was found that employees in Nigeria railway corporation are not adequately motivated and the welfare packages available to them are very few and such that will not motivate the employees to higher productivity.

Some recommendations were made to the organization on how employees will be motivated better to bring maximum productivity. Management should hence forth make the employees benefits in the organization a permanent reward. Employees should be involved in decision making, bonus and in service training should be given as well.

Chapter one of A Survey Of Welfare Packages Available To Employees Of The Nigeria Railway Corporation And The Effect On Their Performance



Benefits and services represent a tangible gain to employees in form of monetary or non-monetary rewards. As the years rolls by, diverse firings benefits continue to be introduced. Ubeku (1985) noted that fringe benefits have grown in the country today as a result of the economic situation while others have grown  either as a result of pressure from trade unions or from sheer invitations. He further noted that once a benefit has been given to an employee, it would be difficult to remove.

Nwachukwu (1984) in related study, pointed out that Nigerian employers offer many types of incentive which are competitive and attractive in nature. Flippo (1971) listed some of the most frequent cited advantages of offering employees services which include effective recruitment, improved morale loyalty and good public relations.

This study, however examined the importance of employee welfare service in the Nigeria railway corporation, Enugu. The welfare programme have helped to enhance productivity in the organization. This study is also aimed at finding out whether or not there is positive relationship between incentive to workers and their productivity especially as it applies to the Nigeria railway corporation Enugu.

Earlier researches on employees motivation have revealed that employees have the greatest tendencies to respond to incentives in a most positive manner. The case with Nigeria railway corporation may not be different, but it is freer that the present down turn in business of the corporation may be attributed to issues connecting motivation of employees. During the colonial era, rail transport has been a right means for movement in the country. This research was motivated by the fat that presently Rail transport is no longer promising. The reason is not known but looking at the rail business in Enugu metropolis, one will say that it is not promising. Hence the need to determine the extent of employee motivation in the corporation in other to find out the causes foir the down turn in their business.


The assumption that civil and public servants in Nigeria are adequately motivated seems to be far from the truth. This is because those offices often embark on industrial strike. Most often the causes of such industrial unrest are genuine especially where they are adjusted to infringe on the rights and privileges of employees.

In paratatals also industrial crises seems to be much more on the increase than in the other sectors. Frankly of the national economy, Nigeria Railway Corporation has had her own faire share of the National Industrial Crises. Some times, these crises are stretched and some other times, it is usually brief. The labor situation in Nigeria Railway corporation has not been thoroughly investigated. In the same vein, it is difficult to determine the type of welfare packages provided by the Nigeria Railway corporation to their present employees.

Most disturbing is that it has also not been known whether these packages are enough to motivate the employees to higher productivity or not. Hence this research work determined welfare packages provided by Nigeria railway corporation Enugu to their employees and whether such packages are capable of motivating their employees to higher productivity.


This study is to find out welfare packages available to the employees of the Nigeria railway corporation. Specifically the study is to

1.     Find out employees welfare packages available in the Nigeria railway corporation Enugu

2.     Find out if the employees are happy with the packages provided by the Nigeria railway corporation.

3.     Find out if such packages have helped to increase the efficiency and affectivity of these employee.

4.     Find if the Nigeria railway corporation entertains any problem in offering those packages

5.     Make recommendations on how employees welfare packages should be controlled and administered.


This study about welfare packages available to the employees. Nigeria railway corporation Enugu will go at lent at determining the type of welfare packages that can motivate employees to greater productivity in an industrial setting. Frankly, it will be unreasonable to assume that employees will continue to find satisfaction in their job, if they are not properly motivated

However, the findings of this study shall be useful to parastatals and corporations in Enugu state, to find ways through which they can motivate their employees. The findings of this study shall also be useful to those holding administrative positions in business organizations to determine the way they should better motivate their workers for greater industrial productivity.

Finally, the study will be useful to educational institution where management courses are offered to determine appropriate ways through which employees could be motivated.


This study only determined welfare packages available to the employees of the Nigeria railway corporation and the effect on their performances,.


The following assumption where made to the study

i.                   Nigeria railway corporation provides welfare packages to their employees

ii.                 If the welfare packages are capable of motivating the workers, it will result to increase in productivities on the part of such employees.

iii.              Where these welfare packages are poor and not capable of motivating workers, their productivity will be low.

1.7                   RESEARCH QUESTIONS

The following research questions were formulated to guide the study

i.                   What are the welfare packages available to the employee of the Nigeria Railway corporation Enugu

ii.                 Are the employees happy with welfare packages provided to them.

iii.              How far have those packages helped to increase the productivity of these employees.

iv.              What problem do Nigeria railway corporation encounter in maintaining welfare packages with their employees.

v.                 What recommendations are necessary for maintaining employee incentives in Nigeria railway corporation.


The following terms are explained in these manner they are used in this project are explained in the content they are used.

EMPLOYEES: The oxford advanced dictionary of current English defines employee as a person paid for wages. Employee are used in this project to mean people whose services are engaged in an organization for commensurate pay, especially done in form of salaries.

WELFARE PRPGRAMME: The oxford advanced dictionary to current English define welfare programme is an organized effort to improve the welfare of those who need help, it is also used in this work, to mean a programme introduced to motivate workers and enhance their morale and bring fort good productivity.

NIGERIA RAILWAY CORPORATION: This is a corporation of company that is in charge of railway lines in Nigeria.


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