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The aim of this study was to analyze the Influence of Television as a Watchdog against Child Abuse and labour with a particular focus to Child Trafficking. The study is anchored on agenda setting theory. The study used survey research method as quantitative design while questionnaire is used as a data gathering instrument. Respondents were drawn from Gariki using the purposive sampling technique in which 120 respondents were drawn as 100 copies of questionnaires were retrieved.  The collected data were analysised and interpreted using descriptive statistics i.e (frequency, percentage method coupled with tabulation) The study answered four research questions. From the research findings, it was observed that the programmes aired on AIT helped in discouraging the practice of Child Abuse and Labour. The study recommended that government should embark on public enlightenment programmes to educate the public on the social dangers of child abuse and labour, as well as child trafficking. 

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