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Download this complete Project material titled; The Design And Fabrication Of Pressurized Kerosene Stove with abstract, chapters 1-5, references, and questionnaire. Preview Abstract or chapter one below

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This project of fabrication of single face pressurized kerosene cooker is a copied design.

It is a manually operated type of stove, which has the capacity of supplying heat energy at high and low temperature. The type of stove so designed here do the industrial type with one burner.

Since the introduction of this pressurized kerosene cooker many effort has been made in order to enhance the ability to function well.

Thus we undertook this project design and fabrication of a single pressurized kerosene stove as a copped design from the popular Japan product (Regular Structural Stove) using locally available material of a 4mm (thickness) sheet metal.

Thus demonstrating the realization and importance of copy technology.

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