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The purpose of this study was to find the influence of modern communication gadget in effective teaching and some learning process in five selected private schools in Oredo local government area of Edo state, namely;

  • Baptist High School
  • University Preparatory Secondary School (U.P.S.S)
  • Antie Maria Secondary School
  • Mary Dedication British High school.

All in Edo State The research was aimed at ascertaining where a modern communication gadget has affected the teaching. Learning process in our institution of learning positively and to what extent it has influenced the understanding of the teacher. In carrying out this study, oral interview, personal observation and questionnaire were administered to students and teachers. The data collected from the students and teachers were analyzed and interpreted. It was observed that the teachers and students requested for communication gadgets to make teaching and learning more effective. It was also observed that, due to the large number of students in classes, the teacher cannot be successfully passed across the message so modern communication gadgets should be introduced to our school where there is none, and more also were there is gadgets like public address system, computers e.t.c. The research also embraces the scope of study research hypothesis, statement of the problem and limitation of study.




CHAPTER ONE         

Background of the problem

Statement of the problem

Objective of the study

Significance of the study

Research hypothesis

Scope of the study

Limitation of the study

Definition of terms

CHAPTER TWO         

Literature review



Population of the study

Sample and sapling procedure

Instrument and data collection

Validity of instrument

Administration of questionnaire

Data collection

Method of data analysis


Data analysis and discussion












          For the objectives of teaching/learning to be attained or achieved, there must/should be an effective way of communication. One would say that from the beginning of creation man have tried in several ways of pass on information to his fellowmen, over the years, this process is passing information on have become not only complex but highly sophisticated. Thus, it is now widely accepted that without communication there will not be teaching and learning or effective one, if any.

V.H Bell-Gam (2003) sees communication as information given in order to influence the behavior of the learner. The aim of the classroom communication is to bring about certain changes in the behavior of the students.

In the course of the research, I am concerned with the channel of communication or the means (gadgets) through which information is passed from the source (teacher) to the receiver (learner). When communication is considered from the point of view of channel transmission, it means channeling (passing) information through given gadgets (means) to its destination. This explains why we have media communication and companies that exist for the purpose, which involves the invention of radio, public address system, television, computer, projectors, and internet e.t.c. that have all influence the effectiveness of the teaching and learning process.

The issue of modern communication gadgets in teaching and learning activities Is of paramount importance if teaching and learning will be effective therefore the main trust of the research is to investigate the influence of modern communication gadgets in effective teaching and learning, a case study of five selected private schools in Oredo local government area, all in Edo State.


          The statement of the problem is;

  1. Do we have communication in our institution of learning in Edo state?
  2. Of what benefit is communication gadget to teaching and learning process.
  3. Do we have enough of these modern communication gadgets in our schools (the five selected private schools in Edo state).
  4. Can the government do anything about it?
  5. School role concerning that communication gadgetry.


          The purpose if this study is to examine the influence of modern communication gadget in teaching/ learning processes, which is the usefulness, or advantage of using these communication gadgets to the teacher and the learner in our modern institution of learning.

To identify now teaching/ learning can be effective through good (modern) communication means (gadgets).

To identify some communication gadgets that is of urgent had in these institutions of learning.

To show that there is need for encouraging the usefulness of these gadgets if rarely to have access to this problem and find a lasting solution to effective teaching/ learning process.


The study of the influence of modern communication gadgets on effective educational (teaching/learning) process in our institution f learning is of much significance not only to the learner ad teacher but Nigeria in general. If the national policy of education must be achieved, the federal government, state government, the policy of education must be achieved, the federal government, state government, parents must put in place good and adequate communication gadgets in order to meet the needs of our today’s teaching/ learning requirements.

Therefore the significance of carrying out this study is to show the influence of modern communication gadgets and is needs for effective teaching learning processes in our private secondary school in the state and the Nigeria as a country.

This study will also encourage school to take proper maintenance of those tools available because they act of immense importance.


          The research hypotheses are state in the alternative and null hypothesis.

  1. There is urgent need for modern communication gadget in our institution of learning.
  2. There is no need for modern communication gadget makes teaching and learning process more effective.
  3. The influence of modern communication gadget is more effective.
  4. Modern communication gadget neither does nor makes teaching easier or interesting.
  5. Modern communication gadget makes teaching profession easier and interesting.
  6. Modern communication gadget has increased the zeal and interest of learners towards learning activities.
  7. Modern communication gadgets have not increased the zeal.


          Due to its complexity, this study has been carried out in some selected schools (five in number in Edo state) private schools.

This is also as a result of the large number of schools within the state. The schools covered are Baptist high school, university preparatory secondary school (U.P.S.S), Igbinedion modern educational centre, Antie Maria secondary school, St. Mary dedication British high school, all in Edo state.


During the source of this research several constrains where experience which improve the rate of research.

Some of these constraints were lack of adequate finance; this is a major problem experience because of the hardship in the country.

Moreover the attitude of the students where Unco-operative despite my explanation of the purpose of research, some of the respondents refused to complete the questionnaire for reasons they refused to disclose.

Inspite of all the problems, I was able to administered and collect substantial number of responses that enable me to carry out this research to this extent.


Source: The source can be a person or group of persons, a source can be an organization or an institution. But in this case (research) we are taking the teacher (a person) as our source.

Message/ Information: This is the stimulus transmitted from the source to the receiver the sense in a message in what is being communicated.

Communication Gadget: This is one medium or channel means through which a message gets to its destination. This is the link between the source and the receiver.

Receiver: In communication the receiver is the recipient of the message, the receiver is the most important element of communication.

Feedback: Feedback is the response from which receiver, which can enable the source to send more messages or to modify other message.



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