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The Effects of Covid-19 on the Academic Performance of Students in Some Secondary Schools in the Federal Capital Territory


Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) outbreak poses serious concerns to global education systems. Efforts to contain COVID-19 prompted the unscheduled closure of schools in more than 100 countries worldwide. COVID-19 school closures leftover one billion learners out of school. The study investigates the impact of COVID-19 on academic performance. Data were collected through structured questionnaires administered to 200 respondents that consist of teachers, students, parents, and policymakers selected from classes. The collected data were analyzed using STATA/Regression. The results show that COVID-19 has adverse effects on education including, learning disruptions, decreased access to education and research facilities, Job losses, and increased student debts. The findings also show that many educators and students relied on technology to ensure continued learning online during the Coronavirus pandemic. However, online education was hindered by poor infrastructures including, network, power, inaccessibility and unavailability issues, and poor digital skills. The study underscores the damaging effects of COVID-19 on the education sector and the need for all educational institutions, educators, and learners to adopt technology and improve their digital skills in line with the emerging global trends and realities in education.



 The study establishes that the Coronavirus pandemic has adverse effects on academic performance. COVID-19 has major effects on school characteristics, including research, academic programmes, Staff professional development and jobs in the academic sector etc. These effects were felt by both educational institutions, educators, students and parents and other stakeholders in education. The study emphasizes the need for adoption of technology in education, as a way to curb the effects of Coronavirus and other future pandemics in education. Thus, the study acknowledges that the decision to shutdown schools for Coronavirus across the world may be hurtful, but it is sensible considering the rate of spread, and the dangers imposed by COVID-19 pandemic. The unprecedented school closures for Coronavirus remains a lesson and a warning to the entire educational world particularly those who are yet to embrace or adopt emerging learning technologies that support online or remote education. Stakeholders in the education sector have to develop robust strategies to deal with post-Coronavirus era.


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