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The Impact Of Advertising On The Consumption Of Noodle Foods


The rate of consumption of a particular product is not only determined by the desire of the consumer but also by the level of adverting of the product to the consumer. Advertising therefore is regarded as a very important part of marketing mix. This project is aimed at investigating the impact of advertising on the consumption of noodle foods in Nigeria. In actualizing this, questionnaires where designed and shared among different age brackets and sex and the responses obtained help in drawing possible conclusion to this project that was realized. advertising plays a vital role in the consumption of noodle food in Nigeria. Possible recommendation where made in order to improve on the advertising strategies to enhance further consumption of noodle foods.





The central focus of any firm should be the maximization of customer’s satisfaction. The marketing manager has control of number of factors called the marketing mix. In attempting to satisfy customers desire one of those factors is the forms  of promotional activities. advertising is one of the most important elements of promotion.

Many companies consider  advertising  as a superior promotion tools to personal selling, sales promotion or publicity. This is because adverting provides multiple presentations of masses of people with one message, compared with personal selling that involve individual contact with each prospect. Also sales promotion frequently, requires individual contacts publicity may provides multiple presentation like advertising, but the firm has limited control one the message content and placement.  While advertising is given such a credit, it is crucial to our understanding therefore, that we appreciated from  the start  the place of adverting in marketing.

Advertising is a form of paid communication designed to sell a product or service or disseminate an idea to the public is the promotional tools. Advertising is just one of the elements that make up promotional mix. Other element in the marketing  mix include sales promotion, direct mail etc the important of advertising has been appreciated by all organization (public and private) because it helps in marketing and non marketing activities, it is used to announce new product,  invite enquires, educate consumer, retrieved lost sales, recruits new staff, attract investors and make a special product etc it is a favorable means of communication between  them and their audience.


The public occasionally misunderstand role of advertising, its nature, the public mostly says advertising is noisy are at times annoying. Advertising has both economic and social problems in our environment.

Three major broad-based problems about adverting are:

1.  Despite its economic importance in our society, the general  public has a poor understanding of this forms of mass communication, since advertising is persuassive, it sometimes accused and therefore subject to adverse reaction.

2.  The researcher will also measure the effectiveness needed at different level of demand supply in honey well noodles foods.

3.  The researcher will assess the promotional mix of marketing department that contribute towards sales. This will evaluate the method of determining advertising budget towards the boosting of sales


1.  does advertising  build brand loyalty among customers

2.  to what extent dose advertising introduce a new market or product

3.  to what extent doe advertising give the opportunity to select the product that best suit the functional an social needs

4.  does adverting create favourable climate of maintaining and improving sales and also neutralizing competitors


In carrying out any research work, the project  should have some specific assumption within which  to focus its attention in order to determine the probable validity of the theory.

Ho: the use of advertising dose not boost sales

Hi: the use of adverting boost sales

Hi: adverting increase customer’s awareness of the product.


The purpose of this study is to appreciate the theoretical aspect of advertising that theories have learnt in the class. Every activity must have objective, advertising is not an exception which such objective is clearly spelt out and understood. Some common objectives of the study are considered below:

1.  It is also  the  objective of advertising to build up brand loyalty among customers

2.  Through adverting, people have the opportunity to select the product that best suit the functional and social needs

3.  One of the objective of adverting is to introduce a new market or product

4.  It is also objective of advertising to create favorable climate of maintaining and improving sales, and also neutralizing competitors


This research work should be useful to every firm especially those that produce noodle foods product in particular and it is hopeful it would be of significance to honey well. In a way, suggestions in the study could enable these firms to improve their method of adverting.

It is also hoped that the study would be of importance of federal polytechnic Auchi as an institution of leaning in Nigerian.

Lastly, it is very useful or important which the research work would be useful to students of marketing in Nigerian. Polytechnic and university in that it would help to groom their knowledge of advertising towards a greater contribution to study of adverting in the future.


The scope of this research work is in intended to be fairly large. It covers advertising in marketing department of honey well noodles foods.

However, advertising itself has been discussed in details to cover types of adverting, objectives of adverting, functions of adverting, importance of advertising etc


The filed work aspect of research is a major source of effort most especially questionnaire studies. At times, some of the respondents unduly delay the research by delaying the questionnaire administered to them before they would make themselves available. The assumption that respondents would honestly and adequately answer the survey questionnaire could be another limiting factor.

The financial requirements of the research work coupled with the limited time serves as other limiting factors.

Furthermore, top management may not be ready to part with confidential data, so information were not available. The research is restricted to the honey well noodle foods Nigeria limited.


Marketing: Marketing is about identifying and meeting human and social needs. According to America marketing association (AMA) marketing is an or organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communication and delivery value to customers and for managing customers relationship in ways that benefits the organization and its stakeholders.

Adverting: Is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideals, goods or services by an identified sponsor?

Persuade: this is the aim to create liking, preference, conviction and purchase of a product or services.

Media: Media is the path through which message is convey to the consumers about a particular product or services

Economic: Economic is the science dealing with the maximization of satisfaction. It is also a social science which studies human behavior as a relationship between ends and scare means.

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