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A manager can good decision, sound plans and establish an effective organizational structure if the employees work hard and are being motivated. Communication occurs when a person transmits meaning, understanding message to another person or group.
Having known this, it is of require good communication since it is regarded as the foundation upon which an organization system must be developed and maintained to get an idea passed across to other in order to bring intended performance.
Furthermore, without the process of communication the various part of organization would not be bound together and the organization would not exist.
In order to successful, the organization needs people who can communicate efficiently and efficiency.

This study will examine how effective communication, lack of communication and adequate uses of communication process will affect organization productive and efficiency. The study will however, provide appropriate solution that will stand test of time. Many organizations have neglected the area of communication and concentrate on other less important area in their quest to boost productivities.
One of the greatest key elements to managerial success is a manager’s ability and skill in communicating information received or generated effective communication is a powerful tool that says going concern can use to improve on its productivities.
In this regard, this study will critically examine how ineffective communication lack of communication and inadequate use of communication process affects organizational productivity and efficiency. The study will however profer appropriate solutions that will stand the test of time.

The general objective is to examine the impact of effective communication in an organization will respect to Phototech industries limited, Ikeja, Lagos. While the specific objective is:
i. To examine various communication process, type and channels in an organization
ii. To identify the various element that cause breakdown in communication process and provide appropriate solutions;
iii. To select develop and appraise member of the organization.

The scope covers and examines the impact of communication in organizational productivities. The staff of the Phototech industries limited will be use as the main respondents.
The area covered by the research will be restricted to the office of Phototech industries limited, with focus on the major department and other inter – related offices.

The researcher encountered some problems during the course of the research. It is not easy to gather all relevant information needed in this write up, due to some problem encountered , limitation were encountered in the area of relevant test the literature review which the researchers to travel near and far place like lagos and Ibadan in order to borrow or lend book which can not gotten in the school library and the state library. The typing, printing, and computerization, collection of questionnaire and the objective work entirely also given a problem that seems insurmountable.
Problem such as transportation to and fro to the campus to phototech industries Lagos, from gathering of needed information and fact as well as refusal of some executives of the industry to cooperate in given full information needed.

At a glance, one may want to question the essence of written on the effective communication in organization productivities. This research is significant for economics and social reasons.
Economically, effective communication has been sanitized in order that our human and other natural resources could be exploited properly.
The finding of the study will be useful to all business organization, corporate personally students and researchers.

The following research questions are asked:
i. Does communicator lead to greater productivities if it is well utilized?
ii. Does organization achieve its aims if there are obstacles in communication process?
iii. Can organization motivate its workers on employees with effective communication?
iv. How can effective communication contribute to organizational productivities?
v. What are the impact or effect of non – effective communication in the organizational
vi. How can organizational problem to tacked be effective communication?

Ho: There is no significant relationship between effective communication organizational
Hi: There is significant relationship between effective communication and organizational
Ho: There is no significant relationship between effective communication and employee performance.
Hi: There is significant relationship between effective communication and employee’s performance.
Ho: There is no significant relationship between effective communication and image of the
organizational productivity.
Hi: There is significant and image of the organizational productivity.

Phototech industries limited came into being through the consisted hard work and resolute determination of the executive ash S. A ADUWON the idea came into mind(mediation in 1963 when the executive chairman single handed and on a matter modest scale set up OGUNS POPULAR PHOTOS as Ondo state in Ondo street (east Ebute Metta, which later became known as studio GUNS PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT COMPANY whose operation were carried out on 77, Herbert macaulay way, Ebute Metta.
Through risk and judicious application of resources of the company was able to penetrate into an item exclusive right of the foreign firms in photographic industry.
As a result of expansion the company moved into first head at 98, cementary street, Ebute metta all which the idea at venturing into Colour Photo Finishing Business was conceived, he therefore incorporated BOLA OGUNS PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT ON 21ST April, 1978. Nigeria photographers were hitherto obliged to send their colour films abroad for processing. In many cases the waiting period processing, jobs were returned to their owner ran into several months.
The company looks up challenging by opening WOLCE EQUIPMENT COLOUR LABORATORY at its new head office, no 2, OLUTEMI Street, Lagos and hereby marketed a MILESTONE in the historical development of photographic industries in Nigeria.
On Monday, 26th November 1978, a new branch office was opened at 47 Muritala Mohammed Way, Benin, when the business progressed, the following company put up its own building which house a rented ultra modern colour laboratory there was officially commissioned with fun and gentrice on Saturday 23rd of April, 1983, in the history city of Benin, Edo State.
On the 22nd of June, 1982, the shareholder of the company decided to change its name from Bola Oguns Photographic Equipment Limited to Photo card / Photocard limited as from 30th July, 1982.
This move was to give greater emphasis to the renewed commitment to the idea of photo technology in the country.
In a bid long it service users to its ever increasing customers both the state of art laboratory as follows, Lagos, Benin. Jos, Port Harcourt, Kano, Maiduguri, Sokoto, Suleja, Zaria, Yola, Ilorin, Enugun, Mina, Abuja and Ibadan.
The company place much on AFTER SERVICE and strives to be its customers and offering 100% quality prompt delivery in non negotiation.
The company builds a most benefiting modern head office known as ADEBOLA HOUZSE at 40, Opebi road Ikeja in June 1986, the company moves to her head office mfrom 21, Olufemi stret, Surulere, Lagos to ADEBOLA HOUSE at Ultra Moegerm building complex sprawled over large area of land.
The historical mission of the company is to enhance the nations economy and welfare of Nigeria through meaningful investment and going unemployment at now the company is proved to be fulfilling of which mission in the Nigeria economy.
The company operates from its head office and branch office iniquity spread across various location throughout Nigeria.

The following term are explained for the understanding of the readers.
IMPACT: – This means the powerful effect that something or somebody has on something or somebody. It is also know as the area where the activities of the company are affecting these in the company operation area, which can be in positive and negative form.

EFFECTIVE: – This means producing the intend result, which is only for organization productivity.

COMMUNICATION: – This means the determination of information from one person to the other, from the top to the subordinate; it is also the sciences and source to the receiver. It is also a way by which the source purposely conveys information in form of image, picture and writing from him or her to the receiver.

ORGANIZATION: – It means organizing or being organized, it also means an organized body system or society at attaining a goal at the eng. It may be inform of profit, service etc.

PRODUCTIVITY: – This means the total output having the capacity to produced by industry or workforce etc.

INFORMATION: – This is what the organization or company wants to pass across or tell the people in an area.

EFFICIENCY: – This is the quality of organization workers employee doing their job or work well without wasting of time, money and materials.

EFFECT: – This is the change which an organization on or firm brings the society.

PRODUCTS: – This is what a firm or organization is making, which will be sold to the entire populace.

ROLE: – This means the function which effective communication will play or perform to the organization and community.


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