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The subject matter of this study is the impact of strategic Human Resource Management in Organization. The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of human resource management in organization, to determine the relationship between strategic human resource practice and firm performance and to examine the relationship between strategic human resource practices and firm performance and to examine the relationship among these strategic human resource management practice and demographic variance. Primary information for the study were obtained through questionnaire responses, secondary information (personal supplemented) where gathered from test book, seminar, and journals. The finding of the study based on the analysis school that: there is a positive relationship between strategic hence resource management and organization performance. There is a significant relationship between sale per employee and strategic human resource management. There is a relationship between profit per employee and strategic human resource management. There is a positive and significant relationship between strategic human resource management and overall enhance organization operation. The following recommendation were made in the basis of the above relations: the role of trust towards achieving service delivery should be addressed. Management should accept a service orientation for employee in order to meet their professional standard. Human resource management should be made in element of learning from secondary to tertiary contribution. The study conclude that human resource management is concerned in al the area of organization in order to obtained the needed stills and will motivated workforce in organizations.

Strategic Human resources management (SHRM) is concerned with contributions human resource strategies make to organizational effectiveness and the ways in which these contributions are achieved. (Jeff Erickson, Lee Dyer 2004) Therefore the aim of strategic Human resources Management is to ensure that the culture, style and structure of the organization and the quality, commitments and motivation of it employees contribute fully to the achievement of business objectives. According to Michael Armstrong, 1992, a strategic Orientation is a vital ingredient in human resource management. It provides the framework within which a coherent approach can be developed to the creation and Installation of Human resources management policies, systems, and practice. Strategic human resource means accepting the HR function as a strategic partner in the formulation of the company’s strategies as well as in the implementation of those strategies through HR activities, such as recruitments, selection, training and rewarding personnel. Where as strategic HR recognizes HR’s partnership role in the strategizing process, the term  HR  strategies refers to specific HR courses of action the company plans to pursue to achieve its aims (Siddhartha Chaturvedi , 2002)
Managing the human resources in the organization is the traditional responsibility of the personnel manager, a precursor to human resource management (HRM). Some scholars however equate HRM with personnel management, concerned with providing staff support in the organization (e.g. Guest, 1989). Other scholars consider HRM as a natural development of personnel management  practices in the face of changing economic and business environment (Armstrong , 1989 & 2004, and Fajana 2002).The people –management discipline is undergoing continuous metamorphosis, with the recent emergence of strategic human resource management (SHRM)      in organization and management Literature.

All scientific research is necessitated by a perceived problem. As such the desire and quest to set out and research on this topic –“the impact of strategic Human Resource management in first bank of Nig.Plc. Asaba main branch was aroused”.
As earlier stated, strategic Human Resources Management is aimed at ensuring that the culture, styles and structure of the organization and the quality, commitment and motivation of its employees, contribute fully to the achievements of business objectives, hence determining the extent to which these aims are achieved is also of paramount importance.
The problems may be stated as follows
(i).The demographic factors which consist of country population, supervising status, age, education, ethnic status, gender and change in unemployment.
(ii).     Problem of human resources management practice in terms  of  formal training system, performance approach , employment security , career ladders and broadly defined jobs

The researcher has the following stated objectives as a focus to illuminating the impact of strategic Human resources management as a tool for improving business performance in Nigerian organization

  1. To appraise how  SHRM activities contribute to the achievement of business objectives in organization
  2. To determine the extents at which the applied SHRM has yield or is yielding results in respect of its purpose of application.
  3. To ascertain the relationship among these human resource management practice perceptions and demographic characteristic.

a.     Is there any significant relationship between strategic human resource management and organization development ?
b.      Do individuals have clear careers path within the organization?
c.       Do human resource management practice important to the organization development?
d.      Is there any significant relationship between demographic characteristics and human resource management perception.


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